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Fai&Eunice Weekly Food Adventure X Advert - MONOKUROS x VINDEUR

I know i mentioned earlier that i would be blogging about some shoot i recently did soon, but due to some time constraint, lets skip that and save it for tomorrow's post alright?:)

Here's some updates from your favorite couple. HEHEHE
Fai and I always look forward to the weekends. We like to call it Fai&Eunice Adventure.
Here's what we do, we plan ahead of time what to do and where to eat, specifically during Saturdays. 

Its the only time we get to really spend quality time together you see. So, this is a message to everyone out there that i am NO CAN DO for saturday shoots. hahaha unless its early in the morning lah. 

Anyway, this week, we planned to visit Symmetry for brunch!! And decided to fly kites after...
Brunch went extremely well. If you're wondering where and what Symmetry is, click on the link to find out. Its soooooo beautiful in there.
My lace cropped top's from
The MUST TRY Hot Chocolate with Mashmellows. 
Here's what filled our rumbling tummies!
Fai has BIG BREAKFAST. Totally worth it.
I had Croissant with Smoked Salmon. 
Good too, but i wished i'd picked big breakfast as well :(
Symmetry is a perfect place to have nice afternoon brunch on a cosy weekend. Ambience wise, it was warm and the costumer service was excellent too. hahaha or maybe cause almost everyone working there were either Fai's or my friends. And knowing them, they're the most hardworking and friendliest people ever, so it should be good for everyone else too ^^ 

Food wise, FAI IS IN LOVEEEEEE. He wants to come back for more. I totally agree, maybe i picked the wrong dish, but im certain that there are more scrumptious food awaiting me in their kitchen. Plus, i couldn't get enough of that hot chocolate.

9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 S(199206)
Nearest MRT station is Bugis. 

Anyway, our plan spoiled :( It was ruined by the rain....
We headed over to Marina Barrage immediately after brunch with that much hope that the rain would stop. But..... it didn't. So we couldn't fly our kites. So upset cause it was gonna be my first time flying one plus i've been waiting all week for it. Oh wells.
Here was happy Fai before we were told not to fly anything :(
Everything was wet and we didn't wanna go anywhere since we were so disappointed. So we headed back to Fai's crib and..... SLEPT. Literally. We just fell asleep the whole day. HAHAHAHAHA

Well, we got up for dinner and watch DJANGO. I never thought i would watch something like that. But ITS AMAZING. Its about slavery before the civil war and obviously a movie like that conveys a lot about hope and justice. So i loved it :)

And no dudes... its not some old old movie from the past. Leonardo Dicaprio was in it too. hahaha. Another fav movie on my list ^^
On a brighter note, I finally got to eat Salmon Sashimi and Chawanmushi a few days back. I know i've been pretty whiny and irritating on twitter about it. But i can't help it, i recently just fell in love with Chawanmushi, i wish i could make it myself. 
And im keeping my straight black hair forever!!!!!
hahahahah Fai...
And yes we know we eat A LOT. Like we've reached that point in our relationship that we're so comfortable with just eating non stop together. Like fai said "Love is about getting fat together..." hahahaha 
So bare with us. There's gonna be FOOD in every single post from now on.

MONOKUROS stands for the word 'monochrome' in japanese term. 
We bring you back to the basic colors, in shades of limited colors or hues.

"Nostalgia, the vice of the aged. 
We watch so many old movies our memories come in monochrome."

I am a sucker for pretty things. I get really intrigue when i see a really nice web design especially when its in relation to something i fancy. Monokuros is a web store with that speciality. The moment i was approached by them for an advertorial, i jumped at the opportunity. First impression gains the most attention you see. And guess what, they aren't just a pretty face, the apparels that they offer do just the same thing, they didn't disappoint me at all. Here's what i picked :)

1) Damsel Fringe White Bandeau Bikini
I've always wanted a bikini like that, and i finally have it!!!! ARGHHH so happy^^
Thank you Monokuros for offering it! This is what i mean by they don't disappoint at all. Their apparels and accesories are relatively unique and pretty hard to find anywhere else. Also, the quality is really good :)

Next, i went with the Daphne Knitted Cardigan in Beige!
You can never go wrong with a throw-over like this. Its a timeless classic piece that every girl should have to keep you warm and comfy. Just imagine wearing this for those cold lectures or for a catch up with an old friend at starbucks or something. PERFECTO!

I also picked another item, but you gotta check it out on my Insta soon :)

MONOKUROS First New Collection 

Simply enter <MONOFIRST> to enjoy 5% off for your first order!
*Spend a mininium of SGD80 to receive free mysterious gift!

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Vindeur is a relatively new webstore that offers apparels which are trendy and uber cute! From heart shape slings to ruffle tops and houndstooth shorts, they are sure to bring out the fashionista side of you. A part from just apparels, Vindeur also offers a wide variety of accessories as well! There are my picks! :)

1) Zig Zag Bandage Skirt
Need i say anything about this skirt for you to get it? i don't think so. Its so pretty on it own and im sure it captures your attention just like how it captured mine the moment i saw it. Super stretchy and comfortable too! Once again, i love apparels that look pretty on its own and not much styling needs to be done. And this skirt does that ^^

2) Ruffled Shimmer Top (beige)
This is yet another pretty basic must have item! Ruffle tops always works best for people with smaller busts like myself. It creates this sort of illusion that gives you a fuller bust area. Hence, it works well for me! And i love it! 
Plus, the fact that its shimmers makes it even better ^^

For more updates, do like Vindeur on Facebook at

Quote "euniceannabel" for 5% discount off your total bill ^^


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