Monday, April 1, 2013

DeafnDope Latest short film

Oh yeah!!! 
Check out this short film my friend Zool from DeafnDope productions did!! 
So proud of him :)

Its a great message to bring across to everyone out there. Yknow when you're lost or sad, its not the end of the world, you do have things that others yearn for so badly. 
So just appreciate life and be optimistic.
Published on Mar 24, 2013
'Lumos' is a Singapore documentary film written and directed by Zulhairi. It explores and details a day in the life of Mdm Ng Swee Kuen, a visually impaired who is being employed by the non-profit, voluntary welfare organisation Singapore Association of Visually Handicapped. The film focuses on blindness being a disability, not an inability.

Written & Directed by Zulhairi
Produced by Gavril Hing
Co-Produced by Nikko May
Cinematographer Gerald Seah
Edited by Tariq Mansor

Jane Pictures 2013 ©

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