Monday, May 6, 2013

Prep for Ash's birthday present X Jurlique event X Advert- Fashion Martini, BagsofBones, ParallelBones

The weekend went past so quickly!!! What I am about to blog about happened like last Friday but it felt like just yesterday. Is it just me? Or is time passing real quick for you too?
Anyway, I spend the weekend with my love at the princess's (a.k.a Ashleigh) 20th Birthday!  Thats the highlight of my weekend and you gotta wait to know what happened. Here's what happened BEFORE that big day:)

3rd May 2013

Wanling, Ash's best friend forever, or also known as her boyfriend now, planned the whole birthday with Ash's brother. It was her idea to get Ash a Pandora bracelet since she've always wanted one. Wanling told us to get the charms and so we did!! The present charm to remind Ash of her 20th birthday (which i hope was the best so far) and the baby bear charm to remind her that she's young forever!! (since she's no longer a teenager. HAHA)
There was a blogger's event for a skin care brand called Jurlique that day...

The event was specifically about Jurlique's new product launch, the Purely White Skin Brightening Treatment! We got some samples and I gave mine to my mom since she've been complaining about her pigmentations for really long. Hope this product will help! 
Yay!!! I love Jamie! She's always so friendly and sweet.
And Asyiha was there too!! 
Asyiha and I just kept talking about Victoria's Secret the whole time.
Jolene and Audrey! They were the official bloggers for Jurlique! And it was actually one of the rare few times i saw Audrey in something floral and colorful. hahaha
And everyone else!!!^^
I was hungry and thirsty, i was the first to touch the refreshments. HAHA
Right after the event, I headed back to Fai's to rest for a bit, have dinner, and get changed for Avalon :)
I was literally just sitting inside the console using my phone. Not because its boring, cause I had no one to party with :( Waited all the way till 1.30 for my favorite party jie jie, Regina to end work! God she's so nice, been taking care of me since Helipad days. Thats how we met also! Cause i was alone and she accompanied me. hehehe
What a busy busy day right....
Everything ends well at Ash's birthday party the next day!!! That would be in the next post :)
Sneak peek! Stay tune to find out what happened. hehehehe
In the mean time, check out my pal, Zool's Showreel. Its kinda like his portfolio, he's in Moving Images :) So good, I'm proud to be a part of it, spot Fai as well! HAHAHA



1) Fashion Martini

I LOVEEEE Fashion Martini! The last time I did an advert for them, I love all the stuffs i picked out! You can read about it here <3 This time, I love the items I picked even moreee! I think that their style is very suited to mine and thats why I got excited when I was asked to do another advert. hehehe. Fashion Martini offers a WIDE range of apparels, you'll be spoiled for choice. So here we go:)

1) Shelby Lace Bustier Peplum Top
I wore this beauty to school just a few days ago. I love how well it fits me! Bustier tops always works well for girls with my bust size, it always makes you look fuller and thats why i always wear bustier tops! heheheh. Anyway, I love the lace of this top, so pretty!!!!^^

2) Joaquin Floral Racer Romper
I absolutely love the neckline of this romper! It always makes me feel sexier showing my bare shoulder off, the scoop in hemline makes me look and feel little more sophisticated. This romper is super comfy and its great for any day out! Plus, it a self-manufactured item, so you can be sure that its really one of a kind!

Fashion Martini isn't going to go anywhere! Keep a look out for them as they continue to bring you more pretty apparels:) For more updates, promos etc, check them out on FB and like them at

Their latest Collection 60 has finally launched! You won't wanna miss it :)
2) BagofBones
"Bag of Bones, literally interpreted, would suggest that we cater to bags of bones. But we don't just. Bag of Bones doesn't have a body type. We have apparels and accessories designed to suit all shapes, sizes and styles. Bag of Bones is your quintessential online clothing stores, with an edge."

As you all know, Bag of Bones is owned by my fellow ex cheerleading team mate! She's really skinny hence the name of her own shop. HAHA but that doesn't mean she only offers apparels for people of her size, there's always something for everyone at Bag of Bones! 

I love what I picked this time!! Allow me to show you^^

1) Front Cut Out in Peach
I just halter tops are so sexyyyyyy! It shows off the shoulder blades and there's just the right amount of skin at the decent area that are expose. You can feel sexy and also sophisticated at the same time in this beautiful peach/coral top! Pair it with denim shorts for that girl next door look or pair it with fitted skirt for that hint of class and elegance. 

2) Multi-Spag Top in Navy
This Multi-Spag top is super hot!!! I LOVEEE the color since it compliments my skin color well hehehehe. It looks great on its own and no accessorizing is required at all! I would totally wear this for a girls night out or for some party to attend^^ I'm sorry guys but i took the last piece! There are other colors though! Like White and Dusty Pink!! Get them before they go OOS too!

Also! Thank you Bag of Bones for giving me an additional Infinity Bracelet and the lip gloss! hehehe
Like them on FB for more updates and promos!
Bag of Bones is having a SALES now! Time to shop away girls :)
3) Parallel Bones
"You look good!" "Omg I'm loving your ootd!" 

Admit it girls, we all love it when we receive compliments. With ParallelBones around, we got your back! ParallelBones is a newly founded blogshop founded by Angela and Chiewling. We offer a wide range of apparels so that all the chics out there will see something they like. Wanna be fashion forward? Well, worry no more because our trendy apparels will make you steal the limelight ;)

Here's what I picked!!^^
1) Pearl Rosette Top
This may be just their first collection but I already LOVE what i got! This rosette top is gorgeous! I wore it to school feeling so pretty in it. Plus its super unique, i don't think you'll be able to find it anywhere else!^^ Also, its delicate light weight material is GREAT for humid sunny Singapore. MUST HAVE item.

2) Floral Autumn Top

Its been a long time since i picked a shirt, well I finally got one from Parallel Bones! Its so comfortable and really soft, not like those stiff shirts that makes you feel really uncomfortable in. I love the floral designs at the sleeves too! So pretty!

For more info on updates and promos etc, check them out on their FB page here
So what are you waiting for!! Be the first few to shop away!!!!^^