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GCweekends- Coachella X Advert- UCS, TINT, PUC

If there's one festival you wish you could go, what would it be?
Mine would definitely be Coachella! 

Being a fashion student, we often log onto a particular website for our school work to find inspirations and when its that time of the year, i get excited to take a look at some street shots of some kids at Coachella. I love their style. Its always effortless, energetic and there's just no place you get to dress like that other then Coachella itself. 
a.k.a VERY TUMBLR?!?!

So I was more then excited for this week's GCweekend. Firstly, GushCloud holds this gathering at their office every 3rd week of the month. Clients, bloggers, families and friends gather to just chill, share ideas and get closer to each other. Every gathering has a different theme, like the last one was "Games Week" so we had Xbox Kinect, Wii, PS3 etc. 
This week was..... DUH! COACHELLA!

I was more then happy to come in my fringe boots and floral headband. hehehehe
Oh and the best part?! Ashleigh joined me this time.
Here's one of the nicest person i've ever met, Gerri <3
All waiting for the food to come. hehe
And the awesome thing about GC is that when there're a theme, they go all out. They bought light sticks and those head bands to get us all in the mood. Super cute! Wish i got the pink one though :(
Light sticks ready, boots ready!!!
And we're off to head down for some "festival food". Hot dogs! I mean hot dogs! How much more "festival" can it get?
Cutie pie Fai Fai getting Lia and I our Hot dogs. IKEA hot dogs mind you!! Everyone didn't just have one in the end. hahaha I had two, but i would go for more if i could. They were SOOOO GOOODDD! Fai said he ate 3. whahahahha
Here's where it all happens! In the back alley!!! P.s. it was only 7pm when i took this pic, at the end of it all, this place is filled with people.
And then Jamie joined us upstairs to play Wii!!!!!!!!!!
GcWeekends will never be the same again without Wii hahahahahhaa.
P.s. Fai Fai set it up :)
Shots of us playing. HAHAHA
Caution: Unglam pics.
We had so much fun and it didn't stop here. We played almost the whole night.
Wii is just a great way to work out.
HAHA and then the Champion of Wii joined.
Mel. She wins without even moving her body. 
P.s She's my sister in law if you don't know. hahahaha
And look who joined us! Asyiha! The Wii circle just kept getting bigger and bigger. hahaha
And TA-DA! I finally found a pink head band! hahahaha
Okay im sorry for spamming this post with us dancing. hahaha but we just danced the night away in an office on a Friday night. Told ya clubbing is so last year.
And it was infectious! Aaron and Gerri joined after a while too!
So did Asyiha's bf, Ashriq!!
With the gorgeous babe again! So glad she joined GushCloud too!!
I never fail to fall in love with Fai's sleepy eyes. haha TOO CUTE <3
And he lost weight didn't he?? Must be all that working out he has been doing recently.
And what is GCweekend without my DA JIE Shine?!?!?!
Always happy to meet this lovely girl. She's forever smiling. hahaha
And finally Audrey & Jun Ying came up to join us too!!
And of course this dearest Joanna came too!!! excuse my big ass smile. 
Was just happy to see so many familiar faces. hahaha
But of course, most importantly....
Dear princess Ashleigh finally came. She took like forever??? 
But glad she didn't bail on us. hahahaha
This means.... We camwhored A LOT more.
And the heart on Lia's face is her request. hahaha
And happy Ash got a pic with her fav Shanice! :)
And TA-DA! Lia finally got to carry Tin Tin, Tricia's doggie <3 
The whole time we were sitting downstairs, Lia just kept telling me how cute Tin Tin is.
She kept going "OMG Eunice. She just looked at me! So cute!!! Arghh!"... "She just looked at me again!"... "Omg, she's looking, she's looking.."
Like as if she's talking about some guy eh. hahahaha
And it was also Xavier's birthday yesterday! 
Happy Birthday Xavier! From Team GushCloud!!!
Ending off this post with a little something Lia and I could do. HAHAHAHA
Can you? We can haz sharp noses without plastic surgery. 
It was a great night and I can't wait for the next oneeeee! <3

Now that its time to get back to school, we all need a little shopping right? hehehe
I have everything I need for this new school year. Have you??

Urbanchicstyles is a one-stop fashion destination, catering to those who lead a hectic lifestyle. They strive to bring the latest trends to the hard-at-work all with a click of a mouse. 
They believe in bringing affordable ready-to-wear pieces to you with the right price and take pride in their selection of designs. Being avid online shoppers themselves, they understand that online shopping can sometimes be a harrowing experience. They are committed to ensure their clothing can be easily visualized online and quality should never be compromised.

I am so happy with the items i've picked!! Allow me to share it with you :)
1) Striped Twisted Midi Dress
This dress is so simple yet so fabulous! Like i always say, i love apparels that are simple yet gorgeous enough to be worn on its own! The drop back detail is so sexy, showing off just the right amount of skin. I love the texture of this midi dress too! Its that soft, smooth, slightly stretchable cotton that keeps you feeling cool and comfortable in sunny Singapore.

Next, i picked something really versatile, its the...
Strap Across Elegant Top
I realized that my picture didn't do much justice to this gorgeous top, so i included the screenshot of the top from UCS's web itself. If you realize, the strap across comes with a buckle that is adjustable. You can bring it up for a sexier appeal or bring it down for a more casual feel. And thats why its so versatile!!! I love the nude colour too, gives off this sort of elegant/classy feel that i always loved^^

If you weren't aware, UCS also offers apparels for men!
To enhance your shopping experience with them, they have a seamless check-out process in place and provide free local shipping (less registered post). 

(All products are shipped from Singapore.)
*They accept international shopping orders. Terms and conditions apply.

Like them on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for updates and sweet deals! 

So what are you waiting for?!?!
TINT is an online based webstore // blog shop in Singapore. They take pride in their quality workmanship and customer service. And hope to make your shopping experience happy and enjoyable. The moment i saw their webstore, i know they have what it takes to make it big! I love everything on their store. From the choice of apparels to the look and how gorgeous their models which are also the owners, Carmen and Jasmine themselves are!
Here's what i picked :)
1) Cass Vintage Tunic in Blue
Made from premium cotton fabric with a vintage floral print. I love how light weight it is and so absolutely pretty! Its a perfect ensemble for school! Plus point? Its super unique, i don't see any other web stores selling this sort of apparels at such a reasonable price! Comes in Black and Red as well^^

Next, i picked out the...
Dana Floral Blouse
Need I say anything for this item? I think this floral top speaks volume for itself from just one look! I love how i can pair it with a pair of washed out shorts for a casual look, or go more sophisticated by wearing it with a pair of royal green/black pencil skirt or rock it up by throwing on a leather jacket! Definitely another school-worthy ensemble! hehehe.


I am certain you will be able to find something you like on TINT too!
Just like them on FB at 
and follow them on twitter at for more updates^^
Pinned Up Closet (PUC) is an online boutique based in Singapore. They offer a wide range of  clothes & accessories from vintage to rock and chic. They aim to bring in the best quality and trendiest clothes and accessories to YOU!! Every apparel in PUC is handpicked with care for it style, wearability and quality. Each item is unique and comes with a special personality beyond what modern clothing could dream of recreating. 

Personally, i love PUC, every apparel i've ever received from them, no doubt is of really good quality. And they have never failed to offer really attractive apparels! 
Here's what i picked this time ^^

1) Kelly Candy Crop
Don't you just love to hear that you're wearing something "CANDY"? hahaha I feel so happy in this basic crop top. Feels like it just got stolen out of a Katy Perry's wardrobe set. It looks great with high waisted denim shorts to go for that 1950's diners look. 
You know? "just chilling with my sundae ice cream look"... Though this may be a basic item, the whole ensemble will definitely make you stand out from the crowd with its awesome color. Plus, its so comfortable. SO BONUS!!!^^

The second item i got is from their new upcoming collection launching today, 21st at 2pm!
Its the really pretty....
Valley Romper in PINK!
This gorgeous romper comes in white too! I love how soft the chiffon is and how flowly it is! Feels like im floating wearing this beauty. It gives off this feminine, graceful, demure look that i totally love!! It would be perfect for dinners at restaurants with a new date or with your family. Its elegant, sweet and a little sexy all at the same time!

Do not forget to check out Pinned Up Closet later at 2pm! If i were you, i would camp by their site for the launch! I wouldn't wanna miss it. 

For previews, like their FB page at and following them on twitter at and 

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