Monday, April 22, 2013

First Day of Senior Year!!!! X Advert- FabFad

Here's how things has been....
I planned to sleep for at least 7 hours the day before my first day of year 3.
Of course that didn't go the way I wanted it to.

Firstly, its because I've been sleeping at 4am everyday for the whole of my school break. So obviously sleeping at 11pm was a huge challenge.

Secondly, I'm just an uninterested student. 
You see, a few days before the end of year 2, we had some briefing about our upcoming internship and the finalizing of our portfolios. Me being me, didn't pay any attention at all.
Therefore, i took my time with the portfolio making and wasn't aware that it was due yesterday. I only found out a few seconds before i headed to bed by reading through the long list on unread emails. SO DUH?!?! I panicked like MAD.

Thank God for Fai and Raine who talked to me and made me feel better a little by saying its gonna be okay and that i will be able to finish it in time. However, after 1 and a half hours of tossing and turning in bed, i still couldn't get to sleep. So i stayed up, yeap. On my first day of year 3 to get started with it a little. What a way to start the new school year huh?

I managed to finished it up and to my surprise, it wasn't so bad afterall. I had more positive feedbacks from le lecturer and he was pleased :)

I learnt my lesson, the hard way. 
Looking on the brighter side of things, it was probably the right way to start my new school year afterall. Im a little more motivated by looking at all my past works and i am gonna TRY to be a better student for this final year. It my last chance to be a "designer" before im off on my flight ;) hehehehehe

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Next, I picked something that isn't in the current collection.
You gotta watch out for this piece in the next one! 
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