Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cocoa-B X Swee Choon X Daryl's Farewell

I am so free now there is hardly anything for me to do! HAHA
I know i've mentioned this a thousand times but im gonna say it again, I can't wait to head to the beachh!! 
Anyway, now that im on holiday, you can expect me to be blogging more often. And i'm finally getting down to this post which is pretty much long over due. hehe sorry..

White chocolate, Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, they all taste so good if you're an addict like me!! Yeah, they're good on their own but what if you get to mix it up with extra burst of textures and flavors?? Wouldn't that be great? And SO MUCH FUN TOO!
Allow me to introduce you to.....
Cocoa-B is a web-store that allows you to customize your own chocolate! They have a wide variety of toppings for you to choose from. Customize your chocolate for your own pleasure or create one as a gift for your friend or lover! 

The chocolates will be carefully handcrafted and delivered to you with so much love! I was super excited to receive mine! Here's what i picked!
Milk chocolate, of course ;) with gummi bears and marshmallow! SOO CHEWY and the chocolate itself already tastes so good! As im typing this, im still munching away on my personal bar. hahaha
If you're up for some exotic topping flavors, Cocoa-B has them too! Such as Bacon Bits, Pretzels, Crystal Dusted Ginger and others!
They also offer spices such as Cinnamon Sugar, Rose Mary Leaves, Sze Chuan Pepper and much more! But of course if you're always afraid to taste new things, you can always stick with the wide assortments or Berries, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds AND SWEETS! 
And looks like im done munching on my chocolate! Maybe its time to get more? hehe
I highly recommend this idea if you're not sure of what to get for your loved ones' birthday or for a special date. Whenever it is personalized, its always more meaningful then getting just a random box of chocolates. 
So what are you waiting for? Get creative and get started, ENJOY!
As i had mentioned earlier, i am really free now! Fai and i managed to find some time to take my mom out for dinner with my brother. Guess where? SWEE CHOON. hehehe
How can anyone not been there?!?! Cheap and good dim sum eh. And the XIAO LONG BAO. Nuff said. 
Otw to Swee Choon.
And being Fai and Eunice, we over ordered again. WHAHAHAHA
Its great heading out as a family some times. Up next? 
Gonna bring my parents to the S.E.A Aquarium!
Anyway, right after, Fai and I headed to the airport to send Daryl off to Germany!

The last time i went there was when i was 15, couldn't really do much since i was underage. And couldn't appreciate things much either cause i haven't realize how precious life was then either :( MUST GO TO HOLLAND AGAIN SOON TO VISIT MY AUNT, UNCLE AND COUSINS THERE :( AND MYLO, THE CHOW CHOW :( hehe

So anyway, Daryl's going away for an Army trip, pretty certain once he's there, he won't wanna come back!
HAHAHA look at his face! Sad Slutboy is sad.
Bye Daryl, see you again in 5 weeks time!
Then we headed home, and i must say Changi has a surreal MRT station. If i had to work for SMRT, i wanna be posted here. hahaha
Sorry for being so random, i just have all these weird thoughts in my head all the time. haha
Anyway! Some pics we took yesterday at Ashincans and Trading Past's shoot! <3
And thats it folks!
Have a great great GREAT week ahead!
Gonna get my much needed manicure and pedicure today!
I still can't believe im THIS free. hehee



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