Friday, July 5, 2013

SHINE 2013 {event} x adverts- TWP, TheTrefle

SHINE Youth Festival 2013, #FreeYourYou

Hey guys! As you all know, some of us were invited to join in the fun for this year’s Shine Youth Festival, a youth initiated festival held at *SCAPE!
It is organized by the National Youth Council (NYC) with the aim to offer youths’ like us, a platform to speak up and let our voices be heard and respected.

Besides having a good time catching up with one another and hearing what other youths had to say, I personally enjoyed the performances. I never knew that our very own youths in Singapore are sooooo talented!
More on this later ;)

One of the highlights of the festival for me, was grabbing a picture with the super adorable Mr. Potato! He was kinda like a star; everyone was swarming around him asking for a picture.

Glad I was one of the first to get it, hehehe.
With Naomi and Lydia^^
We were spamming photos while waiting for the next performer to go on stage!
Thanks for this awesome picture Tyler!
Taken when we were all happily watching one of the great performances^^
It felt very heartwarming seeing so many youths come out of their homes to celebrate this festival together. That just goes to show how passionate everyone really was about SHINE Youth Festival.

I felt like a proud family member when I saw how everyone put in so much effort to make the festival a successful one. There were so many happy faces around that made me smile too J

And would you just check out these drawings!!!

Aren’t they amazing? Some youths actually drew them FREE HAND using nothing but markers. That is what you call talent and lots of patience.
And all of us Gushers that day! <3
From L to R: Boy Thunder, Naomi Neo, Ridwan Azman, Lydia Izzati, Tyler Hikaru and I J
The festival ended well with performances from various really talented local artists. I truly enjoyed every bit of it and I was actually really proud of how much talent the following youths have. In fact, I wished I could sing as well as them too!

Check out The Huckleberry Friends!!

They are a band of 3 actually but one was under the weather, and only two were present. But that didn’t affect their performance at all!!! It was only my first time hearing them and I fell deeply in love with both of their voices. You should check them out too if you love nice soothing melody tunes from the acoustic guitar.
Next up was Clarence Liew!

He has got the charming “boy-next-door” look, and best part of it is he even sounds like one! He sure swept every girl off their feet with his singing, performing tunes like suit & tie by Justine Timberlake, I won’t give up by Jason mraz and many more! 
Last but not least, upcoming band, The Sam Willows performed. 
This was my second time hearing them live and I must say they are one band that everyone should keep an eye out for. They might just make it real big. Some people say that it hurts to watch them cause they look so good too. HAHA, why don’t you be the judge^^
Some more pictures of us after the festival J
Ridwan & Tyler^^
Lydia & I^^
Unfortunately we have come to the end of this….

BIG Thank You to NYC for having us last Saturday! It was a blast being a part of SHINE 2013. I have always loved being a part of group, for a good cause and I hope everyone else present that day will spread the message to step up and “Pledge to SHINE” too.

Simply tweet your pledges! It can be anything from stopping animal cruelty to sharing your hobby to the world!! Basically, just tell everyone your causes or what you’re like. And remember to hashtag #FreeYourYou!!!

Get creative, unleash it and have fun;)


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Next, i picked something really girly and summery!!! Its the tube floral tunic top/dress! Firstly, I have grown to love wearing yellow, its just such a happy color. I also love the material of this piece, super lightweight and comfy! Great for some summer-lovin'!

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