Thursday, July 4, 2013

New York Day 4 (SunSilk Style Studio) - A Big Thank You X Adverts- Montrose Desires, Xhysteria, Wardrobe Mess

"Start spreading the news , I am leaving today.  I want to be a part of it , New York, New York!"

Can't believe it's already been 2 months since my very memorable trip to New York.
Oh how I miss it so much... I can't even believe I was there for a bit. 
You can read about it all here: 

I have kinda forgotten to end off the whole story actually, *oops!*.. I've been rather busy ever since I came back, kinda got me more deals then ever. But I'm not gonna end off everything without a HUGE thank you post to everyone who made the trip possible leaving me wanting more of New York.

So here's how my last night in NYC went.. *sobs sobs*...
We were brought to The Spotted Pig
314 W. 11th St @ Greenwich Street New York, NY 10014.
It's such a lovely cosy little restaurant/bar which made it an even lovelier way to end the whole trip.
Can you spot Anny? hehehehe
Thanks to this girl who walked the whole of 5th Ave in the cold with me the very next morning just to find Urban Outfitters. It paid off well cause Fai Fai loved his gifts!!
Many thanks to Sherry, the only other girl from South East Asia that kept making me miss home on the very first day^^
It was a great evening, everyone was just enjoying themselves, having a good laugh and drinking away. But I wasn't allowed to drink since I am considered underage in New York. hahaha. Well, I didn't wanna drink anyway, I was enjoying the FOOD most of the time. HAHAHA
I don't exactly know what these are... but they were DELICIOUS!!
CAUGHT: SunSilk hair expert, Thomas Taw's funny face.
Tori giving a final toast to everyone. I still remember the very day when I was told that she was gonna be in charge in NYC. I remembered going down to finding a picture of her so that I know who to look out for. hahaha. 
Our wonderful wonderful wonderful photographer Anna Wolf joining in. They were so adorable!
And that was it...
Everyone headed back to our rooms and I slept like a log. 
After another excruciating 19/20 hours flight back to Singapore, I found myself in the arms of my loved ones again! FINALLY!!! (not that I dreaded being in NYC) but the feeling of reuniting with the people who you grew up seeing everyday is just... really really nice :)
And I have learnt from my trip to appreciate my family and my loved ones. Thank you to my parents who trusted me and believed in me that i can do anything i want to. Without your constant support, i wouldn't be who i am today.

Mummy and Daddy:)
(sorry for the unglam Art Friend bag I was carrying, my homework was in there)
So do you think I look more like my mother or father??
And it was such a joy finally seeing and holding my Fai Fai in my arms again... and smelling him too. I missed him so much everyday when I was in NYC and I wished he'd experienced it with me too. Maybe that way i wouldn't have gotten cheated on the first day too. hahaha. 

But i learnt a lot being on my own anyway, i guess if he had came, I wouldn't be as independent and confident as i am now.
But there wasn't any moment in New York where I didn't think of him at all. Everything I did or saw or heard or tasted or felt, i wished he was beside me too. 
Every day that ended when i was away never failed to end with a Skype video call with my love. While I was getting ready for bed, his day had just begun in Singapore. hahaha
The only sad thing was he had to be in the office so we couldn't talk at all, and i couldn't hear his voice. SO SAD RIGHT!!! :(
Thank you my dear boy for also trusting me and letting me go without worrying about anything. The trip was pretty last minute and yet you were so patient, understanding and supportive about it. 
How to find another guy like youuu?!?!?! YOU ARE MINE. 

I will never forget my very unexpected New York trip, it was such a great experience and it made me realize that anything is possible. I mean I really never ever had to thought of going somewhere to far away on my own. But I did and that changed my life. It definitely changed my attitude towards life. I have become so much more optimistic and motivated in doing anything ever since i came back. Maybe its true what they say, "Once a year, go somewhere you've never been before.."

So many thanks to Golin Harris, Unilever, Salt London, Sunsilk for choosing me and making it all happen. I am so honored to be representing my country and putting my face forward amidst all the other beautiful bloggers. 

Thank you personally to Priscilla and Tiffany who assured me that the event was for real and guiding me with what to expect and what to bring etc. Thank you to Louise, Tori, Maria and Jamie who looked after all of us in NYC and made sure we had a lot of fun. Thank you to all the wonderful SunSilk Hair experts for making us feel so welcomed and sharing with us your advices and tips. Thank you Yuko, you're awesome!!! Hope to see you again in future^^ Dr. Francesca, you are amazing!! Thank you to Anna Wolf for making us all feel so comfortable and natural infront of the camera as well, it was such a joy working with you. Thank you to EVERYONE who had a part in this. From the make up artists, to the manicurists, to the very efficient and friendly bell boy at Dream Downtown Hotel... just basically everyone I met during my stay in NYC. 

I will be back again over the next few years to come. This time with my dearest Fai <3
Can't wait to show him around!!!

1) Montrose Desires
"Montrose Desires IS the fashion store designed to bring out that special something in you.

Montrose Desires shares your love for fashion, which is why our collections are on trend, yet always classy and sophisticated, perfect for the modern woman. We carefully handpick our collections from all over the world, going personally to countries like Japan and Korea, to ensure the quality and fit of the clothes. We’re always on the hunt for clothes that will show off the figure with grace, because we love a flattering silhouette! We do our best to make sure that when you step out in Montrose style, you will feel as good as you look. At the same time, we have also ventured out by designing our own range of clothes!
You’re special to us, and we hope you will enjoy the collections we've lovingly selected for you.
Embrace your natural beauty!"


It was so much fun and here are my picks from their latest collection!!

Serendipity Scallop Back Top

Uniquely cut scallop back top with the softest most comfortable feel where simplicity meets style. Match it with a skirt of shorts for different outings. Back zip closure. 
The moment I saw this top, I knew that I wanted it! I love everything about it. From the Scallop detail to the Sea Foam color, its just so pretty!^^

Raddest Ever Paris Maxi Dress

A breath-taking sexy back with side slits and prints. Half lined. This will look great in a casual dinner setting or to the beach! 
I absolutely agree with their description about this stunning maxi dress! The back slits are really sexy and this dress is just super comfy. Perfect for those candle light dinners. hehehe

Next, I was sponsored their new self-manufactured piece!

Katrantz Montrose Desires Exclusively Designed Top

MD exclusively designed and quality manufactured piece which comes in 3 colors. Featuring Mandarin collar and high-low peplum, a simply beautiful piece to add to your wardrobe, Pair it with shorts or skinny jeans to complete your look. 
Don't you think that this is such a sexy top?? I love the quality of it especially. I love how sexy yet elegant this top makes me look. Best part of it? Its super comfy!

Follow Montrose Desires on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!^^
Instagram: @montrosedesires

Be an EXCLUSIVE Montrose Desires VIP Club Member!!!
Join MD as an exclusive lifetime VIP member to enjoy privileges with every S$150 spent in a single receipt. You'll get 10% off perpetually on all Regular Priced items by being a Montrose Desires VIP Club member. 

Montrose Desires offers Worldwide Shipping and FREE registered mail with S$120 spent and above.

2) Xhysteria
"XHysteria is an online lifestyle/fashion store that launched during late august of 2012. XHysteria represents the inner fashion crazy personality inside us and at XHysteria we will cultivate yours with our fashion pieces. We have both in stock items and do sprees regularly and we carry all items from clothes, to accessories, shoes and bags.
We carry all styles to fit the fashion diva in everyone! From street style, to office wear and elegant party pieces. And soon we will be launching our very own male fashion line! At XHysteria we always make sure that everything is affordable yet chic to satisfy the shopping needs of everyone! We also do giveaways and other promotions on our facebook during every new collection to let our lovely customers win free outfits or discount vouchers."
They may be relatively new but I LOVE THEM already! Definitely one of those shops everyone should look out for. Here are my picks^^
Marcelle Skater Dress (Yellow)
Super sweet yellow floral skater dress featuring a sweetheart cut with stretchable off shoulder sleeves and beautiful floral prints. Stretchable at the back, zipper at the back with adjustable shoulder straps. Made of comfortable cotton.
I love such dresses! They make me feel so happy in them and nothing screams summer more then this sunshine dress! Super sweet isn't it?:)
Unicorn Clutch (Hologram)
Yes! You saw it right! A super adorable unicorn shaped clutch! Made of Pu leather featuring zip closure fashioning the tail as the zip head! Perfect for a casual day out!
I just JUMPED at the opportunity to get this!!! SUPER DUPER CUTE! I would love to carry it with me real soon! hehehehehe <3

Follow Xhysteria on Facebook, Twitter and Insta for more updates!!
Insta: @XHYSTERIA_fashion

"We accept payments by Paypal, Credit Cards, DBS/POSB and OCBC :) UOB card holders can do ATM payments at OCBC ATM machines."
3) Wardrobe Mess
Wardrobe Mess is another online boutique that you should keep a lookout for! They offer a wide range of the most trendiest apparels from pretty little dresses to unique rompers and playsuits! Their apparels for every new collection never fail to catch my attention. There's just too many pretty selections, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Here are my picks^^
Daisy Dress (Pink)
Well, this isn't exactly a dress, its kinda more like a romper which makes it a lot more comfortable!! It comes in yellow too but I obviously chose pink! hehehe. It's super sweet isn't it. Great for an outdoor adventure:)

Knotted Dress (White)
These knotted dresses are just SO IN!!! I've always wanted one and i finally got mine in my all time favorite color- White! I always thought this dress is super NastyGal inspired and it is definitely a MUST HAVE in my closet.

I was also given an additional item, the...
Eyelet Babydoll Top (Black)
I love how the straps are adjustable by tying your own knots or ribbons. It is super comfy and goes well with a pair of denim shorts. Maybe I'll pair this outfit with boots to rock it up a little :)

For more updates, like Wardrobe Mess on Facebook and Twitter!

*Wardrobe Mess ships internationally
* FREE local registered shipping for orders above S$60


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