Saturday, January 5, 2013

UPDATES x Advertorial- W.A.R x LBR x ELLYSAGE x NLS x OOTD

Its already day 5 of 2013! Time has really just flown past us really quickly.
Before I begin on my advert, i should give you guys and myself a little update on what has happened over the past few days.

School has started for me. Meaning to say, i am stressed all over again. Not with my course and the subjects im taking.. but more of about blogging and modeling and juggling everything i have into less then 24 hours a day. Im gonna be honest here, i doubt i'll be able to blog every week from now on. There is just no time at all. 

I get up every day at 10am, head down to which ever studio for a shoot at 12nn and rush to school for my 3pm class. If im lucky, i have a little bit of time in between to grab a small bite And its school all the way for me till 9pm. Right after that, i meet fai for a late dinner and spend some time with him talking about how our day has treated us which last for a mere 30 minutes and im home at 11pm. See my family for another half an hour and im off to bed at the least 1am. And everything repeats again.

This will go on for the next week and on the third week, im gonna stop and breathe more. I will still be taking in shoots but just lesser... about 4 per week. And we'll see how things go with my new schedule after this shitty one is done and over with.

On a good note, my classes are fun and really engaging (well, at least the night class is, and it better be since its taking up my time at NIGHT). From 3pm - 6pm, im having something called Sourcing & Costing. Its great because there is actually a future in it and i might be interested in it. Prove - Fai's dad does this and he's constantly travelling and gets to go to the main factories of certain labels and some times gets them at cost prices e.g. he once asked if we wanted A&F stuffs at more then half the retail price!!! 

So im always keen in listening to what my lecturer has to say and to make things better, SHE'S KOREAN. Its a little hard to understand her due to her strong accent, but i actually find it really interesting (recently, i've been pretty interested in the Korean fashion culture... more on this later) 

My 6pm to 9pm class is Public Speaking. Initially i thought that it was gonna be a stupid, waste of my time class. Generally, people think that public speaking is a no brainer - you basically speak to an audience right? Well, theres so much more to it and theres a reason why we're even taking this module. Its pretty technical and i really do enjoy it. 

Also, its not the sort of class that adds on more stress to your already packed schedule, its more like a breath of fresh air. A class where you're free to express yourself through your command of english, choice of words and at the same time, doing it properly. 

In conclusion, school isn't that bad at all. I haven't been bitten by the "take a day off school" bug yet. In fact, i have been looking forward to school everyday! That reminds me, i have a long report to do so i better get on with the adverts! 

And here's a short random vlog of how my first 3 days of school has been.
(super random)
School 2013 from Eunice Annabel on Vimeo.
I sit at the back of the class for Sourcing & Costing, plus laptops are a must. You know what that means. hehehe. But hey! I do pay attention too okay!

In the midst of school and all our stupid homework, there's always time for shopping!
Really. My friend Chermaine who sits beside me in class is constantly on ASOS and whenever she squirms and get excited, its all because of the pretty stuffs she sees online. 
Its a new year! Throw away yesterday's clothes and get ready for some new trends (which i've yet to research on) coming your way in a rather optimisted and promising looking 2013! (see some times the "unlucky"/"bad" number is wearing a white coat afterall!)

Allow me to share 5 labels that i hold very dearly to myself 
(of course, there are more, but here's 5 out of them)

Lets begin with.
WeAreRubbish, or W.A.R for short was one of the first few blogshops (or you can finally call them an online label now ^^) that i modelled for. It was probably the few that opened my eyes to how excited the industry was. Their style is totally different from what i only knew then and it some how improved myself as a model - at that point, i knew i had to exude different looks and vibe for different labels.

To me W.A.R. is ALWAYS chic, sexy, wild, bold complete with amazing styling and their gorgeous models. (no, im not referring to myself.. i mean Francesca and Tricia and Val) Whenever every collection launches, W.A.R. never fails to deliver. So whenever i was called to model for them, i get super excited and a little nervous because i knew the clothes were gonna be great and it just keeps getting better and better. 

And one more thing, im a sucker for great photos. W.A.R.'s photos are always beautiful and Jordus (the owner) always makes sure the standards are kept up. So if you hate shopping online with crappy looking website designs and photos with bad lighting, click away to W.A.R. instead. You'll love not just the stunning personally picked apparels by Jordus but the professionalism in his label's image as well.
If your follow me on my instagram, you would have seen my ootd for yesterday!
A cropped knitted top i've always wanted and i jumped at the opportunity to get it from W.A.R!
1- Moda Cropped Knit Top
I love it so much!!! Even though it was freaking humid yesterday, i strutted around in this outfit proudly, along with heels. I am proud to own a cropped knitted top (like finally) 
Its really versatile and goes well with anything! I paired mine with destroyed denim for the relax girl-next door (possibly korean-ish) look ^^

Next, i picked W.A.R.'s first very own self manufactured apparel!
The Anja Pocket Maxi in Navy
For some thing they're manufacturing for the first time, i must say its amazing. The colour and fit and cut and fabric choice is all right. (trust W.A.R) I love how i can just throw on this maxi any day and look fabulous without trying too hard. I'll probably wear it some time next week :) 
It will only be released this coming week! So be sure to check W.A.R regularly before it runs out of stock!

Before i end off this advert, here's a little note for all of you out there who is still dying to know why W.A.R is called W.A.R.
And Also,
Every morning a girl starts her battle by dressing up in her battle gear. There is a ‘WAR’ within every wardrobe. We believe every girl should dress like she was going to meet her worst enemy everyday. If you have to fight today, thrash it in style. After all, who are we without the outer skin we wear?

Inspired already?
Like W.A.R on their facebook page for updates

Quote "Eunice10" for 10% off your total bill, promotion valid till end of Jan <3

Just a few days ago, i modelled for LBR again and Regina, the owner of LBR never fails to excite me with her apparels! If there is one blogshop that defines my style, i would mention LBR for sure! Its always sexy and trendy and in the most gorgeous colours - Wine, Maroon, Navy etc.. Basically, LBR offers apparels that i would always wear. Also! LBR offers alot of beautiful party/clubbing dresses, which i am a huge fan of! Check out the one i picked from the latest collection...

1- Suann Slit Cut Dress in Navy
Another great party dress! It comes in cream and black as well but i picked navy cause its goes really well with the neckline details and basically because i look my best in blue. hehe
If you're looking for a unique dress that will stand out from all the usual dresses, check this piece out. The back detail is something i've never come across before, really sexy without showing too much ^^

2- Florence Hound tooth Bustier Top
Hound tooth is IN!!!! Its every where and definitely replacing the camo of last year.
Start 2013 with a rather much more chic print. And what better way to re design it into a bustier top that everyone loves? I paired mine with destroyed denim for a day look - an excellent shopping outfit. But throw on a bandage skirt and you're ready to head to a club!

Like LBR on Facebook for more updates
Ellysage is a global online store that provides affordable fashion-forward apparels. They are based in Singapore and sources and manufactures products from all over the world.

They are a dedicated team that believes in running their business with sincerity and hard work. They believe in constant innovation and continuous improvement in their company, website, and their operations, so as to bring you an better shopping experience. They aim to one day become the online store known for unparalleled customer service.

Im gonna be honest, i picked the above paragraph from their website itself. Why? Because thats the honest truth about Ellysage. I've worked with them countless number of times and they are by far really one of few very dedicated and truthful labels around. Its hard to find people these days that still think about their customers so dearly over earning money fast. 

When you shop at Ellysage, you don't have to worry about getting apparels that don't look like how they should, or you don't have to worry about getting your stuffs later then you should.

This week, allow me to show you some apparels i was sponsored by Ellysage :)
1- Lacie Full Scrunge Bustier paired with Tamara Velvet Circle Skirt
This was one of my Christmas outfits if you remember.
Ellysage offered the Bustier top before, but it was cropped. But now they're offering the full length one after a "suggestion" from me. So i got really excited and picked the one in White. hehehe. Also, i've been wanting a velvet skirt for really long (i know i have a lot of things on my wish list. hehehe) and i finally have one from Ellysage! comes in Red and Black too ^^ i picked blue cause (like i mentioned before) I look my best in blue. hehe

2- Ilyssa Floral Romper
I absolutely loveeeeeee rompers! They're always so comfortable and you'll always look presentable for a casual day out in town without having to put in much effort! This Ilyssa Floral Romper is really comfy and manufactured with a good quality lycra blend cotton material. MAD LOVE. I wore this out a few days ago to town ^^ 

For more updates, Like Ellysage's Facebook page at 
 Once again, turn the heat up ladies.
Presenting to you, No Lip Services, or NLS for short.
Pretty certain that everyone is aware of this label already. NLS offers really stunning apparels with uber cute styling accessories! I LOVE NLS. Its another blogshop that offers apparels that I WILL DEFINITELY WEAR. Im always super happy to model for NLS, even when im busy, i make sure i make time for their shoot. hehe

Here's what the lovely PH (owner of NLS) sponsored me this time. And Yes, i went home with a huge bag of clothes again. hahaha. She's super generous.

1- Studded Strappy Top

(mad love the lighting!!!! its their own studio shared with Chaceylove ^^)
Doesn't this top look super NastyGirl?? Its MAD PRETTY and i knew that i wanna bag it and take it home with me the moment i saw it. hehehe. It can be worn duo ways but i like to wear the detailed side at the back, im a little more conservative to my boobies area. hahaha (not because im self conscious about my bust size okay, but because i don't want chee ko peks to stare)

 2 - Cross Embro Shorts!!!
This was another item on my wish list but i never got down to actually finding it and buying it. Well its meant to be! NLS offers it and i have one now! hehe. Need i say more about this gem? Im pretty sure you guys are already getting your ibanking stuffs ready right? ^^

3- Eunice's Printed Romper
NLS loves to name their apparels after their models. And i've got this pretty romper named after me cause when i wore it, everyone in the room was saying how it looks so good and that i should keep it. And i love it so much, from the colour to the fabric used, its perfect! Another romper to add to my romper collection. hehehe

And thats not just it girls. I have another few more pieces to show but we'll save them for next week kay?
For now, like NLS facebook page for more updates at
And i shall end this week's advert with my love!! OOTD :)
OOTD is owned by Cleo and Mq, who are now my dear friends too! They're always really generous with sharing their apparels with me too! Always asking me to take home whatever i like and buying me food and sending me to school too!! Its a joy working with them and im glad to have such awesome people in my life.

Their latest collection isn't out yet but here's a sneak peek at whats in stored for you girly girls out there!
hehe. So you shall wait and see :)

As of now, i shall continue to show you what i was sponsored this week. (its actually a continuation of another advert post some time back)

Anyway, the pictures above were taken at an outdoor shoot some time back (man, time has past really fast) 
I love the cut outs at the sides of dress, makes it look really unique and SEXY. hehe. Comes in black too but i picked cream, it made me look more elegant. What i like about this dress is it's length as well. As you all know, i dislike wearing skirts that are way too short, makes me feel uncomfortable and insecure, but this dress ends where its suppose to ^^ I'll wear this for CNY :)

The shoulder detail is just gorgeous! I've never seen a piece like this before, and thats why i picked it. I love how OOTD always tend to offer stuffs that you can't find on other labels. It makes them unique. Quality wise, its always up to standard. Love it ^^

Like OOTD of facebook at for more updates and 

And thats it folks!
I'll TRY to be back soon :)
Have a great weekend while i work my ass away!

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