Sunday, June 23, 2013

The New Paper New Face 2013 close doors auditions X Adverts- TWP & RBC

Hello everybody!
I haven't been blogging as much as I used to cause I have been super busy with rehearsals for the Asia Style Collection! Everything is over now and I feel so much more relaxed. Though I had such a great experience and fun yesterday, it was really tiring and hectic. 

Before the big show, I got up early in the morning and headed for The New Paper New Face 2013 auditions! Nope guys, i wasn't auditioning. hahaha. I am an alumni of TNF if you weren't aware. I joined the competition last year and made it to the finals^^ The annual competition is back again and I went down for the closed doors auditions to help the team out:)

L to R: Brenda, Syirin(second runner-up), Audrey and I!
So happy to finally get to see my New Face girlies again!! 
I missed out on the first two meetings cause of my tight schedule :( 
So i made it a point to make it for the final one before we become old faces. hehehe
Pretty Hosin :)
And the contestants that turned up this year?? Well, there were A LOT of familiar faces! LOADS of ex-IJ girls. hehehe. Ferlin, Asyiha, Belle and Jamie turned up to audition too.
Everyone was so pretty!!! The kind of girl they're looking for this year is pretty obvious. hahaha

Well, congrats to everyone who made it to Top25! Can't wait to see who's going to the finals.
Say goodbye to us!! We are now "old-faces" :( boooooooo!!!
L to R: Sharin(winner), Brenda, Leah(Ms SG), Auds, Syirin(second runner-up), me, Hosin, Kylie(first runner-up) and Mandy(face of Guardian)
We felt super sad when we watched the new girls take over our places posing beside the Subaru car.
So we went over and strut our stuffs too! hehehehe
New Face 2012 batch is the BEST batch without a doubt. And i don't ever want to experience the whole journey with anyone else but these girls. There is definitely a strong bond between us and everyone's just really genuine, humble, nice and REALLY FUNNY! See you girls real soon! <3

That's how my morning went!!! I headed back to Fai's and took a real nice 3 hours nap and it was time for the Asia Style Collection show!! More on that in my next post ;)

Till then, take care! Heard the haze will come back again soon.

1) Twirling Pastels
Twirling Pastels is definitely one of the most consistant online boutiques available! I love each and every one of their collections and they keep getting better and better!! As mentioned before, i always have a problem choosing the apparels to keep cause they're always SO GORGEOUS! And I am saying this from the bottom of my heart:)

Here are my picks from this newly launched collection^^
Neon Pink Basic Tank
Everyone needs a basic neon tank and this one is just PERFECT!!! It's really comfy and its fits is very much like how a basic Topshop tank would be. I wore it yesterday to the Asia Style Collection as seen in the picture above^^ Comes in other 5 really stunning colors too!

Next, I picked the...
Off-Shoulder Daisy Dress
This is such a lovely dress! Its little daisy prints on the fabric used for this dress makes it look really unique!! I love how comfy it is and how perfect it would be for a brunch date. The moment I saw it, I knew it would be one of my top choices for this collection :)

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They follow a step pricing system whereby the greater the quantity purchased, the lower the prices go. Mixing and matching of designs is allowed and in fact, encouraged!

Apparels ranging from elegant and sweet to rocker chick, they have it all!!!!

Here are my picks^^
Chiffon Skater Skirt
A basic chiffon skirt is a MUST HAVE item! It goes well with almost anything and looks effortlessly good on it own!!! Its super feminine, perfect for a girly girl like me :) I love to pair it with any bustier tops i own with a denim jacket thrown over! Very Miranda Kerr, effortlessly chic :)

Pandora Inspired Bracelet 
RebelzByChoice sent me one of their fast selling item too! The Pandora Inspired Bracelet. It comes in blue, black and white too! BUT OF COURSE THEY SENT ME ONE IN PINK!!! hehehehe
I love it a lot and its a great alternative to a Pandora bracelet which costs a bomb!! Great as an everyday accessory^^

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