Saturday, June 15, 2013

Its a Hairy Situation- SunSilk x Tutorial ^^

How ya doin' people!!
I am currently on a staycation and i have just proven to myself that Fai and I are officially workaholics!
He's working on his new mixtape while I am actually blogging right now! hahaha

Well, I can't wait any longer to share the SunSilk video taken in NYC! It's finally here!
Watch to see behind the scenes action and what i have learnt from the hair experts i've met.
It was really fun and i am certain that energy is channelled really well through this video :)
So what are the tips that I have learnt?!?!
Well the more important ones that i carry out almost everyday are mentioned in this hair tutorial i've done! Everyone's always asking me if i curl my hair everyday and how i do it since i wake up at 9am almost everyday! 

Well, styling my hair actually only takes about 5-7mins. hehehe.
Watch to find out how i get my daily wavy mermaid mane ;)
As mentioned in the tutorial, Salon Vim is having a promo for their absolutely wonderful hair treatments and coloring! Here's more information regarding it^^
It's June, and the Great Singapore Sale is here!

This Spring/Summer 2013, Salon Vim will be having 30% off specially for 
Spring/Summer Hair Color + Highlight! 

Salon Vim's GSS promotions from 1st June - 31st July:

30% off Color and SS2013 highlight - get a haircut at 30% off too
30% off Treatment (Privy or Redken Cocktail) - get a haircut at 30% off too

For enquiries & appointments, call them at:
- 6884 7757 (Somerset 313)
- 6837 0073 (Bugis)
- 6732 9388 (Chez Vous @ Takashimaya)

*discount only applies for Spring/Summer 2013 Color + Highlight - other dye jobs will not receive 30% off.

I'm gonna get mine touched up soon ;)


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