Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Couture Lane X Maybelline BTS X Important Message


Hello everybody, how has school or work been treating you so far after that longggg CNY break? I still can't believe that CNY is over! I've been taking things so easily, that i lost track of time. I didn't even realize that after this month (block), im done with year 2 and im gonna have to intern somewhere. Hopefully i'll get the company i really really want ;'( 

And after my intern, im gonna have to do a Final Year Project (FYP) and im done with poly. Whats my next step? On a plane, maybe ;)

Anyway, im an optimist and i believe that if you think, feel, do bad, it'll come back to you anyway. So whatever i do in life, i always look on the bright side and do my best in the current situation im in. And there is something bright for me to look at today!! Im finally going to town after school to watch a movie with Fai, have Ayam Panyet again andddddddd finally spend my $200 Topshop Giftcard that i've won a few months back. hehehe. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!

How bout a little shopping for all you lovelies out there?
Well, have you heard of Couture Lane?

Couture Lane might just be another blogshop thats on my favorite list! They offer pieces that are hardly found anywhere else, therefore making them unique. To top that, their apparels are of high quality. If you're looking for something to wear for a casual day out or to a date, Couture Lane is that one stop destination for you to go to! 
I modelled for their recent collection and fell in love with the following items...
Ever since this year's CNY, i've been really interesting in those high "Mandarin collars" neckline. This lace dress has that and more! With the neckline being lace, that gives an even more sexier appeal. So you can look sexy but conservative at the same time. Remember, they less you show, the more they wonder ;) 
Also comes in Black!
Mad love this maxi dress!! Once again, its that cut in shoulders design that i loveeee! Its super sexy yet covered up, so theres a perfect balance to the whole look. I love looking as sophisticated and elegant as i can and i've done it with this perfect maxi dress. 
This collection would be launching tonight, 28th Feb at 9PM! 
Be sure to get there quick before everything gets sold out :)
Also, quote "Eunice" to get $1 off your total bill and join their mailing list & LIKE them on FB to join giveaways! 
Have fun shopping! :)

Im pretty sure many of you already know that another shoot was done recently for Maybelline! Being an ambassador of a brand that i adore so much is such an honor and joy!

Not only do i get first hand information about upcoming new products in the market, i get them for free too! Who doesn't love free make up? ^^ Also, i've been given the privilege to work alongside bigger bloggers/icons in the industry, Tammy (, Linda ( and Beatrice (

Everything's been awesome and i loveeee the recent shoot cause it wasn't the usual behind my light-box, in my room kinda shoot. We actually went out to the zoo! Also, my make up skills are kinda better now ever since this ambassadorship. hehehe
Check it out!
Love how it makes my eyes look bigger. If you're interested in learning how to do it, wait up for the next Maybelline Vlog ;)
My OOTD to the Zoo!! hehehe haven't been there for a really long time.
So i didn't take much pictures but i did take videos, so here's a Vlog of the shoot!! :)
(photo taken from
 Animals, they're living creatures too. They need warmth, food, water, air and love just like us humans. Hurting them is just as good as hurting another human. The only difference is, you're hurting innocent living creatures that don't deserve any sort of punishment whatsoever. 

Personally, i have never been so sure about something in my life, but i am certainly sure about protecting the rights of animals killed for the benefit of selfish humans.  If anyone of you out there knows of any way to stop animal cruelty, animals that are killed inhumanely, please let me know, drop me an email at

 Be a part of this act of compassion, we can't stop everything, but least we can try to stop something and save the lives of innocent animals. Being aware of something of cruel and not doing anything to stop it is a sin.



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