Sunday, April 14, 2013

ChicFashionistaFlea x Adverts- Agneselle x Jumping Around ^^

Here's what i've been up to lately :)
Headed down to Avalon once again after what seems to be like forever to support Fai at Spider Room. Met up with Ashleigh as well! If you realize we were all decked in Blue^^
The next day, Fai and I had to get up earlier then usual on a whats usually a "hangover-lazy" Saturday for the ChicFashionistaFlea organized by Chic Cottage <3

With Shauna the super efficient and helpful model of the entire flea. hahaha
Being back-staged at a fashion show isn't easy at all, especially not when you have a flea to take care of as well. Thank God for Shauna, she helped a lot.
With Sarah, an old friend of mine from IJ. hahahaha.
I can't really remember if we ever spoke to each other back then. I think i was a little scared of her. hahahaha. Anyway its great seeing her, plus she's opening her very own blogshop soon too! Can't wait to show y'all what i picked ^^
And of course the day wouldn't be completed without a pic with the gorgeous Asyiha. I still can't get over how longgggggggggg her legs are. hahahahaha
(p.s. sorry for my very blotchy make up, was in a rush plus having break outs now >.<)
And whats Fai doing there you might ask?
Well, he was the emcee for the whole event! Or maybe even a bouncer in the end. HAHA
Im glad i have such an efficient, helpful, considerate and patient boyfriend. 
So proud of my darling :)
Back stage doing our hair and make up!
Taking a break outside with Fai and Mae while we waited for the next show to start which unfortunately ended abruptly by the rain :(
It was a lot fun doing the show, i always loveeeeeeee walking for fashion shows even though i always walk away with blisters. Like i have 5 open wounds and sores now? :(
But its all good, kinda have that Vaunt nostalgia with Mae around too. hahaha

Anyway everything kinda ended all because of the damn rain :( 
Everyone was stucked but Fai and i took our chances and ran all the way in the pouring rain to Symmetry since it was just a lane away. So TA-DA!!! Here's our food.
I can't remember what Fai got but im sure mine tasted WAYYYY better then his. Like finally, i got something better then him.
Here's MYYYYY Beef Ribs thingy. GOD. Its soooo good. Im not even kidding. 
Super tender and juicy. Like it freaking melts in your mouth. Plus the Truffle fries.... omggg..
Nuff said. Im hungry all over again now..
Ended off everything with of course Vanilla Bean ice cream. hehehe Sweet tooth satisfied.
Fai being all sad cause he's drenched.
Alright folks. Thats all for this weekend. One word to describe it?
But i had fun at the fashion show, thanks Hannah <3

Starting out in 2007, Agneselle has successfully managed to expand herself into a registered business with loyal customer base of more than 30,000. I personally have become a fan of Agneselle the moment i visited their web store. I love how sophisticated, yet fun and flirty all the apparels are put together. Their "look" and "aura" is definitely how i would like to present myself as well. Im glad to be able to do this post for them and here's what i received ^^

1) Asylyn Tube Top in Electric Blue
Its such a gorgeous piece. Fits me PERFECTLY and i love how i can wear this top for a casual day out in town or i can match it with sequin/leather ensembles for that party look! Which i did! hahaha if you realized, this is what i wore to Avalon a few days ago. Quality wise, its so good. Comes with a zip at the back for better fit. 
Also available in other gorgeous colors! 

Next is an outfit put together for me by Agneselle :)
Its this lace cropped top with a super pretty bustier design on the front. The flare skirt given to me is such a must have item. Its a unique "leathery" texture, and im certain it goes well with everything and anything. Can't wait to wear them out. hehehe

I love Agneselle and i don't see why you won't! Everything's the way i'd described the sort of apparels i would go for. Basic but pretty on its own. Always timeless apparels that will never go out of style.

Like their FB page for more updates :)
Jumping Around is a pre-order web store that supplies you with a WIDE variety of apparels, shoes, bags and accessories. They have been known to hold large shoe sprees that makes it hard for you to decide which item to get cause they're all SO PRETTY?!?! So when i was asked to do this post for them, i was over the moon cause it meant i can get some stuffs from them too! HEHEHE^^ 

Here's what i got from supplier spree #56 and shoe&bag #16 :)
Elastic Waist Leather Shorts. This is a MUST HAVE item in your wardrobe. Goes well with everything which is great for me cause i just now just pull out any top and wear it with this shorts for school. Put on some blings and boots and you're good to go^^
This bag is currently my FAV everyday bag. Its the Suede x Leather Satchel. I've been carrying it around with me over the past few days and its great! The perfect size that fits everything i need yet still maintaining its shape and size. Love it :)
Last but not least, i got these slip in boots in black once again! I had this before but mine tore cause i wasn't so careful with them. And ever since i've been wearing my brown ones. Thank God Jumping Around offers them too cause i swear by these boots, they go well with everything. PLUS THEY'RE SO COMFY!!!!

If you've missed out on these sprees, fret not!
Shop at supplier spree #59 and shoe&bag #17.