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NEW YORK Day 1; Part 1 X Advert-RebelzByChoice

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of.
There's nothing you can't do. 

I have proven to myself that dreams do come true. 
Well, mine came by chance. A very lucky chance. 
Here's how it all happened.

26th April 2013

About 3 weeks ago, on a very usual casual evening, i was checking my mails and one came by surprise. It was from GolinHarris, the social media agency managing Sunsilk in Singapore. Initially, I thought it was just about some usual launch invite. Well, it kinda was... the only thing interesting about it was that the event was to be held in New York.

Here were the exact words from the email...

"We’re inviting you for an exclusive opportunity to join us on a media junket to the Sunsilk Style Studio in New York from 9-11 May 2013! You will be amongst 10 lucky bloggers from around the world who will get the chance to attend a two-day event, where you’ll meet our Sunsilk hair experts, have a beauty pampering session and finally, have your very own photo shoot with acclaimed photographer Anna Wolf."

I mean come on!!!! I'm just like any other 19 year old from this tiny little country all the way in South East Asia. How can something so amazing happen to me?! I was REALLY excited but afraid at the same time. I wasn't even sure if it was even real or not. A trip to New York?? A chance to meet the Sunsilk experts?? A shoot with Anna Wolf??
Its just too good to be true! I thought i'll only experience NYC at Billy Bombers hahaha

I snapped a pic of myself immediately to capture that very special, once-in-a-lifetime-moment. I was all smiles and my heart was racing real quickly. 
After much discussion with my mom and Fai, I managed to believe that it was real afterall. hehehehe I counted the days to my flight and mentally prepared myself for it.

7th May 2013

On the 7th, i woke up wondering if the trip was gonna happen at all. I hadn't heard from GolinHarris and was pretty upset. WELL STUPID ME. I didn't check my mail properly and realized that their mail landed in my "spam" bucket. There it was, my flight details and a list of things to bring for my trip. My heart raced so fast, like never before. I was due to fly on the night itself, which mean that I had little time to say goodbye to my friends and family. Thank God, no one disapproved of me travelling at all!! Everyone was so supportive^^

I got my suitcase packed, ran a little bit of errands and got ready for the huge event. 
Mummy, Fai and Gor sending me off :)
This was one of my main worries of the trip, leaving these people behind. No one takes care of me better then them, and over the next day fews, i would have to be FORCE to take care of myself. Everything went super well though! Better then anyone expected!

I was well taken care of during my trip anyway :) I was given the privilege to fly with Korean Air on the Privilege Class^^ hehehehe. It was so comfy and the air stewardess were all so nice and not to mention, REALLY PRETTY. 
So much leg room!!!!! <3
Had some yummy foodie too! hehehe
Thank God i could transit at Incheon International Airport, a straight flight would just give me a butt sore. hahahahaha. Also i felt really lonely on the flight towards NYC :( As soon as the plane took off from Changi Airport, I saw how beautiful Singapore looked from above, all the lights and stuff but i had no one to get excited with. Like i literally turned to my side but Fai wasn't there :(

On a brighter note, I can now say i was in Korea for a bit. heheheheh
Incheon International Airport
I continued on another flight to the Big Apple and managed to catch a glimpse of the sunrise on the horizon. So prettyyyyyy *.*

8th May 2013

After what seems like to be forever, i was in New York ;)
As the plane touched down, this familiar, almost popular tune played on the speakers. 
It got me really excited. I was ready for an adventure.

Click on Video for the exact same thing i was hearing when the plane landed.
Oh God, i wished i could share that feeling with Fai.
New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
I was greeted really warmly by my driver, Louise from Diva Cars. He waited almost 2 hours for me holding a paper with my name out. My name "Lim". hahahaha. 
And he missed his lunch break for me. I felt so sorry :( 

It was an AWESOME way to start my stay in New York. I knew then that the people there are gonna be super nice and friendly and helpful. It is one of the reasons why my trip was so fantastic. 
Unilever, the company that got us there, booked a fabulous boutique hotel for us on 8th Ave. I LOVEEEEE BOUTIQUE HOTELS SO MUCHHHHH! Especially when I'm gonna be staying alone, I won't start thinking about ghost and stuffs since its so modernized. hahaha

It was called Dream Downtown :):) It was definitely a dreammmmmm.
I don't think there's any other hotel i rather be in. Everyone was so nice and helpful there. They had this one bell boy that was exceptional. He ran errands for almost ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and he was always smiling. So great. Everyone there is just so passionate. We have a lot to learn from them.

My first few peeks at NYC from inside the car. And this is just a small tiny little part. And I didn't know it would be so cold!!! I brought like sumer clothing and couldn't wear them at all :( Should had known better, would have brought my knits and fur :(
The whole tour and event only starts on the 9th so i was practically ONE WHOLE DAY early! And Eunice, being Eunice, i couldn't just stay in my hotel room for the whole day. I mean its New York!!! How can i just stay in a room when im in the empire state!!! I had to go on an adventure on my own. YES ON MY OWN.

And so I did :) I even took the subway on my own, got conned, got lost, wanted to cry, lots more....
Stay tune to find out more about my own little adventure in the next post :):)

Sneak peeks
NYC Public Library
Physical UO!
Trump Tower
Grand Central
Empire State
International Bloggers (Sherry, Anny, Zuhal, myself and Marou! missing Alaa)
Sunsilk Shoot! (with Yuko Yamashita)


I am always excited to receive self-manufactured items from web stores! There's always a thrill to get something you know you can't find anywhere else. This time, i received two BEAUTIFUL self-manufactured dresses from....

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First up, the Cage Dress!
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Next, Crochet Dress
Isn't this dress too gorgeous?!?!? I don't usually go for peter pan collars but its too pretty to give this one a miss. Its inspired by SaboSkirt and manufactured really well too!! I really can't wait to wear this one out, its really unique! Perfect for any special occasion! I wish i took this dress to New York with me :( Could have worn it perfectly well there.

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