Sunday, May 19, 2013

NYC day 2, part 2 X adverts-EGP, ShopGoldSkin, BB

Day 2, Part 2

Hello guys, back to more memories about my trip to New York about 2 weeks ago already!
Times flies really fast huh? In case you still aren't aware, I was chosen to be one of the 10 lucky international bloggers to head down to NYC to meet Sunsilk's co-creators, get a pampering treatment, explore the Big Apple and finally have a shoot done with acclaim photographer Anna Wolf!

This post is about NYC day 2, part 2^^

Here's where we left off....

Bleeker Street, known for great shopping was our next destination. According to Maria, lots of people LOVE to stay near Bleeker Street, in the West  of NYC. Basically, its very clean and to me, its best described as being "atas" if you want a Singapore definition. hahahaha Its kinda like the River Valley of NYC. We made a pitstop at Magnolia Bakery for get some yummy cupcakes! As usual, i got Red Velvet. Singaporean's fav.
Next, we got back into our cosy van and it was time to visit Barneys!
Some pics i took of NYC before we got there. I just love how chill everything and everyone is on this side of NYC. I saw couples sitting on some bench eating ice cream, which made me miss Fai a lot :( 
Grand Central Station we meet again!!!
We were given a USD250 Barneys gift card and we could pick anything!!
Well, 250 isn't that much for shopping at Barneys since everything's designer brands and really ex. Plus they're stuffs i wouldn't buy on a regular basis. So i just got myself a Marc Jacobs mini sling bag and Nars lippy for my mom! Anny from Peru went crazy though. She bought a hell lot of stuffs, envy her Chanel flats :(

Pretty pretty Marou! She an electrifier! 
Always super energetic, cheeky and cracking up jokes, made a great team with Jamie! 
And thats us!!! Missing Alla :(


And finally!!! It was time to ride the Hansom Cab (Horse & Cart) through Central Park.
I felt like a Princessssssss^^ 
The best part of the whole ride was visiting certain part of the parks where many of my fav movies were shot at. Like Enchanted and Maid in Manhattan etc. 
As soon as the girls and i saw the this beautiful white card, we went for it! 
Specifically, Sherry, Zuhal and I. hahaha
With the gorgeous Sherry, she's such a great model! During the shoot, she was such an inspiration and i'm sure her pics are gonna come out real good!
And the super sweet Zuhal!!! I love her sexy hair.
I'm pretty sure many of you guys have seen this landmark in A LOT of movies right? I don't exactly know what its about but i've seen it tons of times!
Thats the park they filmed Maid in Manhattan, where Jennifer Lopez met her prince charming. hehehe
And remember this stall?? One of these were featured in Enchanted. 
Where Giselle took a poison apple!
In fact, Alla who's from Saudi Arabia, stays in NYC. She's been here for 9 months? And she said she managed to catch the Glee cast filming! She said its really common in NYC to bump into celebrities. And since it common, its really rare that girls go screaming for attention from these stars, she was like "Its New York, people just don't do that here" hahahaha


It was time to get back to the hotel and get ready to meet the Sunsilk Co-creators!!! 
Also known as the experts. Along the way back, we was reading up on all of the experts, getting really excited to find out who's gonna take care of my hair! More on that bit later on ;)

And thats UO again! Look here Fai!!! hehehehe
Another Hollister, this one's at fifth ave, just a few buildings away from A&F. I think my brother and lots of guys in SG would go crazy shopping cause everything's so cheap!!!!! VS too! I regret not shopping for VS there. I got a VS bag for only SGD69.60 there, in Singapore, the same bag is about SGD129!!!!! :(:(
We past the Empire State Building too! It really is tall. And it felt like it wasn't real passing by it while Jamie went "And here it is Ladies, the Empire State Building..." It was so surreal.


We were back in our Dream Hotel all dolled up and ready to meet the experts. There were cocktails and canapes and everyone was there! I didn't drink though. hahaha! Do you know that the legal age for consumption of alcohol is 21 in the states? So i wasn't even legal there! hahaha. I was like the baby of the bunch of us. 

And the girl in the extreme left of the pic? She's the beautiful Alla! And she's a bag designer! Everyone there's so inspirational and successful. I was so proud to be a part of them! hehe
And my hair expert was gonna be YUKO!!!!! Haven't you seen her all over on TV in SG?? She's an expert in straight hair and she was just as excited to work with me! Super cute lady, she's always smiling and really excited! hahaha

And the other lady on the left is Anne Wolf!! She's an amazing, encouraging photographer and her works ARE AMAZING. Check them out here -------->
They're all such nice people. Everyone's so warm and welcoming which made the trip really nice! I didn't feel as lonely or home sick that much cause they really took GREAT care of me. But of course, i still missed my Fai fai lah :( hahahaha.

Thats probably the best part of the trip. The People. Everyone's always ready to help, something Singapore should learn. hahaha
And all of us with Louise from SaltLondon!!! She was basically in charged of almost everything. After the meet and greet, some of the girls went to party but i was dead tired from all the walking around earlier, i went back to my room and KO-ed. hahahaha
It was time for the big thing everyone was looking forward to the next day! The styling and shoot! That would come in another new post cause i wanna get the final pics and show them to you too! I can't wait and i hope i'll look okay beside all these beautiful ladies! hahaha 

Till then, here's some updates on what i've been up to in Sg :)

Laraine on The Final One!!!
In case you weren't aware, Laraine, my bbgirl joined The Final One, a singing competition held in SG.
And we were all invited to watch the results show last week.
Well, it didn't go the way we wanted it to but we still have HOPE that she will get through this Wed. She's amazing and when she sang Safe&Sound, i had chills running down the back of my spine. She's sounded so good! Plus, she looked so sexayyyy! hahahaha

Shiraz Mazzeh for Dinner!
And Fai and i headed to Clarke Quay to have to some Kebab for dinner a few days ago! We went to Shiraz Mazzeh and it was sooooooo delicious! Initially, we thought it would be just a snack kinda meal but we were SOO full after we were done. 

It just felt awesome sitting there on a Friday night instead of being in a club instead. We walked the whole of Clarke Quay and Robinson Quay after that. I love taking walks with Fai, we always learn so much about each other. And i also love my top from!
And thats it folks!!! I'm back in school again :(


1) EarlGreyParty
“Earl Grey Party, we've been striving to satisfy the fashion needs and hunts of our beloved customers. Founded by Furry, EGP started holding preorders for unique shoes that is imported from Seoul on a livejournal platform. The overwhelming response from our strong supporting customers definitely opened up doors for EGP to bring in more fabulous fashion apparels, bags and accessories.

2010 marks the starts of EGP's collection launches. November 2009 marks a special month for EGP, as we've taken a bold step of expansion to move to the current site you're looking at. Thanks to many loyal supporters' encouragement, feedback and suggestions that never fail to brighten up our faces through your emails.”

I absolutely love how EGP has their own fashion direction. All of the items picked by Furry are definitely ONE OF A KIND. Modeling for EGP kinda made me more open to wearing apparels that are a little quirkier. Here are my picks this week^^

YELLOW!!!! Nothing says summer-lovin’ more then Yellow does. I love how this dress can be worn in a way to look sweet, and it can be worn to look edgy too! Just lose the belt, throw on a leather jacket, and add on chunky statement accessories and ta-da! A new different look. Super versatile piece, great if you’re the sort that loves mixing and matching. Comes in other pretty colours too!!

Givenchy inspired tee! Im certain that you’ve probably seen this around a lot already BUT this one is so different! I love the white base colour and the studded details around the print. Material wise, it isn’t the usual cotton material, kinda like polyester blend, therefore making it a step higher then casual!

I was also given an additional Bryna Box Bags (BBB)!!! Its specially manufactured for EGP so you can say that it’s a really unique MUST HAVE item. 

For more updates on EGP, check them out on their FB and Twitter pages at
2) ShopGoldSkin
"An online boutique based in Singapore, founded in 2012, GoldSkin is your treasure chest to all things gold. Originally an instock boutique, we have now included a preorder list for greater shopping variety. With our love for fashion, the GoldSkin team aims to bring you trendy gems, perfect for any girl’s everyday wear. Each item is handpicked with love that will definitely never disappoint. Our prices are set to bring out the most value in everything featured on the site.

GoldSkin aims to get bigger and better as time progresses and we can promise you this site would be the site you would be visiting over and over again."

Once again, I love doing adverts for Pre-order stores! There's always a huge variety of items to pick from <3 Here are my picks from ShopGoldSkin^^

I love this white off-shoulder top! Its super stretchy and therefore ANYONE can fit into it and look good! Its very versatile and looks GOOD with anything. So it is a MUST have item. Comes in other colours too! But you know me, I love wearing white :) Get yours before it goes OOS.

Next, i picked this jelly looking bag. I didn't know that it is Furla inspired at all!! hahaha
But it is inspired by the Furla Candy Bag collection that is gonna get HUGE soon! Mines in glittery pink! whahahahah, i feel like a Barbie doll carrying it.

Being a Maybelline ambassador, they know that i do have TOO MANY make up. hahaha So they decided to give me an additional item! THE STYLE NANDA MAKE UP POUCH!

They are giving the same piece out to one of their shoppers / my readers!!! To win this make up pouch, check the image out below^^

Like them on their FB and Instagram accounts for more updates!
Ig: @shopgoldskin

YOU will be entitled to complimentary local mail when you like/ follow them on fb/ ig^^
Quote "EuniceGS" for $1 off total purchase under "REMARKS" at their order form and 
3) Blogshop Boulevard

 Blogshop Boulevard is a physical retail store located at Bugis street #03-47.
They collate many blogshops together to create a shopping paradise for YOU!

This makes shopping a hell lot easier cause you can physically try on the items and see if they fit. Also, you don't have to wait for the items to get shipped to you since you can purchase it on the spot like a normal store!
They house a wide array of popular blogshops like:
Fashionhooks, Oneblackninja, Rainbowsplat, Shopskinned, Statementmuse, Vogueavenue, Wardrobemess and Xccelerate.

Here's some of the stuffs i picked out :)
Crochet Lace shorts!!! Its super comfy and really pretty! I can wear it with almost everything which makes it really versatile! This would be perfect for a picnic date! hehehe

Next,  I picked a SUPER SWEET mini satchel bag! I LOVE how cute it looks. I love the colour too! Its great to use it everyday too! Look at how well it goes with the crochet shorts too^^

Why shop at Blogshop Boulevard?? 
Here's some new awesome promos coming your way!


BB is having giveaways! Starting now till 30th June!
Here's what YOU need to do to stand a chance to win a bag worth more than $40!! 
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1) Purchase any item from BB
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4) Most importantly, get the most number of LIKES to win!!!


Concurrently, BB are having purchase on purchase promotion brought to you by Statementmuse! Purchase any item from BB and choose your hair ties, hairbands, necklaces or bracelets at just $4.90 or $6.90. 


VogueAvenue and Shopskinned are having items going for $15 on their racks!

For more information, check out bb on their Insta and FB and Twitter accounts at 

Instagram @blogshopblvd , 
 Twitter @blogshopblvd 

Bugis Street #03-47


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