Saturday, March 16, 2013

Maybelline Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara Launch X YESAH!

Despite my crazy school schedule and the mountain of assignments im going insane from, i managed to take a little bit of time off some where around last week (can't even recall cause im so tired and i don't bother checking my calendar) to attend Maybelline's Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara launch at Mink!!! 

Tammy and I were there to be interviewers of the night! Pretty surreal. Why? I was at Maybelline's Lashionista launch last year with my New Face girls and the interviewer then was Xia Xue. So being in her shoes this year was really nerve wrecking! I love the party's theme! Leather and Leopard Prints! 
If you're thinking of going sexy, that combo never goes wrong :)
Had my prints done at the ever famous Maybelline's make up booths. The make up artist was the same lady back when i did the fashion show for Sophia with Francesca for Juice Market. Doubt she remembered me though. hahahaha
Spotted Hayley!!<3
Team Gushcloud came down too ^^
Not forgetting my super sweet fai fai <3
And of course the numerous shots of us just being vain. 
It was an awesome night and so far, its been great being a Maybelline ambassador. Love it!
Speaking of Maybelline ambassadors, do you remember Linda?
 She is not only just Maybelline's ambassador, she owns and runs her own fashion online store called YESAH! 
Though YESAH is obviously really quirky and bold, there are some of Linda's picks that EVERYONE can look good in. And its true what she said, if you never try, you'll never know if you look good in anything. And i totally agree! I took a good look at her label and managed to spot several pieces that i totally adore!!!

A girl like me? In quirky outfits? No. But what im referring to, are items that are classic and always wearable, however, being YESAH, has a little more edge. Isn't that already fantastic enough? You get to put on stuffs that you are comfortable and confident in, however is a little more outstanding and unique from the rest of the outfits in your wardrobe. 

And you'll never know, once you start eyeing things in YESAH, your taste might just change a little, im sure my had. hahaha. But hey! Its good isn't it? Since YESAH really screams out pure happiness. And being happy and wearing happy clothes makes you a happier person ;)

Linda sent me an ensemble of an outfit along with a REALLY PRETTY set of earrings that im in love with now!
I love the pieces she picked out for me. I received the Amanda Pants and Baby Doll Top. Doesn't this ensemble on me proves my point?! Yes, YESAH has a strong brand identity as being really fun, loud and quirky, but it doesn't mean a girl like me, who's more into sexy, pretty apparels can't shop there too! 
Just look at the baby doll top, its so sweet and timeless. Even my mom wants a piece. haha
I love how well the Amanda pants fits me too! And remember when i said that shopping at YESAH might change your taste a little? Well i think i might just be into pants with pops of colors now! hahaha
See! If you never try, you'll never know. 
And not forgetting my favorite thing about dressing up! ACCESSORIES! Especially dangling earrings :) I LOVE THEM. Its always just makes your look a little more prettier and complete.  I received the 10X1 Fallen Leaves acrylic earrings. Whats different about this pair? Its from a shanghai designer, and it's all handmade and in really good quality. 
If you don't already know, YESAH offers indie designer stuff from china and Taiwan as well! So you can be guaranteed that everything you purchase from YESAH is one of a kind and im sure you won't bump into someone else wearing the same outfit as you. 

I had a great time shooting myself for this advertorial. I mean its not often that i get to wear apparels that aren't exactly my style. In fact while i was waiting for the package to get delivered to me, i couldn't stop wondering what Linda picked. But as soon as i ripped the packaging open, i was delighted to see something i would definitely wear. And white and blue are my colors! So you got it right Linda. hahaha
Well thank you YESAH!

If you're up for a different shopping experience in search for more unique apparels, YESAH is that one stop destination. Head on over and check them out now!!

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