Friday, April 26, 2013

VLOGGGGGGGGG x Adverts- TwistPolka x CBL x VauntCloset

Hello! I finally managed to edit this over due Vlog. 
Kinda just a random short shout out video to a couple of people :)
Hope you enjoy it!!!!
p.s. new facial product and some hauls!!! <3


Your weekly adverts by me are here again!!! <3
Time to whip out that credit card sitting in your purses cause you're gonna LOVEEEE the stuffs this round. I'm gonna feature 3 different stores this round. Buckle up! Here we go!
If you don't know what TwistPolka is, i guess you're better off dead. HAHAHA
It an AMAZING web store that offers a hell lot of SUPER PRETTY apparels. I like to believe that TwistPolka is inspired by popular international web store called Stylenanda. Everything is super Stylenanada, from the selection of apparels to the styling done by owner, Iris. 

Here's are my picks from latest collection, {JUMP ABROAD}

1- Eyelet Cut Shoulder
Firstly, I LOVE cut out shoulder stuffs! Secondly, I LOVE wearing white. Thirdly, I LOVE the fabric of this dress!!! Its so kawaii isn't it? You can totally imagine this cute Japanese girl with big Bambi eyes wearing this on the cover of ViVi mag or something. Its great for a casual day out without trying too hard to look cute. Its simple yet really sweet <3

2- Polka Dot Shorts (Navy)
Im starting to have this strange liking for polka dots. And when I saw this item, I knew I needed it in my wardrobe! hehehehe. What made it so hard to decide was which color to pick!!!! It comes in black, pink and mint too!! Fits perfectly well on me, which made it even MORE lovable <3

Here are some other picks!!!! 
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Quote "Eunice" for free local normal postage^^

Charlene's black loft was founded by Charlene & Kayla, both sharing an undying passion for fashion. They source for and offer a whole range of fashion-forward apparels, for you to find and create your own style at an affordable price. 

At charlene's black loft, they strive to provide their best services to their valued customers for a pleasant shopping experience. Charlene believes that fashion is an attitude that says who you are. There are no rules in fashion. So, explore the art and create your own look today!

Be bold. Be beautiful.
It is, certainly, the way to keep ahead of this fashion game.

Here's what I picked^^
1- Crochet Lace Midi Dress

Anyone who's a consistant reader of my blog would know that Crochet and Lace are my weakness. I am one of those girls that could walk into TopShop and resist getting anything. But if i see Crochet and Lace, its game over. And when I saw this dress, i knew it was calling out to me. Its so gorgeous!!! Plus the quality is REALLY DARN GOOD too!!! 

What a bonus.

2- TopShop Inspired Front Cut Out Dress
Yeah, they like to say that a little Black dress is a must have in every girl's closet. Well, i think every girl should own a little White dress too. That simple sexy dress that's perfect for anything!! Charlene's Black Loft just gave me one of those. I LOVE THIS ITEM!! I can wear it the whole day and never look dated. It great for sunny Singapore and also good enough for a late night out!

Charlene's Black Loft was nice enough to give me an additional item as a surprise! So sweet of them! :) Its this floral skater dress <3
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Quote" EUNICEXCBL" under promo code section to enjoy $1.00 off total bill.
There's always a feminine side of EVERY girl. Deep down inside, receiving a bouquet of flowers just makes your heart beat faster. I've always been ignoring that fact for a long time until about late last year when I just LOVEEEE looking and feeling pretty in florals and chiffon, stuffs like that. Its always never enough!! The great news is, if you're looking for girly pretty chic apparels, Vaunt Closet is that one stop destination for youuuu <3

Here's what I picked! :)

1- Betty Bustier Dress
Once again, I have to emphasize that LACE is sooooo beautiful. I love it so much!! Besides looking good in white, it also works really well in Navy Blue. Thats why this dress is just TOO PRETTY! Plus, the bustier sweetheart neckline design creates a pretty, yet sexy look. Perfect for first dates^^

2- Alexis Dress
This gorgeous dress comes in a rangle of different colors, but me, being me, picked it in.... PINK of course! Its super sweet and it looks great for school presentations. Really sophisticated yet sweet at the same time. Definitely screams attention in a more demure, feminine way. LOVE IT!!!! ^^

Look out for the next launch!!!! 
Get ready to collect these bandage tops in your favorite colors!
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