Sunday, March 3, 2013

Advert- Echcoes X S.E.A Aquarium!!

Echcoes is an online fashion retailer debuted last year, and its definitely an upcoming online site you should patronize! 
They offer a wide range of apparels for different occasion and festive seasons. From sophisticated looks to girl-next-door to rock metal rocker chic and party dresses to your daily casual wear, 
Echcoes is the right shopping destination for you! 

Their stuff is edgy yet, up to date! 
I was really pleased to be able to advertise for them cause i couldn't wait to lay my hands on their edgy apparels! And here's what i picked :)
Denim shirts are totally in! What i love most about this one from Echcoes is the super pretty cross stitch detail on the collar, really unique! Also I chose their leather skirt though i have never really been a fan of it, but i change my mind! I love how well it fits me and how versatile it is! Think im gonna be wearing it pretty often. hehe^^
They have recently launched their Basic line, featuring, Tank Tops, Basic Tops, Crop Tops and more!
You will definitely find something you like in affordable price range and not forgetting their Complimentary Normal Postage for any Purchase!!
Don’t forget to click like on their Facebook!
They have frequent giveaways contest, Launched Previews and also, when you like their Facebook page, you will stand a chance to win goodie bags and more!
Shop away at now!
The past few days have been really awesome for me.
School can't get any better, i love my group mates, everyones really cooperative and they chiong like mad just like me! So we got our stuffs done really fast. 

Its always great knowing that you've already done what you need to do for school so that you can enjoy the weekend without worrying too much.
I went to Avalon again as usual, but this time even more excited cause ALL of my girlfriends were coming and also because Fai was djing! <3

Well, pics aren't up yet so here's all i've got!
The next day, Friday, was a day i've been looking forward to the entire week!
Earlier in the week, Fai told me that he wanna spend quality time with me and that he plan to take me to the S.E.A Aquarium!!! Man i was so excited! I even got my nails done to an aquatic hue!! I can haz mermaid nails ^^
Anyway here's a vlog i did about it.
We had Chilis for lunch!!! SOOO GOOD.
I love Vanilla Milkshakes <3
Fai fooling around hehehehe

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