Wednesday, June 19, 2013


All thanks to Gushcloud once again, us bloggers got to check STOMP out at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre on the 18th! It was probably the BEST thing i've ever watch and it is definitely worth the price!

STOMP is a global phenomenon over the last 22 years. They have performed in over 50 countries across 5 continents to 15 million people!! This is their second time back in Singapore so if you've missed them the first time, don't think twice about catching them this time.

And if you think that this is just an ad, well Im telling you that it isn't!!
I truly enjoyed it and wished that i hadn't drink that much water before the show so that i didn't have to miss a single bit of it going to the toilet. HAHAHA

Enough talk, here's a little bit more about what to expect^^
Happy us before the show!!! hehehehe
Coincidentally, both Asyiha and I were wearing SASSYDREAM! hahahaha
I took a pic of myself on the way to the theatre and she sent me a picture of what she was wearing and we both freaked out for a second thinking we wore the exact same thing.
Thank God it was different. HAHAHA.
With Asyiha and Jun Ying^^
And all of blogger present that night!!! Missing Val :,(
TA-DA!!!! So happy yo finally see Val after so longggg!!!
And she finally came to one of GushCloud's "event". hahaha
So thank you Gushcloud for giving us invites to catch another spectacular show!!
If you wanna catch STOMP too, do so ASAP!!
They're only in Singapore for ONE WEEK!

Here are the timings and dates!
18-23 Jun 2013 
Tuesday - Friday: 7.30pm 
Saturday: 2pm & 7.30pm 
Sunday: 1pm & 5pm 
For more information, CLICK HEREEEEEE!

I swear, its mind blowing! Not a show to miss!
After STOMP, Fai and I headed to our favorite Popeye's at The Singapore Flyer.
We ate a hell lot and the night ended well^^

Here's my OOTD :)
Fai's getting better at taking OOTD shots. So you'll be able to see them more often from now on.
Hello fai, do you know that I love you? hehehehe
If you wanna catch 2NE1, Girls' Generation and many more, get your tickets now!! 
Only 2 more days to go folks!

Here's an update!
Got my nails done yesterday:) 
So happy that I did extensions! Like finally I have long nails again:)
I got them done at FEP #04-66!!! THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT!!!
I just think they're awesome :)
Look for Lisa for awesome service^^

Going off to get my hair done at Salon Vim now, then off to rehearsals at night!



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