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NYC day1;part 2 & Day2, part1 X adverts -TWP & TGIF

8th May 2013

Let's go on with how my little adventure in a "not so little city" went ;)
This is New York Day 1; Part 2! If you haven't read part 1, here's the link ^^

As mentioned in part 1, I was a day early and had so much time to spare. Being in a that dream city, I decided to leave my room and explore a little on my own. 

Well, here's how it all began. Firstly, you need to understand that I left the airport in a rush cause Louise (my driver) was late for his next job, which meant I didn't manage to do a currency exchange. The nearest currency exchange shop was all the way at Madison and there was no way I was gonna spend my money on cabs in NYC (bad habits should stay in SG). This landed me in getting directions from the concierge on how to get to Madison using the SUBWAY. YES. THE SUBWAY.

NYC's subways aren't your usual MRT trains. Its far more complex and it can be quite a hassel for someone only a day old in NYC. But I had no other choice cause I needed money badly to buy an international adaptor cause stupid me didn't get one in SG. So there I was, walking on the streets of NYC with a map finding my way around the subway.

Some pics I took along the way :)
New York Public Library 
A physical Urban Outfitters storee!! We don't have this in SG so it was like haven stepping into it. Fai would had gone crazyy!!!
And as i was queuing to get into Abercrombie&Fitch, YES, I said queue (haha, we don't even have door greeters anymore here in SG), everyone was pretty much more distracted by something else across the street. Well, it was the Trump Tower. It was impeccably shiny and all that came into my head was MONEYYYY. 
You know what the say about NYC? How anything is possible there and how anything can happen at every corner you turn? Well, its SO TRUE. I didn't know why but I just felt like walking back to my hotel after my mini tour. Some how, I went with my gut feelings, I pushed open a door and guess where i was.... Grand Central Station. I hear people always talking about how beautiful that place is and i have nothing but supportive statements to give too. It was probably one of the highlights of my trip actually- walking into something so grand without even realizing. I wished Fai was there at this very moment. I would have gone "OMGGG BABY!!!!! Its Grand Central?!?!?"
I will never forget how i managed to survive taking their Subway. Especially when i was alone! Usually, i wouldn't take the risk with things like this, i mean, i could have gotten kidnapped or something right?? But i wasn't gonna let any old negative thoughts ruin my stay in NYC. I mean, for haven's sake, how could any sacrifice your time staying in a hotel room when you're in the biggest, most talked about city in THE WORLD! I always always hold strong memories to 5 and L :)
ooo! And i know 7 goes to Time's Square if you're wondering ;)
 As soon as i got back to my room, a goodie bag was waiting for me!! Thanks to SaltLondon and Unilever, i had everything i needed for my stay in NYC. My fav were the Kiehl's Lipbalms, Dark Chocolate and THE MAPP!!! I love reading maps now. hahahaha
The sun went down and it was Skype time with my Fai Fai :)
I don't know how people do long distance relationships, its just so hard. Fai and i were dying... Every time my day starts, he's going to bed and whenever im going to my bed, he's up at work :(

Day 2, part 1
9th May 2013
It was time to meet everyone else!! And i was so excited! The whole day was planned out really nicely for us and i just couldn't wait for another new adventure with the other international bloggers. With the help of Maria, our "mom" for that two days and Jamie, our hilarious driver, we had the time of our lives! 

8:30am (SG 8:30pm)
Allow me to introduce you to.....
(from left to right) 
Sherry from India, Anny from Peru, Zuhal from Turkey, and Marou&Maru from Argentina!
We're still missing one lovely girl from Saudi Arabia, Alla!!! She joined us a little bit later.
This was us after we had our scrumptious, i must say, HEAVY breakfast at KATZ's!
If you're eager to try the authentic Bagels, or Salamis or their ever famous Pastramis, KATZ's is a MUST GO place. 
205 East Houston Street, New York City 10002
And here's their Pastrami with rye. According to Maria, this is the perfect meal for those "after-party" hunger food cravings. ITS HUGEEE! I can't even finish half of it and i could barely put the whole sandwich in my mouth. HAHA
Thats Jamie, our driver. He's always camera ready! haha

And it was so cold in NYC!!! I didn't expect that AT ALL! So i packed light and in the end, i didn't have much choices to wear :( If i knew it was gonna be cold, i would have had brought all my knitted tops and fur pullovers.


Anyway, we headed back into the van and headed to Chinatown! I guess this little culture is absent in most of the other bloggers' countries so this was something new to them. For me though, I felt like home. hahaha. 
Well, its nice seeing chinese words once a while when you're that FARRR away from home. 
And all you crazy A&F and Hollister fans, heads up!! Here's one HUGE Hollister store we drove past.
They had VS as well but i was too caught up texting Fai after getting my internet connection back from AT&T that i didn't step into it. hahahaha. I know, im a slave for technology.
And again, Topshop isn't available in some of the other bloggers' countries so while they were busy shopping, i was camwhoring. hahahaha. I bought this hat thought :) I HAD TO! I was in SOHO. In case you don't know, SOHO's the place where everyone dresses up! Kinda like the Haji of NYC. The place where Tumblr kids literally walk past you. hahaha
shamless selfies in the middle of NYC. whahahaha

Next we headed to a French restaurant called Keith McNally Balthazar for lunch!
Apparently, it was made famous by "Sex & the City"
Whats good there? EVERYTHING.
If i wasn't so full from breakfast, i would have ate more but i just couldn't fill my tummy anymore or it would have explode! hahahaha, but you MUST TRY their hot chocolate, its sooooo good!
My fav part of eating are the sweet treats that always follow behind!!! MY banana bread pudding. Oh godddd im craving for you now.

We headed to West Village (EVERYONE LOVES WEST VILLAGE) for more shopping! hahaha
Well, i already did most of my shopping the day before on my own mini tour so i had almost nothing to shop more. It was great though, i could take my time to walk around more, take some pictures and just soak in the New York air.

Some pic i took along to way! I love American ads. haha always so BOLD.
And there we were!!! At Bleeker Steet :) 
I fell in love with this particular place. Before we got there, Maria kept talking about how she would LOVE to stay in the West. And as soon as i got there, i know why. Well, maybe, this part of NYC, thats what you see a lot in Gossip Girl and stuffs.

Now im gonna stop here for Day 2, part 1!!! The next part includes shopping at Barneys, the Hansom Cab ride and meeting the Sunsilk Co-creators experts! Sounds interesting? It sure is :)
Be sure to check back again for more updates. 

P.S. I hope you like my new blog layout :)
Its done by my dearest PRINCESS Ashleigh <3



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