Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sleep-Over X Beach Babes X SalonFai

Happy happy me got to go to the beach last Sunday with my girlies, Ashleigh and Aurelia. Otherwise also affectionately known as Leigh Leigh and Lia Lia. Which obviously means im called Nice Nice. Don't get it? Go figure! 

We decided to have a sleep over at Ash's the night before and here's a 10 mins vlog we did. Hell yeah to a friend who takes the initiative to edit it. She didn't sleep the whole night cause of it, so appreciate the effort she put in kay! Plus its only her first time editing a video and its fucking funny already. 


So with that, im sure you know a little bit more about us now. Im pretty certain i won't be able to find anyone else that bimbotic and vain as us. Also, it was the first time i actually removed all of my make up infront of others okay (excluding Fai). So glad they don't judge and all. PLUS I TRIED SKII FOR THE  FIRST TIME. OH MY FUCKING GOD. ITS REALLY MIRACLE WATER. But nooo.... im still too poor to afford it. I'll stick to Tea Tree Oil. 

And here's the morning afterrrrrrrrr (scroll down for vlog^^)
Look at my skin. Just look at my skin. I was actually breaking out the day before and i forgot to bring my Tea Tree Oil Treatment to Ash's. So i used her SKII and some night mask and LOOK AT HOW PORCELAIN IT IS. But now its back to normal -.-
After we're done with our make up and stuffs, we were off to Wavehouse, Sentosa!
This has been an on going plan for like don't know how long already. Lia really wanna just get tan, i really wanna just get away and Ash.... didn't wanna come. HAHAHA But being the good friend she is, she cameeeee :)
And here's us getting roasted. Well... mostly just me cause Lia kept hiding in the shade every 5 mins. And i totally regretted being in the sun for too long anyway cause i think i had a heat stroke after for a while. Like my vision became damn blur and everything was too bright, i couldn't even see Lia's face when she was talking to me. But i rested in the toilet and was all better again ^^
Oh and i was texting Fai how i don't think my body looks the same anymore. Like its not the same "Vaunt" body anymore. *sobs sobs* Its more..... "women-ly"... Like fleshy? Not that bony anymoreeeeeee. Sighh.. 
Guess i've really hit womanhood or maybe cause my period is just coming.
Ash has that Megan Fox vibe in the pic below huh??
This was the moment i started feeling light headed. Well, we went to place our bags in the lockers and took a break in the water which made us feel so much better ^^
And ta-da!!! Showered just in time before it started pouringggggg ^^
And i know this is damn bimbotic BUT LOOK! SIMILAR IPHONES. hehehehhe
And here's what you've been waiting for!!!!! 
I followed Ashleigh's style for this one. Tried my best to make it funny. Let me know what you think :)
Can't wait for our next vlog or outing. And yes yes yes, this time we'll do what Leigh wants since we're always doing things Lia and I wants. hahahaha
Right after, i met MY FAI FAI :)
He wanted to bring me to some Hotdog restaurant but it was closed :(
My poor baby's plan spoiled..... but we headed to Billy Bombers at Cine.
But im glad i got to see my baby <3
And hello???? I LOVE MY SEA SALTED HAIR HERE. Too bad it makes my hair super dry :(
And here's what we ateeee :) It was "ok" but my vanilla milkshake tasted real good.
Oh yes!!!!! I went over to Fai's yesterday and decided to allow him to dye my hair too!! HAHAHA So its WAY darker now. Almost Black :)
ooooooo..... sexy boyfriend...
In case you're wondering, we dyed our hairs Black Tea Brown by Liese.
AND TA-DA!!!! Its almost black but not black. hehehehe
we both have the same hair color now too <3 <3 <3
And i got a little tanner yah??? ^^
And you know what im gonna say.

Here's what to look forward to for my next post!