Monday, January 21, 2013

SPECIAL 19th. {part 1}

So here's what happened on Friday, 18th Jan.
I was home blogging about my hair getting done at Salon Vim while Fai was apparently "at work" waiting for me to be done so that we could have a "fancy dinner" together in town. This meaning i had to wear something nice. He also added that he wanted me to sleep over for the night so I should bring my necessary sleep-over stuffs.  

I was late. 

In my mind was "omg... im so dead, Fai's gonna flip waiting so long for me... 
what do i do?:(.." Well, he didn't. In fact, he was super nice and understanding that it got a bit odd (not that he's not nice and understanding already by nature, just that i was an hour and a half late!) 

I rushed down to town carrying a huge bag filled with sleep-over stuffs plus my shoes and clothes for my visit to SIT's open house the next day. I panicked so much that I left my precious shades in the cab. (which i didn't realize until later on)

So my numerous OOTD shots with a breath-taking scenery of Sentosa Cove at the back are gone. FUCK. And i actually thought i looked good okay. URGH. RAGING NOW.
As you can tell, I was a in beautiful white maxi dress sponsored by The VauntCloset
Anyhow, I went to town and to my surprise, Fai wasn't even there!!! I was a little disappointed cause I rushed like mad :(
Instead, there stood my friend Amanda. And I already knew some thing was up.
I mean I'd already knew that some thing was gonna happen. hahaha
What i didn't expect thought was what happened next and where she was bringing me.

The two of us, both in maxi dresses looked like we were going for prom. hahaha.
She took me to a taxi stand and weirdly enough, it seemed like she was trying to stall for time. ( I knew then that something caught up on Fai's side and he needed more time. ahahhaha) 

We got into a cab and Amanda did a pretty good job of telling the uncle of our destination before i could hear it. Well, too bad. The uncle had a bit of a bad hearing and asked back in a loud voice "SENTOSA AH?!?!" HAHAHA

I was shocked alright. I had no idea I was going to Sentosa. At least I was dressed for the occasion. Whew! 

This is all I have... an ugly photo that doesn't do justice. 
As soon as we got there, it still seemed that Amanda was still trying to stall for time.
Fai and the rest of my friends were no where in sight and I was getting hungry. hahaha
So Amanda and I headed to some diner at Sentosa Cove after taking some shots (which I've deleted by accident) and got some food. The people there were so nice and we were their fourth customer! Knowing that it was my birthday, they gave us free desert! I took a pic of their lovely, cosy place but its gone :(

Sentosa Cove is a beautiful place. And Im super upset cause i lost all the photos i took there and i can't seem to get over it..... It was a "Hollister" life. Truly Gorgeous. 

Soon after, we got to W Hotel. Thats where everyone was supposedly at.  HAHA
I did a video actually. But yeah thats gone too...

Anyway, W Hotel is the most craziest shit i've ever slept at. Its a goddamn crazily gorgeous hotel with rooms that you would never thought existed ever!!! As soon as i stepped into it, i knew that it cost a bomb. And sure it does. And my dearest Fai Fai, he booked one for my birthday. My heart sank. I don't know how to translate how beautiful it is without my pictures... But my god... it wasn't like any other hotels i've been too.. It was a dream.

W Hotel's getaway rooms are built for designers. My friends loved every bit of it.
As for me, i wanted to to leave the hotel with a shoot done. HAHA
Let's just say I had a gem encrusted pillow, personal jacuzzi, magenta night lights and a TV in my bathroom and so much more...
The walkway to my room.. the best part is, it smelled so freaking good.
Of course, all good things comes with a price.
(wished i had the video now)
My personal Jacuzzi with palm trees overlooking.
The whole room played with Texture. Very interesting. 
According to Fai, there's a different theme for every room.
I literally screamed when i saw this. 
And I screamed my lungs out even more when I saw my Birthday cup- cake!!!!
They're Red Velvet with Unicorn Icing on top of them!!!!
There is no way I can put those little babies into my mouth and chew them up!!!! It was sooo cuteee!!! :)
Then it was time to unwrapped my prezzies!!!!
I took a video too! And it would had been awesome to share it with you guys cause my expression was EPIC. But all i have are pictures :(
(photos of my presents will be at the end of the post)
Jas & Amanda <3
Rebel Club <3
Laraine!!! <3 
Bimbs & Laraine. hahaha aka Chloe.
And my dearest sweetheart was still doing work! See how hardworking he is. 
A quality that I am attracted to :)
And then I changed out into something that allowed me to move around more freely.
Lace romper from :)
Plus loving my new hair color form Salon Vim!
Fai says I look creepy here. Creepy meh??
And then Zooly and Jonathan came too! :)
And then my Mummy and Kor Kor came too!!
Mummy looking incredibly happy. hahaha
Kor Kor and I! Any girls interested??
And i've got Mummy's eyes and cheeks!
Fai Fai & Kor Kor!
Not long after, Fai's friends came too! 
Meet Clarence, Mel and Daryl! Dew was late though :(
And it was time to "cut" my cake. hehehehe
It felt like forever since I had a birthday cake. I don't know why but when i was standing there being around everyone singing the birthday song for me, it felt almost odd. Im not saying I didn't enjoy it but it almost felt like its probably gonna be the last one I'll ever have. Don't know.. Just thinking too much. hahaha.

Photo Credits to Zool Hayley.
Firstly, I wanna thank my dearest Boyfriend, Fai.
Baby without you, none of these would have been possible. You did everything out of the motive of simply making me the happiest girl I could ever be. Even with your busy work schedule and all the stress you're going through, you put aside so much and sacrificed so much for me. Not just on that very special Friday but everyday of our lives. 
You've touched my heart in so many ways and taught me so much over the past one year.
Like you said, you played a part in watching me and teaching me how to be the best I can be growing up into an adult, and you're doing it just right.

We do have our misunderstandings and arguments at times but I rather be solving things with you then anyone else. You're worth it and you've proved it. And i hope i have too.

I love you and I'll always cherish you. Soon enough I'll give you a surprise too. Watch out ;)
Next, to my loving family who've always supported me in everything i do. Thank you mummy for assisting Fai in this whole set up and for always having my back. Also for coming all the way down just to celebrate my birthday with me :) 

And Kor Kor, thank you for the card you made for me and the little ang bao hahaha, and for always protecting me since we were little. I'm really glad that we've grown up to be how our parents have always wanted us to be.
Next to Jas and Raine who helped Fai a lot with the planning and executing of my surprise though it didn't go quite as planned in the beginning. hahaha But i enjoyed every moment of my birthday and you guys played a huge role. I love both of you so much and let's go partyyy!!!!! HAHAHA
Next, i wanna thank Amanda for volunteering to pick me up in town. And waiting for an hour and a half instead of Fai. HAHAHA We've so much in common and you've always been someone i can always confide in and come out of the situation stronger then usual. 
Also! I wanna thank Shandy for always being so nice to me and supporting me in every modeling thing i do. But the "WAH Blogshop Model Ah!!" has to go. hahaha. 
And Chloe, thank you for always making us all laugh! Without a doubt, things would be different without you around :)
And I wanna thank Zool for always being there. Though we don't hang out as much anymore, you still made an effort to come for my birthday and that means a hell lot to me mate. You are truly a friend.
And it was time to take a dip in my Jacuzzi! HEHEHE
Wearing JuiceSea! :)
Crop the pic. Too bad CKPs!
 And my birthday didn't end just that day..
In fact, everyone around me has been really really sweet! My 19th birthday is definitely an unforgettable one build up with lots of happiness and with people who are genuinely nice. People that seriously care. I can't believe i've been so blind and it took me so long to realize who's good for me and who's not.
I have awesome presents too!!!!!
 He also got my Unsaid Things, a book written by Mcfly!!! as soon as i saw it, my heart really skipped a beat!! Apart from that, he got me a camera lens case, a camera case and another lens. Have yet to discover what it can do though.
He's even bought me the SUPER ADORBS UNICORN CUPCAKES and a room in W Hotel.
How to top that?!?!
Also, thank you to Jas & Raine for the lovely palette from Sephora!!
Its every girl's dream to own one of thesee!!! <3
Love this part the most!!! GLITTERR!!!! hehehehe
And thank you Shan, Chloe and Amanda for the Juicy Couture earring!! <3 
and the undeniably cute wrapping. hehehe

And thank you Kor kor for this special card you made. It really touched my heart though i don't say it. hahaha
And also, i wanna thank Elaine from Ashincans who surprised me with a birthday cake after the shoot yesterday!!! <3
And for the presents too!!! New Juicy Couture perfume for me. hehehe
Thank you Vilvian and Gui Jie from La Novella Studio for always being so nice to me too!
And for Jia Qi and Tricia who was next door to sing my birthday song too! hahaha
At this point now, if you think that im done showing off my surprises and birthday gifts, im not. hahaha. I shall continue in part 2 soon!!!! 

Shall sleep now. Its the 22nd of Jan. And im officially 19.
Goodnight everyone and thank you all for making it a special year for me over the past few months. Even as you just read my blog, thank you for doing that. Everyone who has been in my life even for a brief moment, you played a part <3


Sneaky Peaky...
Part 2 is gonna be about what happened the next day Fai and I woke up at W Hotel
In the mean time, do check out Fai's latest Mixtape <3
After all he has done for me, he deserves all the attention now :)

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