Monday, April 1, 2013

Maybelline Vlog X Gardens By The Bay X Advertorial- Twirling Pastels x NLS

Its time to blogggy blogggy again!!! 

Remember that Zoo outing i had with Tammy and Beatrice? You can read about it HERE... Well the Video part 2 is out!!!! And here is it! :)
Can't wait to film the next Maybelline vlog!!! :)
I have so many things to talk about,
shall start with my day out with Fai at Gardens By The Bay <3
I always love it when we dress like this! Fai looks super cute in this pastel yellow shorts. And me? im wearing my crochet dress from EGP! Pretty casual at its best.
We've always wanted to experience how Gardens By The Bay is and we finally found time to do it.
Did you know that MBS was built in a way to portray decks of cards?
Its also Fai's favorite place to be in SG! hehehehe 
My tourist shot. hehehe
Feel so loved in his arms.
Some alien invasion shit happening man. 
LOL my boyfriend. hahahaha too cute.
And we just kept walking and walking. Till....
we saw a guy with this ginormous camera thingy. HAHAHA
My new bag im totally lovin' a gift from my brother :)
And we finally settled down at Satay By The Bay and had dinz dinz!!! <3
Fai and deserve a pat on our backs cause it was the FIRST time we didn't over order. hehe
Fai imitating some of my blogshop poses. HAHA
Oh god, he never fails to make me laugh.
And as the sun went down, everything just became so much more beautiful <3
My pictures don't do much justice.
Everyone laid down and stared up to the magnificent display of lights.
Including US!
And that's the end of our adventure this weekend. Thank you my baby for taking me out once again, every new adventure allows me to learn more about you and it makes me fall in love with you more and more. I can't wait for todayyyy <3
Remember that gorgeous Denim Tunic from Twirling Pastels i was talking about? Its all sold out!! So if you've missed the chance on laying your hands on them, a back order is being held!! So get them quick before its gone for good. I highly recommend it, its one of my fav outfits in my wardrobe now. hehehe

And once again, Twirling Pastels hasn't disappointed me with their choice of apparels! I always have to go home after their shoot with a hard choice of picking two items cause everything is so good!!! Here's what i got this week ;)

1) Maroon Corduroy Playsuit
I hardly wear playsuits or overalls or jumpers! But this time, i decided to take this piece home with me. Not only did the color capture my attention, the corduroy material makes this piece super cute and unique!! Couldn't decide if i should had taken Black or Lilac either but since Maroon suits me well, i went with it. hehe

2) Floral Cut Out Dress
This dress is GORGEOUS. The floral part of the dress is super pretty, i love the color and prints. What makes it even better are the cut out back details! So sexy right?? I love how theres this strap right in the middle too so you don't have to worry about visible bar straps cause its well covered :) PERFECT.


COLLECTION 18 GIVEAWAY: Want to win an apparel of your choice? Here’s what you need to do: 

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Step 3: Like and share as many pictures as possible to stand a higher chance of winning. Then, comment “Liked and Shared”. 
Step 4: Spend above $50 to double your chances of winning! 
Step 5: One lucky winner will be announced on 13th Apr 2013, 8pm ♥

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With lots of love,
TWP :) 

Are you excited for NLS next launch? Well you better be! NLS always brings you the sexiest, boldest and prettiest apparels ever! Bring on your Red lips and start shopping away. This week, here are my picks!!! <3 Its also kinda like a sneak peek at the next collection :)
Look out for this absolutely stunning off shoulder top. Its silky material, with the pretty floral prints makes this item really unique. There's this sense of sophistication and class and thats what i love most about it! It'll be a perfect spot on item to wear for dinners in restaurants and stuffs. Love the sexy low back too!! ^^
Next i picked something really cute instead!!! hehehe its a mickey pull over! I picked this cause i will be going to HK at the end of the year! And that means visiting Disneyland or Disney Sea! So i can wear this top. HAHAHHA


Anyway here's what to look forward to for my next blog post! <3



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