Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ASIA STYLE COLLECTION 2013 - Runway & Behing The Scenes

Hey everyone! I hope you guys are doing aright. 
School for me is really tough right now, 
its submission week so I am always busy with assignments and projects :(
However, I've finally found time to talk about one of the most memorable experience in my life.

The Asia Style Collection 2013
I am certain that you guys have already known that a few of us Gushers were selected to walk for The Asia Style Collection last Saturday!! (can't believe that its already over)
So here's how it went folks!
It was awesome that we only had to report to Singapore Expo at 5PM! Usually from my experience, models would have to report real early in the morning to get our hair and make up done. So I was really pleased that I had time to rest between The New Paper New Face2013 auditions and the big show itself. In fact, Fai and I were about half an hour early so managed to grab a bite^^

Korea, Japan and Singapore were all separated into different sections. Unless you're a huge star like 2NE1 or Lena Fujii or Girls' Generation, you get your own individual room. So we Gushers had to share ours with the professional runway models. And I tell you, that was intimidating!! They were all so tall and gorgeous. There were male models too and Naomi couldn't stop telling us about her eye candy. hahahaha (sorry babe, i just had to)

Some behind the scenes shots:)
Asyiha and I all ready to get our hair and make up done!! 
(I kinda like how I look without make up here. hehehe)
Once again, the styling director was from Unilever. Just to refresh your memory, Unilever was the company that approached me to fly to NYC for the Sunsilk Style Studio trip! I have never met him before but he could recognize me cause of the pictures that came out for the Sunsilk ad. In fact, he told me that my face is all over in Thailand for Sunsilk!!!! hahaha. I wonder how true is that but it definitely made me smile knowing about it:)

Well, anyway, this time they got Toni&Guy to do our hairs. Check it out!
I'm wearing shades cause I looked really tired. hahaha
Well, here's the end product of my hair!!!
I'm glad I got curls pinned to the side like that. 
Really does reflect my personality and goes well with my outfit which you will see later on ;)
Its so perfect *.*
Pretty Ms Ams getting make up done!
After about only 1.5 hours, we were all finally set and ready! 
Time to hopefully grab a picture with the stars and practice for the big show.
With Daniel, the lovely man from Mediacorp who picked us for the show :)
And not forgetting Sharon Au who talked to us about it and got us really excited!!
While waiting for 2NE1's press conference, look at what we found!!
A pity we didn't manage to see her in person. But i think i kinda saw her leave her room while everyone else was too engross with 2NE1's interview.
Behind the scenes picture of Girls' Generation. We were actually just about 2metres away from them backstage right before their closing show!!!!!! I couldn't tell it was them at first cause honestly all of the Korean models looked alike and were all TOO GORGEOUS! I never wanted to be Korean so much in my life okay! HAHAHAHA
But anyway, they were so caught up with how tall and stunning the Singapore's caucasian models were to even look at us :( HAHA but it was okay, they were super cute about it. 

I remember one of them (sorry, i don't know who cause like i said, they all looked alike to me, and it was really dark backstage) tapping on another girl's shoulder really anxiously trying to get her band mate to check the models out. 

Sorry guys, but we didn't manage to take pics with the stars, we weren't exactly allowed :x
But even if we were, I think I would have been too shy to ask for a pic. hahaha
Linda was there too!! She was walking as a designer. Really loved her segment!!! All of us Gushers wished we could walk for it too actually. HAHAHA
About 9:15pm, it was time to get dressed in our outfits and here's mine!!!!
I love that preppy peter pan collar and obviously I LOVE THE COLOR!!! hehehehe
I had a shock with how much it costs though. hahaha, can you guess how much it is?
Made me take good care of it even more. LOL.
And we were all ready!!! 
Time to rock the runway with Issac Dang who sang beautifully during our segment!
The Singapore team waiting for our turn backstage! 
Can't see where I am right? hahaha the models were way too tall. 

And yup thats the gorgeous Sheila Sim standing next to Naomi!!!! She's just amazing as a model and as a person. She's super humble!!! Shine told me that she overheard us saying that we were so short compared to the models and she went "Hey don't say that" with a smile. So nice :)
After the runway!! with Issac Dang :)
And finally a pic with the beautiful Sheila Sim!!! ARGHH!!! starstruck! 
Couldn't have done it without our super supportive Creative Director of the entire show!
So thank you GushCloud for another wonderful opportunity to work with Mediacorp and all of the Korean and Japanese acts!! For all of you who came for the show, thank you!! 

Also, thank you to all the other bloggers like Tyler, Shanice, Eric and many more for coming down to support us too!!! Hearing you guys scream your lungs out for us as we walked the runway was really heartwarming:):)



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