Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Updates - meeting bbgirl x outdoor shoot for EV, adverts- TCUS x Twirling Pastels x Evil Valentine

Met up with my lovely bb, Raine, recently to pass her some crazy heel-less heels we bought from GoJane.com. Well, she bought not me. But i totally regretted not getting them cause they're mother f*cking cray cray-ly gorgeous!!!!! I got some fringe boots and some platform which turn out looking pretty bad in real life :(:(:(

Anyway, the point is, its great meeting up with her over the holidays. We talked about things i doubt anyone wanna know about. 
Things i won't tell anyone about either (besides Fai lah) hahaha. I had a great time and once again, im so proud of her getting into the finals for The Final One. Remember to catch her on TV soon ^^
Anyway, i've been so busy with shoots the past few days, i haven't had time to blog properly :( But on the bright side, my school time table is finally out and i have school for only 3 hours this month, plus its 9-12!!! This means, i can shoot after school still and blog and vlog more. whahahahhahaa. 

So watch out for them..... though, i don't have any idea of what to do for my next vlog, if you have any suggestions, comment or tweet to me. In case you haven't known, i shut down my ask.fm cause im just getting random/repeated/nasty questions/remarks. 

Like i always say, if i don't need something or someone in my life, 
i won't hesitate to cut it out.

Btw, watch out for EvilValentine's next collection launch, just did an outdoor shoot for them!!
Oh yesss!!!
If you follow me on Insta, you would already know that Fai surprised me with a super sweet gift recently. He bought me a Victoria's Secret Angel Wings necklace <3 <3 <3
So thankful for it, and imma wear it everyday.
Comes with a pair of earrings too. hehehehe

What matters most about it all is that he actually got it for me just to make me happy. Out of his own intensions and good will. This touched my heart cause i remember a few post back, i did mentioned something about how " Love is built upon the two pillars of Patience & Kindness.... If Patience is Love at work to minimise negative circumstances, then Kindness is Love at work to maximise positive circumstances..." and my dear Fai has shown me true kindness even though i haven't been really good with my temper lately.

So thank you darling <3
I love you, unconditionally. 

Remember a post back about the ChicFashionisFlea??
I mentioned that i met with an old school mate of mine who's gonna open her own blogshop soon?? Well, its gonna open on 18th April at 9am with their very first C1 featuring the one and only beautiful Francesca as their model!!!! ^^

Allow me to introduce you to.....
Be among the first few to shop at TCUS!
"THECOMEUPSTORE.SG is founded by Kelvin and Sarah. T.C.U.S offers a myriad of the most fashionable clothing, accessories and bags online. T.C.U.S products are carefully handpicked from overseas for it’s style and wearability. We are currently in the process of creating our website, so stay tuned!"
Here's what i picked from their very first collection ^^
The moment i saw this drapy chiffon asymmetrical top, i went for it immediately even though i don't wear black or drapes that often. But its too pretty to be missed out on and it looks great for parties and stuff so i got it^^
I went for this white base with gold prints peplum too. I love how well it fits me and flares exactly where it should :) Great for more formal gatherings or events. Pair it with leather shorts and accessories for an edgy look or go for white fitting pants for that classy look!

I picked another SUPER CUTE item, check it out on my insta^^

Anyway heres your chance to win GIVEAWAYS :)
Simply like TCUS Fb page at http://www.facebook.com/Thecomeupstore
like & share the C1+ giveaway album
like & share the outfits you wanna win
comment on the album & outfit photo that you've liked and shared!

Have fun shopping!!!
[Quote "Eunice5" for 5% discount off the total bill]

Insta & Twitter: @thecomeupstore, https://twitter.com/thecomeupstore
Once again, i did another shoot for Twirling Pastels and i always adore their collection! Its always filled with pretty dresses and rompers. Plus they're always unique. This time i picked stuffs a little sweeter then the previous round. This goes to show that Twirling Pastels offer a WIDE variety of stuffs, from sweet/playful casual wear to sexy/sophisticated party outfits ^^

Here's what i got.
Basics may be boring. But what if they come with pretty little cut out floral shapes? Like the pretty powder pink top i got this time! It may be just a basic everyday shirt but its sooooo sweet!! I LOVE THE BABY POWDER PINK COLOR and the floral details on it. Plus its super lightweight. Perfect for sunny Singapore :)

The floral shorts worn with it is also from Twirling Pastels. Yes we've seen tons of floral shorts around, but this is probably one of the prettiest i've seen. I love the fact that the color isn't too bold, which makes it more versatile and wearable with all sort of apparels. Super comfy and just the right length for me^^

Here was my OOTD ytd. Wearing the floral lace top from Twirling Pastels! 
Comes in blue and yellow too.
Here's a special featured dress for this collection!
Its the washed out denim dress with a crochet waist design. If im not wrong, its the new "IT" thing around lately. I mean who doesn't like the denim X crochet combo?!?
Its gorgeousssssss! :)
All items featured in this post will be in the next Twirling Pastel's collection!
So be sure to get your hands on them before it gets sold out. From what i know, they do a lot of BOs, which means their items are always selling like hot cakes!

Check out their FB page at http://www.facebook.com/twirlinggpastels and 
twitter at https://twitter.com/TwirlingPastels for more updates!

COLLECTION 19 GIVEAWAY: Want to win an apparel of your choice? 
Here’s what you need to do: 
Step 1: Like our Facebook Page. 
Step 2: Like Collection 19’s Sneak Preview Album. 
Step 3: Like and share as many pictures as possible to stand a higher chance of winning. Then, comment “Liked and Shared”. 
Step 4: Spend above $50 to double your chances of winning! 
Step 5: One lucky winner will be announced on 29th Apr 2013, 8pm ♥


Calling out all Hipster out there! Now its your time to shineeeeeee!
Whenever im called to model for EV, i always remind myself to bring out the inner wild child/hipster in me. HAHA. Why? Well because, Evil Valentine offer apparels that are meant to be only worn with attitude. Its always bold and fierce. Even when its a little sweeter then usual, it still carries the sexy accent that EV always does. 

Here's what i picked!
I knew i had to make this tube/peplum studded top mine the moment i wore it. IT FITS LIKE NOTHING HAS EVER FITTED ME BEFORE. The whole studded detail is super Nasty Gal-ish which is so gorgeous. Plus the quality of the whole item is SUPER-ED. Im certain you're itching for EV to launch their next collection like NOW so that you can have this top too right? hehehehe
Next, i went for another white ensemble. Cause i really love wearing white nowadays and picked this, once again, Nasty Gal inspired crochet, bustier tube dress. Its soooo sexy yet feminine and sweet at the same time. I can imagine like a Taylor Swift wearing this, though i hate her but i must say she has nice clothes. hahaha The flare part of this dress is this velvet-ish material, very exquisite and totally worth splurging on! 

Like Evil Valentine on FB at http://www.facebook.com/shopevilvalentine
and follow them on twitter at https://twitter.com/evil_valentine for more updates!

Don't miss out on their next launch alright? It'll be such a HUGE pity cause there's just too many unique and pretty items. Plus its an outdoor shoot i shot for recently with Fiona:) Will share pics when they're out! 

Speaking of outdoor shoot.
Here's the latest one i did for http://struttt.livejournal.com/, photography by the talented Fiona, Smittenpixels <3
Have a GREAT WEEK ahead folks!!! <3
Stay happy!

Eunice A.