Thursday, March 28, 2013

RAINE & CHENG at B&J Dempsey X Advert- Couture Lane X AshInCans,

Fai and I headed down to Dempsey's B&J earlier on for Raine & Cheng's performance!! IF YOU STILL DON'T KNOW, THEY DID THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAYYYYY <3
It's one of my FAV songs by McFly of coursee!! Aren't they just perfect for each other, like they're made for each other lahhhh! Imagine performing together and taking videos and doing covers and practicing together all the time. Im so happy for Laraine:)

And PROUD of her too!!! I don't think im allowed to say it now, but you guys will know why soon ;) hehehehehehhehe SO EXCITED.

Yah so anyway, we headed to B&J :)
Romper by Pinned Up Closet
Cheng & Raine <3
Cute Raine is cute!!
And then Jelly Jas cammeeeeee <3
Oh yeah! If you didn't know, its B&J's 31st anniversary and we could get free ice creams and stuff. 
Also, there were games to play! And as soon as they said they needed people who know their Ice Creams well, I pulled Raine across the room with me to participate. hehehe

CAUSE WE WERE BOTH ONCE B&J GIRLS. I was for a while only lah, like 2 months before i joined A&F. OMGGG so longgg ago. So here's how the game went, i had to feed Raine 5 different ice cream of different flavors and she had to guess them all!! 
We obviously won lahhhhh! hahahaha how can you beat two girls who knows almost all 32 flavors, where they're usually placed at, ways and steps to make the smoothies and sundaes. Of course we'll win lorh but people probably thought we cheated cause i kept peeping at the ice creams when the other contestants were playing. LOL.
And then, it was time to say goodbye..... ;(
Now that we all don't club, we hardly meet.... sigh so sad.
BUT WE WILL SOON! FOR RAINE. hehehehehehehhehehehehehe <3

If you ask me, i would say that Couture Lane would be one of the blogshops that i totally enjoy modelling for! I love their choice of apparels all the times i've shot for them. Its always timeless, classy, comfortable and really versatile! Basically everything i look for when i go shopping ^^ So here are my picks! <3
This is a MUST HAVE in everyone's wardrobe. Its so pretty! How can i not pick it?? I can wear it with an inner tank/tube for a day out with Fai or i can just throw this over a bikini and head to the beach, which im gonna do so soon!!! <3
Once again, i've picked some thing in blue again! hahaha sorry, it just compliments my skin color a lot. But i really love this throw-over anyway. Its perfect for a casual day out as well as for those long cold lectures in school. Really love it when i wear it off-shouldered. Could be a new thing im into ;)
The next item i picked is a little different. I love the whole Floral-Knit-Lace-Crochet detailing. See! Its so unique that i find it hard to relate it to any other sort of tops. Its kinda like a little more edgy compared to all the other kind of stuffs i would usually wear which is great cause i can choose to wear this for school presentations or any other specific events.

Here's a preview of whats gonna be launch tomorrow at 2pm! ^^
For more details, head on to their FB page at
Don't forget to camp by their site and shop awayyyyyyy!!
One of the best things about being in this blogshop industry up till today is living with the fact that i am still modelling for Ashincans and has been the only model for them ever since day one. 

The amount of pride and honor i have for Ashincans is crazy. I do not own AIC at all but i always make sure that i do my best for it cause i am emotionally attached to it too! Heh heh. I mean its the only reason why i am who i am todayyy!! Like up till now, people do recognize me on the streets as "The Ashincans Model"^^

Its been almost 2 years now since i've met Elaine, the SUPER NICE owner of AIC. She's one of the nicest persons i've ever met and im glad i started off this whole modeling industry with her never dying support and love. She never fails to surprise me with little gifts whenever she goes sourcing overseas or when its my birthday. So loveddddd <3

Anyway, apart from AIC being owned by a wonderful owner, it also offers really pretty apparels, shoes, accessories and bags! I've been here since day one so i've seen and worn every single one of their apparels. And i must say, AIC is really getting better and better in their choice of apparels. Here's some of the stuffs i've picked!
Talk about unique items? AIC always seem to have those unique outstanding pieces in every collection and it always get sold out fast!! Im pretty sure this cute navy romper falls under that category too. It is completed with tiny little silver linings that makes it prettier then the usual plain rompers. Fits me perfectly too!! Wore this out recently!
Next, i picked this really lovely Crochet kinda dress with those scoop in necklines! OMGGGG casual-elegance at its best. Its so gorgeous and no im not saying it for the sake of it, I really love this dress A LOT. Its this light cream yellow color that works perfectly well for afternoon tea or brunches with Fai <3 I promise you won't regret getting this piece. Quality wise, its really good too!

Im not quite sure when the collection will launch but do check out AIC's FB page for more updates and details. Elaine would be bringing in some summer lovin' beach wear/bikinis soon too!! Check the preview out at

Also, all you loyal fans out there, don't forget to camp by AIC's site for the launch!! <3



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