Thursday, January 17, 2013

I finally made a trip down to Salon Vim at Bugis (which is a relatively new outlet if you didn't know) and did a MAKE-OVER. Yup. You heard that right! A make-over!
My new head looks really different from the head that first walked into Salon Vim!

Can't wait to share with you guys tips I've learnt from my first experience there!! :)
Here we go!

Before I left my house, I took some pictures of how my (old) hair looked like first! SAY BYE TO MY UGLY "CURLS" and DAMAGE ENDS.
I've always liked dark hair but its time for a change!!!
Still keeping it natural though :)
These aren't even "curls"... Need to chop them AWAY!!!
I didn't actually know where Salon Vim at Bugis is. I only know where it is at 313. hahaha
So I took about 10 minutes to finally get to their location which is 
(opposite Topshop, cross the famous Bugis traffic light)

Waiting for my hair to be personally styled by my very own hair stylist.
 I was pretty nervous at first since i hardly go to Salons to get my hair done. 
The last time i went, i had hair that wasn't so good after all and i've never done any hair treatments before! Plus i was alone :(
I didn't know what to expect but i knew that i was in for a pleasant experience.
Loving the interior design of Salon Vim!! 
Really professional looking which made me even more nervous!
This was at 11am in the morning so there wasn't anyone yet. 
But till the end of my session, the whole salon was packed!
Everything felt better as soon as i met my hair stylist Sham!!
He's super friendly and really thoughtful. Kept asking me if im feeling alright. haha 
Maybe i looked really really scared.
I told him my idea of a new mane and  he recommended some colors from Korea and Japan.
Also, he examined my hair and said that its healthy!!!  hehehe
So i should maintain it instead of going crazy with candy colours though i wish to have them some day!
Apparently, due to my head shape (not face shape) and weight of my hair, my curls weren't able to sustain. I have ALOT of hair. So the weight is applied and it pulls down my whole hair, giving me rather heavy ends and a flat top. No volume :(:( No bounce :(:( 
Also, Sham said my hair was way out of shape. 
So he gave me a slightly rounded trim to my ends which i really love!!!
I chopped off like 4-5 inches of hair. hehe. Its fine since my hair grows REALLY FAST.

That's Sham at the back. Stylo Stylist.
First, he gave my hair a wash and trimmed to the desired length.
Next, he dried it.
This step here is called Texturizing :)
Creating shape and bounce for me!
Sham said that since my hair is in pretty good condition after cutting the ends away, i should take good care of it. So i gotta say no to candy colors. Instead i went for something more natural.
Something like Lauren Conrad's or
like Miranda Kerr's 
The base dye that he used for my hair was by Loreal from Korea and the highlight dye was by Loreal from Japan. KAWAII <3
(p.s. lots of costumers started flowing in by this time)
And the dying process begins!
hehehe unglam photo coming up next.
And after finally what seems to be forever (cause i have ALOT of hair. I mean like ALOT), it was finally time to wash my hair!!!!
The big reveal...
It is now way much lighter then my usual hair color and i look livier!!
But i'm not done!
Sham really wants me to take good care of my hair so he did a Cocktail Hair treatment for me too!

For those of you out there who don't know what a cocktail treatment is, its basically a mixture of good chemicals you need for your hair depending on individual requirements.  
The chosen mixture specially selected just for your hair is mixed in a cocktail shaker and applied on your hair by your hair stylist.

Here's Sham mixing it up like a bartender! 
Happy me finally getting a hair treatment!!! YAYY :)
Here's a tip from Sham!
Whenever you apply your hair mask or conditioner or treatment products, always stroke it downwards.
It'll work more effectively since the hair cuticles grows downwards.
Next i went under this UV light thingy. From my personal knowledge, UV light helps your skin or hair (whatever that is made up from protein) to adsorb the nutrients or whatever thats needed to be injected into the hair or skin. Like how a UV suntanning bed works.

So this scary UFO looking object is suppose to help your hair adsorb the cocktail treatment mix more effectively :) Thumbs Up! 
Don't worry! It looks really hot and scary but there's no feeling at all! Really cool :)
Once the whole treatment process was completed, Sham gave my hair another round of washing and TADA! Its time to blow dry, style and camwhore!

Sham even taught me how to dry it the correct way.
Maybe i'll try it out at home and make a tutorial :)
Here's the back view! :)
I can haz Barbie Doll hair.
And here's one under sunlight :)
No more dry ends. More bounce and Volume. New Silky and Shiny and SUPER SOFT hair.
(He's very friendly. Just don't like to smile in pictures. hahaha)
Gotta take care of it! 
I was recommended to use REDKEN all soft Shampoo and Conditioner everyday from now on to keep my hair soft always :)
Shall try and do a review soon!
And here's the morning after :)

Thank you Salon Vim, Thank you Sham and Thank you Gushcloud for this wonderful experience!

Visit Salon Vim @ Bugis

235 Victoria Street, Bugis Village Singapore 188 027)
Call for an appointment at 6837 0073 / 6837 0045 

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  1. Haha,after looking at your photos and reading about your experience,it makes me want to head over immediately and get my boring hair done :(