Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Asia Style Collection {F I T T I N G S} x Sushi X Advert- FOXPARTIES

Hello everybody!
As promised, here are some updates about the Asia Style Collection Concert/Fashion Show :)

Monday, 17th June 
Asyiha, Naomi, Rachel, Shine, Tricia and I headed down to Jurong East Mall (JEM) yesterday morning for our fittings at Robinsons! We were told to pick out some items that best represented us from the racks and racks and racks of local designers' apparels. 

Some of the local designers sponsoring apparels for the Asia Style Collection fashion show includes, Pauline Ning, Odds by Sabrina Goh, Cruise and Forward, and many many more!
I've heard of certain labels from my school mates, 
one of the favs of the list is Odds and i was excited to try the apparels on!

Each of us were assigned to different collections from different labels and were told to just take ANYTHING we think suits us best! It was pretty tough at first cause most of the apparels are really fashion-forward compared to how i would dress up on a regular basis. 
I'm more of a girl next door. hehe

But with the help of our Fashion Co-ordinator/Runway coach/Creative Director of the WHOLE SHOW, Marcus, I managed to find something I will wear and I must say, 
Im not gonna give away what i'm gonna wear. I'll leave it to your imagination.
It's just very tailored and in the color I love so much. hehehe
You gotta stay tune till the 22nd to see what I've chosen ;)

So here's some behind the scenes pictures taken yesterday :)
L to R: Asyiha, Naomi, Rachel, Shine and Tricia
Picture with the really nice and helpful Marcus!
Some of the apparels we got to shop for!
Having fun choosing the apparels i'm interested in^^
Come back again soon for MOR UPDATES about the Asia Style Collection concert/fashion show^^
Next post about it is gonna be about getting my nails done and the rehearsals!!! 
Can't wait to get a taste of how the runway is gonna be like!
After the fittings, I headed all the way to Tampines for school :(
Had some more extra project work to do before school reopens.
We are working on opening a store that came up from scrap. Its all part of a module that we are doing.
I must say, without the help of ELLYSAGE and EARLGREYPARTY, we wouldn't be able to do it.
I'll tell you more about it soon ;)
here's a teaser. hehehe
After school, I was finally FREEEEEEE!!! hehehehe
I finally met up with my baobeis for SUSHI!!!!!
We headed to cine for the S$1.50 Sushi.
After the whole slashing incident at cine that's all over in the newspapers, I was pretty afraid to go to cine. hahahaha. We were talking about it as we entered cine and suddenly a random guy let out a loud sneeze right infront of us and I actually got a huge shock and grabbed Laraine really hard thinking that we were under an attack! HAHAHAHA
Yeah, me being really paranoid.

RAINE & JAS <3 <3 <3 
Why my friends so pretty??? ehehhehe
We waited too long for these babies to get on the conveyor belt that we just ordered them straight from the waiter! hahahaha! I LOVE THESE. 
I don't know their names but they are so goddamn delicious. MUST TRY ITEM!!!! <3
And can you guess how much we ate???
Well, maybe this pic of 40 plates will give you a hint. WHAHAHAHA
I don't know how we could eat so much. Maybe it was because we were in the best of companies :)
I know i was :) It great meeting up with your best friends some times :)
And that's it for today!!!

The haze is really bad, please take care of yourself everyone!
Wear a mask if you should, though Jas and Raine thinks its pointless to wear one. hahahaha
But take extra care of your hair and skin! 
I feel that its making my hair really dry and fizzy and the pores on my skin clogged :(
Drink lots of water and stay indoor as much as you can till its alright to go outside again.
For all those wearing contact lenses like me, bring a bottle of eye drops if you must!

Thanks for reading:)

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"We believe in amazing style and girl power". 

Here are my picks!^^
Origami Shorts in White
This is such a unique piece! Its super ZARA inspired and when I was in NYC, one of the Sunsilk organizers was wearing this! I love how it looked so good on her and was SUPER happy to know that Fox Parties actually offer it too^^ So i jumped at the opportunity to get it! Fits me well :)

Open Knit Sweater
This is greattt!!!! I know its summer and its not really realistic to wear knitted tops until the end of the year. But this knit is different!!! Its not thick at all so its pretty cooling. And it can actually look really nice thrown over a set of bikinis. 

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