Thursday, June 13, 2013

ASIA STYLE COLLECTION X TheFinal1SG X Advert-SheSprees, Oh Gretel!

Thursday, 13th June
Asia Style Collection
So what are we all so excited and happy about?!?
Firstly, allow me to introduce you to a concert/fashion show that you should all look forward to just NEXT WEEK!
I am certain that you have already seen THIS advertisement on tele! 
If you haven't, take a look at it first ;) 
Yes you've heard it!!!
The Asian Style Collection Concert/Fashion Show is coming to Singapore 
on the 22nd June 2013 at The Singapore Expo!!!!
Korea, Japan and Singapore come together for the first time with non-stop entertainment featuring 
Girls' Generation, 2NE1 and MANY MORE! Its a fashion and music extravaganza that you won't wanna miss!

GushCloud bloggers went down to Mediacorp a few weeks back for a casting and I am proud to say that I have been selected along with many others to walk for a special segment for the show!!!

Catch Shine Koh, Tricia Ong, Naomi Neo, Asyiha Ams, Rachel Wong and I sharing a stage with SNSD, 2NE1, Zoe Tay, and more Mediacorp stars and celebrities!!! 
It's gonna be great meeting everyone!
Plus I'm really excited for the outfits we'll be wearing! 
All of us would be specially styled by designers according to our personalities. heheheh^^
Its not too late to purchase your tickets!! Do so soon cause I am certain that it will sell out fast! 
Who wouldn't wanna miss this special 4-5 hours concert/fashion show featuring all of your favorite Korean or Japan pop band?!?!

A little tight on your budget this month? Fret not! Guess what?
GushCloud will be giving out 
3 pairs of tickets to catch the show!!
All you have to do is simply check out, sign up for a styleXstyle account and post your OOTD there! All post has to be hash tagged #styleXstyle #Gushcloud in order to qualify for the contest. The user with the most "loves" will win 1 pair of ASC CAT C Tickets (worth $376)
3 pairs will be given out so don't stop trying until the contest ends!^^ 


{It's THAT easy! Even I have done it}

Watch this space for more updates as we go closer to the 22nd! 
I'll be updating you guys on how our rehearsals and fittings go! :)
I headed over to Mediacorp yesterday after STRUTTT's latest outdoor shoot 
to support Laraine once again for TheFinal1SG^^
She did us proud whether or not she is in the competition. I remember how shy she used to be to perform live and now, she is a natural. So comfortable infront of the camera and she sounds better then ever too!!! This is not the last you'll hear from MissyRaine!!! Keep a look out for her ;)
Bumped into GerriBerri there too! 
She was there to support Shaun! Her "brother-in-law" hehehe^^
Haven't seen this girl for so long, she looks so womanly now. HAHA
Shit gets real when your friends start dressing like REAL grown ups.
Finally got to sit beside Laraine's supporters. Fai and I are always late cause we always have to rush from our work. So we never got to sit with anyone we know. hahaha
With Shandy and her sister, Sherlyn who is growing prettier and prettier each time i see her!
Of course, with my loverboy <3
Finally got to meet the superstar after waiting for a while. hehe
Presenting.... The Charlie Angels!!!^^
And if you're wondering where Fai was the whole time, he was standing by the side holding my bag.
AWWWW!! So sweet right? hahahaha

Did you know that he is the KING of photobomb-ing! WHAHAHA
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
And that's it folks!!!! <3
I'll be uploading a VLOG either tomorrow (14th) or Sat (15th)^^
Can you guess what it's gonna be about??
And it's gonna be filmed some where else too. hehehehe

"Shesprees is a Singapore-based online-store.

Since March 2009, Shesprees has been operating from before moving to in March 2013.

Hannah started Shesprees because she loves how simple but chic Korean-inspired fashion is, and she wants to share it with everyone! At Shesprees, they always aim to keep the prices competitive and as pocket-friendly as possible. They think that every girl deserves to have awesome fashion, but awesome fashion need not come with a hefty price tag! :)"

Well said from Shesprees!! I just love their store a lot! They offer lots of quality apparels at affordable prices and even their site is really user-friendly, making shopping with them even more enjoyable!
Here are my picks! <3

Crochet Side Denim Shorts
I can't get enough of crochet items!! I have tons of them but what makes this pair of shorts really stand out is how well it fits me!! I feel extremely comfy in it and it's really pretty isn't it?! :) 
Simplicity at its best!

Sweetest Candy Knit Pullover in Strawberry Pink &
Springtime Structured Tote in White
This is gotta be my FAV pullover ever!!! I just love the color so much! Its super sweet and I can't wait to wear it when i head for HK at the end of the year! 
Also, I am carrying the Springtime Structured Tote in the picture! There's a WIDE variety of colors, you'll be spoilt for choice! Its so classy and just the right size!! Don't judge it just like that, it can actually fit a hell lot of stuffs inside^^

I LOVE SHESPREES!!! They offer almost everything a girl needs from head to toe!!
Hannah Suede Buckle Satchel
I already have this bag but i totally forgot about it so i accidentally ordered another one! HAHA
But Hannah was so nice she just gave me this bag too!!! Its super chic and goes well with EVERYTHING!! It's definitely a great everyday bag :)

Check Shesprees out on their FB page, Insta and Twitter for more updates!
Insta: @shesprees

So What Are You Waiting For?
2) Oh, Gretel!
Oh, Gretel is a relatively new online store that offers a variety of apparels from shorts to skirts to dresses and pretty versatile tops! Calling out to all the girly girls out there, I am certain that you will fall in love with Oh, Gretel!! I sure did fall in love with my picks :)

Stripe Bralet in Peach 
Its such a CUTE little bralet in the sweetest color ever!! Its really comfy and i just love everything about it! Its great for this summer season! Head for a picnic or head to the beach in this gorgeous piece^^

Sweetheart Ribbon Back Tube Top
Isn't this just the cutest?? Two tiny little bows at the back of this bustier tube top! 
I love how great it looks on its own and its really comfy too^^

They have recently launched their new collection so be sure to check them out before things start to go OOS like the Stripe Bralet I picked for myself!!

Like them on FB and follow them on Insta for more updates!
Insta: @Ohgretel

{Oh, Gretel is having an Instagram giveaway, refer to image below on how to participate}
So What Are You Waiting For?!?!


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