Sunday, March 10, 2013

Timbre X Ghost Child X Adverts - Kissablebella X NLS

Haven't been able to blog much recently. School assignments are crazy i tell you!
Here's a lowdown of my weekend <3
Instead of our usual crazy party nights at Avalon, Fai and I decided to just chill this weekend. He brought me to Timbre @ The Arts House. And here's a snapshot of Sir Stamford Raffles, just thought it looks good. hehe and yeap, i had to google his name before typing it out. History? SS? fail. 
My cutie boyfriend.
Well, the place was really really noisy and was found it difficult to converse. All the tables were so closely placed together that there was just NO personal space. Our digital menu wasn't even working right. To top it all off? One of the waitress almost lost Fai's card.
Nonetheless, Fai and i were glad we could spend more time "alone" together <3
I look like a piranha here somehow. hahaha
And you can see what school has done to my eyes :( 
(eye bags, im referring to)
Finally our food came! They serve really fast so i guess it was alright. Kinda overwrites all the other bad factors cause i really hate to wait.
We ordered their reputable duck pizza, just half cause i HATE duck. And the other half something i LOVEEE, pepperoni <3 Also, Calamari cause you can't go on a meal without it and Wedges cause we both love it. Oh yeah, and i always order soup. Like always. 
Now im feeling hungry :( 
Hello, i like your brown eyes, can i take a shot of them please?
And of course, we ended off our meal with these delicious babies. Well we didn't finish our meal lah. Was too much, we have a tendency to always over order. I had Strawberry Margarita and Fai had something he has always wanted to try and is kinda hooked on it now, Snowball. 
After what seems to be like forever to pay our bills, we headed off and damn that felt good. Everything was just much more peaceful by the river, away from the people, away from the loud band playing and just us^^
Isn't Singapore beautiful???
And we started fooling around as usual. hahaha
Tourist Shots!!!
Don't your parents take pictures of you like that when you were younger? HAHA
Thank you Fai Fai for the lovely date though the location wasn't much to our liking. I still had a great time and am super happy that we got that Friday off for just the two of us. 
A few days before Timbre, i was honored to be invited to catch the Gala Premiere of Ghost Child with GushCloud and other bloggers! 
My favorite man looking so handsome that night hur hur?!
With Shineeee <3
It was great catching up with this lovely girl again! Must meet the rest of the NPNF girls! 
Oh yes, we're gonna go scouting soon btw ;) 
Ghost Child is a must watch show especially if you're Singaporean. Im not gonna give away what its about but im certain its something that has been haunting everyone since young. hehehehe 
And i must add, im really proud of my girl Nessa in the show! She played the mean girl. HAHAHA
Also awesome job to Jayley! That girl has really grown so much!
Here's the trailer ^^
Thank you GushCloud for the opportunity <3

Also i wanna thank Pei Hong from for the awesome kawaii gifts she got me from Japan!!! 
Love this Hello Kitty Pullover!!!
Kawaii enough? hehehe
And this Tokyo Banana is away toooo cute!! Looks like some soft toy, body scrub thingy. hehehe
Now the fun is all over! But i can't wait for the following weekend to come!! More activities planned out already ^^
Have you already heard? Kissablebella recently launched a collection with some really perky and cute swimwear pieces in it! And thats great cause the holidays are almost here, time to head to the beach yo! Anyway, apart from those awesome babies, here are some of the other items i've taken home with me :)
1) Rosey Spag Top
There is nothing more perfect then a chiffon floral top like that for summer! Its super light weight and really pretty! This one is already sold out but join their waiting list for BO! Comes in sweet pink too!
2) Mini Floral Button Blue Top
Yes Kissblebella offers really really sweet and feminine apparels, but who says all you tough girls out there can't rock a floral printed blouse? With the right styling, you can look awesome in florals too!  
If you haven't laid your hands on any new apparels this month, head over to Kisablebella now!
Rejoice all your bad girls out there!!! Your one stop destination for shopping is back! Once again, NLS never fails to make me feel good wearing their apparels during the shoots. Its just edgy, sexy and really unique! Check out what i took home with me this week^^
If you know me well, you would know that im a fan of those cut out shoulders kinda sleeves. And NLS always offers it! This time in a greyish hue, love it!
Hello Kitty is goin big on NLS! Hello kitty beanie that i got? Its up for sale too! Grab yours before it gets sold out. Exclusively imported from Japan!
Every girl needs a little black dress? Found my perfect one here too! You know what they say, when it shows off your legs, cover those arms for a balance. The shoulder slits gives this outfit even more justice! 
For more awesome outfits, check out their preview on Facebook before the launch yo!
Have fun <3 
Next NLS launch on 12th March, 8pm!


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  1. Hi may I know where you got the floral romper you wore on your date? :)