Sunday, March 24, 2013


Over the last few days, i gave myself a little bit more pampering and headed to Salon Vim for that much needed hair fix. 
Pretty sure everyone knows that I LOVEEEEE dark hair and no matter how i try to go light, i will ALWAYS come back to dark hair. Dunno why... I just think staying classic always works out well. So I wanted to get my highlights off and I needed softer hair again. 
And yeah yeahhh i cam-whored a little before i left. hehehe
See I loveee my hair colour, but don't really fancy the highlights after a while (though you can't see from pictures with normal lighting, its only visible when i do shoots) so i decided to keep the colour but go darker and no highlights.
Unglam shots >.<
Anyway, so we got on to dying le hair to a dark rich brown, a really natural colour that i really fancy. This time, my visit was faster cause i made sure that Sham didn't cut my hair, hehe. I WANT LONG MERMAID HAIR TOO. 
Once the dyng was completed, we got on to the MUST HAVE Cocktail Treatment. This time, mine was a combination of chemicals that would make my hair Soft, Rich in Protein and Strong. And so far, my hair has REALLY been soft and manageable. 
Look at how shiny and soft-looking it is after the wash!!
Let me being REALLY happy with the end product! Really want this specialize service everyday. HAHA
Up till today, i still can't get over how soft and shiny my hair feels and looks! Really need to master their hair drying/curling tricks using just a brush and hair dryer. Look at what they've created with it!!! Luscious, healthy-looking hair. 
Even though i want super long hair, im happy with my length now. I like to call it the "healthy" length. Not too long, neither is it too short. And the COLOUR!!! Not too light and isn't exactly black either. Its just right :)
I always believe that healthy, shiny, bouncy hair is always gorgeous!

So thank you Salon Vim!! And thank you Gushcloud! <3

Salon Vim Bugis
235/235A Victoria Street Singapore 188027
t/ 6837 0073/ 6837 0308 
Sun-Fri (11am-9pm) Sat (10.30am-9pm)
Well, anyways, Fai and I are much better now :)
We headed out yesterday for something we've been wanting to do for the longest time. BRUNCH.
Yeapp, we're always either too busy or having a hang over to do it. 
We headed to Kith Cafe at Park Mall. Wanted to go to their other branch but it started to pour, so we got to the one thats nearer :(
Sleepy me after a 3 hour shoot.
Le annoying face coming...
And even though my nose is like totally flatten here, i can't get over how my hair looks like here. Don't mean to sound narcissistic but i really really love it now. HEHEHEHE
Fai had some sand wich thingy, think it was chicken and mushroom. Looks blend but tasted soo gooddddd.
And greedy me went for Spagetti. HEHE. 
I know its brunch but i can't help. I LOVEEEE BOLOGNESE. It came with a tiny poached egg which i gave to Fai anyway. He would appreciate it better then i would.
Truffle fries anyone?
A though their Calamari is the authentic kind, yknow not those usual timbre sort, i don't quite like it... Too exquisite for my taste buds. If thats even possible. hahaha.
Having a chill Saturday brunch after the rain, slightly away from town with your lover is one of the best things to do these days. 
And I swear Fai and I are so greedy. HAHA
We always over order and have so much left overs in the end.
But i haz room for my Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. YUMSS.
We took a long nice stroll in town after but ended up spending a lot of money :(
I bought a new wallet!!!!!
I can't believe I actually got this VS wallet. God its my favorite thing now. I don't even wanna dump it in my dirty huge bag of everything.
Apart from that, i bought two new flats and two lip stains.
Fai bought a pair of new shoes and a couple of shirts.
We ended the day with watching The Croods at Cine. But before that, we had watermelon :)
And thats the end of the story :)


So i've been spending a pretty good sum of money away recently, and i will do so even more now that its my holidays!!!!! Im actually excited to be able to go shopping for real. Haven't been getting the luxury of doing so since im always too busy.
Have you been shopping? Check out these online shops for more cray cray pretty apparels.

1. Pinned Up Closet
It's their Birthday!!! 
Pinned Up Closet has turned 1 this March! To celebrate their birthday, any purchase from their upcoming collection launching on 25th March 2013 Monday 7pm SGT will entitle you to a free hand-screened tote bag! Limited pieces up for grabs! 
So head down to to start shopping!

Pinned Up Closet offers a wide range of apparels and accessories from vintage to rock and chic. They aim to bring the best quality and trendiest clothes and accessories to you!
This collection, was a tough one, they had SO MANY pretty apparels, i couldn't pick which one i wanted!!

This is my top pick!!!
I am currently obsessed with flowly white chiffon apparels. Initially, i thought this was just a top and when i received it, it was a romper and i was even happier!! The bottom just totally look like a chiffon skirt and the whole apparel is just so much more prettier like that! Really versatile and with its unique criss cross neckline detail, its definitely a piece that everyone should keep.
If this sexy little thing doesn't catch your eye, i don't know what else does! THIS IS EVERY GIRL'S STAPLE DRESS. Being a maxi, you can wear it for any occasion, be it for a party or a lazy sunday outing. The cut in details are what makes this piece a stunner, a perfect example for showing just the right amount of skin. 

Pinned Up Closet will be launching this collection tmr. Do remember to camp by their site to get your hands on these babies.
Do like their FB page at for more updates!

2) Stylexotic

If you're that rock biker chic looking for trendy apparels, Stylexotic is the right place to go to. They offers apparels that are bold and screams style. I was happy to be able to advertise for them cause i finally get to keep a pair of SEQUIN SHORTS!!!!
I don't think i have to say much about this piece, EVERYONE wants one! And no its not itchy at all! It comes with a soft inner lining that keeps the itch from the sequin away from your skin, allowing you to feel good the whole day.
2) Red Checkered Shirt
I have always loved red checkered shirts, very A&F feel. So i picked this piece! Love it and never regretted it! Its pretty much like a flannel, very comfortable and able to keep you warm really well! Trust me, checkereds are never gonna die. 
And the lovely owner, J, gave me an additional piece! SO SWEET <3 <3
Its the Stitch Denim HW Shorts.
If these aren't enough, check their web store out!!!
If you don't know who Twist Polka is, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??
They're a rather popular online store that offers a WIDE range of apparels, from sweet, to vintage, to trendy and bold. Right now, their collection features apparels that gives off this "style-nanda" vibe that everyone loves!
Here's my pick!
1) Check HW Denim Shorts
(p.s. i love my brown hair)
You can NEVER go wrong with this item. One, its black and white, so it will always be pretty. Two, its HW, so its sexier then ever. It would had been such a shame if i didn't take this home with me. hehehehe
2) Pointelle Cream Knit
Its unique scallop hemline is so gorgeous. Definitely won't be able to find something like that anywhere else guys! And the open back detail creates an even prettier illusion to the whole top! My current fav knitted top and i don't think anything else can beat it :)

This collection has already launch!!! DO CHECK IT OUT ASAP before everything gets sold out ;)
I am certain that EVERYONE is aware of these pretty little sun babies from Kissablebella. And i cannot let go of an opportunity of getting my hands on one of them too!!! Let i said, SUMMER is round the corner, better get your beach outfits ready! HEHE
I picked the latest Full Polka Dot Set!
Trust me. I AM NOT LYING. It fits so perfectly. Like honestly, everyone knows i have a small bust and its hard to find a bikini that fits me well, thats why i always have to spend more on them for those that comes in sizes. BUTTT THISSSS fits me so well like its made for me! HEHEH
SO HAPPY!!!!! Thank you Y <3 <3




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