Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SALON VIM {Privy Caretrico Arimino} x adverts - StyleLustGirl, MintPallet, MarzlTov

Hey guys, the haze is getting really bad isn't it? 
We get up everyday breathing in the sick atmosphere that makes our eyes dry, skin break out and leaves our hair lack of moisture :(
When will this issue be over??

I'm doing all I can to prevent any of the above effects on myself regardless of how busy I might be. Therefore, Im making sure that I carry eye drops with me where ever I go, I make sure that my skin is properly cleansed and toned and as for my hair, what better way to cure the dryness in it then going to Salon Vim for a hair treatment? 

Salon Vim is my official hair sponsor and they do an awesome job in coloring, cutting, shaping, texturizing and taking good care of my hair with the various services they offer :)

If you don't already know, Salon Vim is located at the following addresses:

235/235A Victoria Street Singapore 188027

313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09, 
Singapore, Singapore 238895

This time, I headed down to their outlet at Bugis to experience their new treatment from Japan. Its called the Privy Caretrico Arimino. It is rich in moisture, holds nourishments in and repairs the inside of the hair.

Here's a shot of how my hair looks like BEFORE the treatment.
So dry and lack of lusture right?:(
And here's an image of my hair AFTER the treatment.
How did that happen?? Or, want that to happen to your hair too?? 
Read on to find out more :)

Firstly, my personal hair stylist, Sham, gave my hair a check up. HAHA I always feel he's my hair doctor cause he knows exactly what my hair needs. After examining it, he gave me a thorough run through what the Privy Caretrico Arimino treatment will do to my hair, the solutions in it and the positive effects after using it.
After I understood what I was in for, I couldn't wait for the treatment to begin!!
STEP 1: Gentle Wash
Sham's assistant, Felicia got my hair washed first. It was SUPER therapeutic, she was really good with the massage that I almost fell asleep. hahahaha
My hair was washed with the specialized Privy Caretrico Arimino shampoo which is a Water Hold, Moisture Rich Shampoo. Instantly after just the shampooing, my hair was already evidently softer! So amazing!!

STEP 2: Enriched Serum
Here, Im getting my hair repaired with the nourishing rich hair serum. 

Basically, when your hair is dry, the cuticle opens and flairs outwards which makes it rather rough to the touch and lack in shine :( NOT GOOD AT ALL. This Privy Caretrico Arimino Serum however, locks down the cuticles with moisture and nutrients which includes Evening Primrose Oil (MY WONDER PILL CONTAINS THIS). Therefore making your hair soft and supple :) 

While waiting for the nutrients and all those good things to set into my hair, look who was here too!!!^^
Its Tylerrrrr
He came to try this new treatment and got some highlights and he still finished earlier then me. HAHA. Perks of being a guy.

STEP 3: Hold Cream
This hold cream is the final step of this treatment!! I LOVE how fast the whole treatment is! The effect takes place almost immediately so you don't have to sit in the salon for too long. Really awesome for people like me since I've tons of commitments and tight schedules to to attend to. 

This hold cream locks in the nutrients from the hair serum in step 2. 
Under the UV light once again to speed up the process and allowing more nutrients to get into my hair!
And finally!! After about ONLY 20 minutes, I got my hair washed and blowed dry!
I was SOOO HAPPY with the final product. My hair really feels so soft, I didn't even dare to touch it cause it was just too perfect. hahahaha ITS SO FLUFFY, I CAN DIE!!
With Flash! SO SHINY HUH ;)
Without Flash! Still so shiny! Omgggg *-*
Sham examining my hair again and he's satisfied too!
I am certain that YOU will be too! Its probably the BEST thing you'd have ever done to your hair. Its really worth it if you're looking for a fast, efficient hair treatment with really awesome services! 

Call now to make reservations with Salon Vim at

Contact:             6884-7757       or             6884-7767     
Monday to Friday 11am - 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm 

For more inspirations and updates, check out Salon Vim's FB page here

Don't forget to request for and purchase these babies!! Especially Mythic Oil. ITS SOOOO GOOD!!! Leaves your hair light, bouncy, shiny and soft. AND NO! Not oily at all!
Happy Tyler and I. We heart Salov Vim and our new hair!!!! (pic stolen from http://www.tylerhikaru.com/)
Ending off this post with of course, me camwhoring with my new HEALTHIER hair :)


Do you feel like the Belle of the class? Or the popular "IT" girl in school that everyone wanna be friends with? If your answers were no, its perfectly fine!!! But what if you could look and feel like one??? It all starts with how you look on the outside that makes people wonder more. Set a bold, yet sexy, yet fun and flirty statement with one of my favorite web stores of all time!!!

1) http://stylelustgirl.com/
StyleLustGirl is owned and personally styled by my friend, Cindy. And there's no other better person to take fashion advices from other then her who looks great everyday! 

STYLE-LUST; A strong, innate desire for great style
Previously known as STYLELUSTSG, STYLELUSTGIRL is a Singapore based fashion webstore providing trendy female apparel and accessories. We strive to provide quality, essential and latest fashion pieces for our STYLELUST girls.
We categorize our products by “Young” and “Younger”. For the young chic and sophisticated ladies, do check out our “Young” category and for the younger casual and sporty girls, “Younger” is all for you!

I was super excited to do an advert for StyleLustGirl cause that meant I could keep some of their really sassy apparels! here are my picks ^^

1) Rosette Mesh Tee Dress in Purple
The amount of "Purple" in my wardrobe is really minimal! But I couldn't let this one pass! It's a lovely pastel purple color caught my eye almost immediately. The daisy mesh details makes it ever more desirable and I knew i had to get my hands on it. So I did:)

2) Naughty Tee
So you've seen lots of printed tees like this one nowadays. But I highly doubt one that says "Naughty" is seen often! Thats why i was glad that Cindy offered to give me this piece as well! I was ecstatic cause I love love LOVE how she styled this item, super NastyGal. Love it!!! 

Also, being a friend of someone who owns StyleLustGirl, I was given another piece as well! Its the Vintage Floral Dress! I can't wait to pair it with my fringe boots. hehehehe
For more updates, check them out on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stylelustgirl/376630999119125?fref=ts
and follow them on twitter at 
Sexy, Essential, Pretty... they got it all!!!
Need I say more??? SHOP NOW!
Quote "SLGEUNICE10" for 10% discount off storewide, valid till 4th May :)
MinPallet is a local online Pre-Order store!! And I am certain that EVERYONE loves pre-order stores! Especially me! I was ecstatic when I was engaged to do this advertorial. I just LOVE having a wide variety of items to choose from. They offer apparels, accessories, bags, and footwears that are very much inspired by the fashion direction of Korea!

Here are my picks!
1- Printed Skirt
I just love the fitting of this skirt!!! Initially  i was reluctant to choose this piece since I am not exactly a fan of wearing bandage skirts. But i was so wrong!!! I love how this skirt isn't as tight or short as i thought it would be. And it already makes me look great pairing it with a basic tank top!  

2- PVC pumps in black
I was so torn between picking either black or the other two awesome electrifying neon colors! It comes in PINK and YELLOW too!!! But i figured that since this is more like an everyday shoe since it goes with ANY outfit, I picked black :)

If you missed out on Pre-Order #4, do not worry!!
Pre-Order #5 is now open and it will only close on 12th May 2013, Sunday @10pm!!!
Stop missing sprees by liking MintPallet on FB at https://www.facebook.com/mintpallet for more updates!!

Owned by Valerie and YiJie, MarzlTov is a relatively new web store since it has only launched its 9th collection! They offer a WIDE variety of apparels, from dresses to skirts to shirts and shorts. Everything offered are really trendy. So if you're that sort of girl that loves staying in the trend, you will love MarzlTov!^^

Here's what I got:)

1) Hilary Beaded Dress in white
I absolutely love this ethereal looking dress! The embellished neckline is just so pretty! It'll ber perfect for those dinner dates I always go on with Fai! It looks great pair with a pair of bling studded earrings :)

2) Haylla Slit back top in Grey
Basics can get really boring. And thats what this top is more! A little slit at the back creates a twist in just a basic grey top, making it a little sexier and interesting then usual. I LOVE THIS PIECE! Its also really comfy^^

For more peeks at MarzlTov, like them on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/marzltov.shop

Don't forget to check them out too!!! SHOP NOW!

Quote "Eunice" for a $1 discount! :) 



What to look forward to in my next post :)



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