Thursday, June 6, 2013

Night Safari- "Art. Seen&Herd" x Adverts- SundayBest, OOTD

Im back with another post about my busy busy BUSY  schedule.
I guess everyone knows that i lead a hectic lifestyle, going to school, doing major projects, attending events, modeling... even to the extend of falling sick and getting recovered asap so that i can continue leading my life. But i STRESS that i LOVEEEEEEEE it!
I guess thats what's making everything seem so much more worth it :)

I do wish that i have some more time alone with Fai or with my family though...

Anyway!!! Here's what happened yesterday.

5th June 2013
I was talking to Fai about how much more you learn from working compared to going to school. Yes we all know that Science and Math are important but really, you learn how to be who you ought to be when you start growing up, earning money and paying your own bills.

Things like these, they can't teach you in school. And you are your own teachers cause learning it is your own choice and responsibility. For me, I never thought the day would come that i would actually be earning my own money just so that i can buy things for myself and for my love ones. And i never thought that i would ever have to pay for my own meals, and pay for my own bills... 
Its actually really scary.

And i guess, you'll never know the true meaning of life until you get to this stage Fai and I are at. But when you do, don't be afraid cause everyone has to go through it. Just perserve and be optimistic. Things are only gonna get better if you believe that you can do it! 
Oh boy... how did i start rambling away about that? HAHAHA
What i wanted to say is that, that is the reason why i work so hard.
I don't wanna put any more pressure on my parents and i guess i just like the fact that everything i do and enjoy, comes straight out from my own pocket. Its my way of helping around at home:)

AND KIDS! I'm not telling you to quit school and work. 
Cause if you're living in Singapore, nothing matters more then that paper that qualifies you for things later on in life. You can be a really hardworking or creative person, but if you ain't got the qualifications written down in black and white, you ain't gonna go far...
SO YUP. That's why at the end of the day, i am still in school :)

Yesterday in school wearing my NY crop tee sponsored by
E0_WPG on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
With Clareeeeee <3
P.s. we don't usually dress down this much on a usual school day so DON'T JUDGE!!! hahaha
Being in Retail and Visual Merchandising means working like an architect some times, which means drilling and cutting woods and stuffs into pieces. 
Therefore, you can't expect us to be all dressed up doing all that right?  
At the strike of 3pm, i left school and headed off for a shoot!!! 
And straight after at about 5pm, 
I was off to GushCloud's office to get ready for the big event of the day. I actually took a quick shower at the office first. hehehe. Didn't wanna attend an event feeling all sticky and "smelly".

And as usual, I fell asleep in the car on the way there. I am always taking short naps anywhere and everywhere i can whenever i have the opportunity to. 
Thats why there's so many pictures of me sleeping in class!!!
(its my trick. its kinda like taking your heels off whenever you can so that your feet won't hurt so much)

And its an outfit change for me when i headed to Night Safari!
Wearing this beautiful top sponsored by <3
Now here's why we were invited to Night Safari.
Night Safari has collaborated with the local art scene to spread an important message:
There are many extinct animals in the world and if we don't conserve and save what we are left with now, our kids in future aren't gonna know what an Elephant or Rhino is. 
Much like how we have no clue if the DoDo Bird really exists at all!!

We all know that certain animals are being killed for their body parts to make "tonics" or "medication".
I have no idea how this shit came about, but REALLY?!?!
How about cutting out your own liver to make soup for others to drink? How would you feel?

I am sorry but I am an animal lover. And i do donate money to PETA every month to support their research team. And therefore, when it comes to hurting animals, especially for the sake of pleasuring humans, i think it is ridiculous and should be stopped in any way possible.

I was really excited for this event cause...
1) I love art (coincidentally, i was blogging about this in my previous post)
2) I love animals

So this was such a fulfilling event for me to attend and i enjoyed EVERY bit of it.
It was a great way to end my hectic day.
CITwXM on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
No events would be the same without you :)
I love bringing Fai along with me for anything and everything.
Its a great way for us to learn more about each other and we get to experience a lot of things together too! So thank you GushCloud for letting him leave work earlier to come with me! hehehehe
heheheh! This is why we are a couple. Cause we are best friends too. 
And im loving my new Converse kicks!
With Sheena (our manager), Roseanne and Shine!! Asyiha missing.
Lots of people couldn't make it :(
And Carmen(manager) a.k.a A CAT. hehehehee
I just love Shine being there all the time. She's like my mother. hahaha
Always taking care of me! I would always throw my bag on the floor to pose for a pic or to take some pics and she would scold me and carry it for me. hehehe SO SWEET <3
Not long after, Asyiha came too!! Looking gorgeous as ever! 
And guess what.... we both have the dress that she is wearing! hahaha just that mine is in white.
Perks of being blogshop models ;)
And the event commence...
Meeting the 4 artists featured in this Art Seen & Herd exhibit.
From left to right: ClogTwo, Mindflyer, SKL0, The Killer Gerbil.
Each of amazing local artists have created art pieces which speak volumes of conserving the animals who are threatened of their habitats and livelihoods.
Let's start with ClogTwo (Eman Jeman)! He is an Illustrator, Graffiti Practitioner and Video Designer. He creates works of art on various mediums from walls, canvases to customized vinyl toys. 
You can view his works here ----->
His idea of educating this campaign to the public is through illustrating an imagery of a game cartridge.
He mentioned that by doing so, it will speak better to youths of today since we used to play Gameboys and stuff. And it sure did get a lot of "oohs" and "arhhs" when he explained.
Such amazing, precise and neat work.
The Killer Gerbil (Luthfi Mustafah) was up to show us his piece of art next!
This man needs no introduction. Go on and type in "The Killer Gerbil" on google and search images and you'll see a very familiar character :) 
More of his works here --->

I am sure that everyone, especially kids will LOVE his piece. Its really interactive and it tells a story.
Now, everyone loves to be a part of something and everyone loves stories right?

Allow me to share what he shared with us.
This is an Elephant. A healthy, peaceful one.
As you turn the blinds, a message appears....
And as you go on...
the Elephant is gone too..
Elephants are hunted for their tusks. I remember reading a composition essay back in secondary school about this. Their tusks are hunted to make billiards balls, piano keys, identification chops and many other items for human enjoyment. There is a huge decrease in the number of these majestic mammals on earth now because of this. And though ivory hunting is banned, poaching still do continues :(

Please don't take away the elephants... they're amazing smart creatures and you will realize that if you see them up close like what we saw yesterday at The Night Safari.

Next, SKL0 (Samantha Lo) showed us her masterpiece! 
She is a graphic designer and a visual artist inspired by her daily observations and research on the sociopolitical climate. I honestly think what she did that made headlines is a amazing. I really do. If someone can translate her opinions so strongly with such courage, she is definitely someone to look out for. Such boldness don't come often here in timid SG. 
(And if you have no clue what i'm talking about, she is Sticker Lady)
Here's whats her piece is about.
So basically, you see two beautiful Tigers playing with each other on the front of the panel.
She is kinda depicting how a usual enclosure looks like. With the animal's description at the bottom.
But here's what actually going on behind the scenes. This is what she depicted on the back of the panel.
It shows a duty roaster and schedules of who's next to take on a shift of being a Tiger. 
Her message basically means that if we do not conserve the animals, soon after, humans would have to put on a costume and pretend to be animals. 
Last but not least, Mindflyer(Michael) showed us what he got! He is an illustrator and an artist and does works that are quirky,surreal, really retro sci-fi and all of which are really utopian.
I love it when artists have their own unique branding image. Michael leaves this marks behind on this piece really well by showcasing his "xiaofeiren" very well.
Learn more about him and Organisation of Illustrators Council (OIC) at
Michael explained that he was inspired by the depletion of the Asian Black Bear.
These bears are captured and locked up in cages way too small for their body causing them to feel stress and agitated. By spreading the message of animal cruelty around, these bears can be free!
(there is also another side of this art piece on the back of this panel. Sadly, it was destroyed by the rain)
Artists gathered to open the graffiti panel. Open to anyone who wishes to leave their marks on it to show support towards stopping animal cruelty and poaching. 
Everyone was so shy to take the first step to lay their hands on a spray can. 
Asyiha really wanted to try so she was one of the first to try. hahaha
Next, Fai gave it a go and left a huge "GC" mark behind. 
Spray painting really isn't as easy as it looks. It wasn't my first time doing it obviously because i do this tons of time in school but i still sucked at it nonetheless. 
I tried my best not to spray too much paint cause it would drip down the panel like blood stains.
Now, we wouldn't want an art piece that looks bad compared to all the professional ones around right? hehehe. But.... it looks bad in the end anyway.
Us bloggers having so much fun! hahaha
It was then time to take a ride on the tram!!!
But before that, i started craving for Ben&Jerry's. I said it out loud and didn't expect anything.
A few minutes later, Fai came back to me with a cup of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in his hands and my heart melted. So sweet and so much initiative. Sighhh my Loverboy :)
HAHA a shot of us being REALLY excited for the ride!!
It was great being back at The Night Safari again. The last time i came, i was just a kid and couldn't appreciate just sitting and listening to the guide on the tram. This time, i really learnt how to appreciate the animals at the enclosures and it just made me wanna do more for the endangered animals out there.
They are so beautiful and it would be so sad if i won't be able to show my kids in future how any particular animal look like. 

Please spread the message and create awareness that buying tonics and stuffs that contains animal body parts is a form of animal cruelty. It is banned in most countries. Therefore, if you do consume animal parts, it is illegal and morally wrong. The more we stop consuming them, poachers won't have to keep illegally hunting the animals, and these creatures will be saved.

After the tram ride, we visited the gift shop for a bit and cam-whored. As usual. hehehe
I wanna thank GushCloud for inviting me down to Art Seen & Herd.
And I wanna also thank Night Safari for organizing this huge meaningful event.
I really hope i managed to help create awareness to all you readers out there.
Spread the message! Nothing is more powerful then love. Do what is right.
Now, here's a little contest you can participate in!!!
Snap, Share & Win!!!
Spreading the word of conservation is easy as snapping a photo! 
Take part in our Instagram contest to win a Safari Adventurer Tour for you and four friends! 

Contest period: 1 June – 15 July 2013
1.Visit Night Safari’s Art Seen &Herd! exhibition and snap a picture of yourself with any one of the art pieces on display.
2.Tell us what you can do to save the threatened species featured in the art piece (e.g. ‘Elephants are often poached for their tusks. Please don’t support the ivory trade’)
3.Post the picture on Instagram, hashtag #seenandherd and tag@nightsafariofficial

Student Promotions

50% off Night Safari Admission for students!

Embark on an adventure into the mystical night to learn more about animals and the threats they face in  wild. 

Offer is valid daily from 1 June – 31 August 2013. Admission using discounted ticket is only applicable after 9pm. Ticket is only valid on day of purchase. Other terms and conditions apply. 

(p.s. This post may have come across as a mere advertorial, but we were not told specifically to say anything and i swear everything said came from my heart. Save the animals.)

1) Sunday Best
Founded in 2012, Sundaybest is a Singapore based online fashion boutique. 

SB provides fashion forward clothing and accessories for customers who aspire to create the ideal wardrobe fit for all occasions. We are always on the look out for quality and easy-to-match apparels that are in sync with the current fashion trends. From simplistic to sophisticated, casual to formal wear, we source our products from all parts of the globe. With a wide range of products at affordable prices, we ensure that you will never miss another shopping experience at Sundaybest. 
Here are my picks!! <3
What i love about this?? It is simplicity at its best!!! I love how comfy this shirt dress is and the grahics on it is just so lovely. I love how it already looks good on its own. Gonna rock it up with boots or maybe even flats for a lazy saturday afternoon date. 

Did someone say crochet/chiffon?! How lovely does that sound? Its a PERFECT Sunday brunch pair of shorts! Its super comfy and really pretty too! It actually has a stretchy rubberized waist and thats why it'll be great for a brunch date! Eat till as much as you can without feeling your pants is gonna burst. hehehe!

For more awesome apparels, check SB out on their insta account at

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Our apparels/items are brought in mainly from countries like Bangkok, China, and Korea. OOTD will also be launching our own manufactured line in due time, and we sincerely wish to have all of your support.
While it is our aim to bring to you pretty apparels and items, quality at OOTD is never compromised. Each and every single one of our products has undergone quality checks by our team, before they can reach our customers’ hands.

I hope you haven't forgotten about OOTD because they are BACK IN ACTION!!!
Doing a shoot for them once again is one of the nicest things ever. Its always great going to work knowing that you are gonna be around people who sincerely cares for you all the time.
They even cooked for me this time cause they know that i always skip my meals!!! So SWEET <3

Anyway, here are my picks!!!
No, im not going clubbing any time soon. But if you are, this dress is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me!!!!!!! Its so sexy and sophisticated. I love how it shows off the shoulder blades and how it fits me exceptionally well! There is no way i can't walk home without this dress even though im not gonna party any time soon. I'm saving it for the future. hehehe

This piece is just TOO CUTE! Lately, if you have been reading my blog, you would know that i have been pretty much into oldies music and how fashion was like back then. And surprisingly, OOTD is offering this dress in their new come back collection. It is very much inspired by the 60s-ish?? I was so happy when i saw it and i just love how it looks on me!!!

Also, i took a third piece too! Thanks to Cleo and MQ for always being so generous <3

OOTD will be launching their NEW COME BACK COLLECTION tomorrow, 
7th June 2013 at 1PM!
Be sure to camp by their site and get these must have items!!!

Like them on FB and follow them on insta for more updates and sneak peeks <3



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