Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What is KHEA?

Head towards a brighter future with Kaplan!

Choices, choices, choices!
As youths, we often face situations that urge us to make the right choices. When it comes to building our future, I would always stand my ground and say that education is key to it. No matter how my path of life is going to be, I will always make sure that I graduate with a diploma and a degree at the end of it all. (Yes, this means I am holding off joining SIA for a bit more)

So, have you ever wondered what you're going to do after graduating with a Poly diploma?
Personally, I feel that going further then that and attaining a degree is crucial. Have you thought of where to get it? Well, let me assist you with that today :)

Tyler and I were hanging around *SCAPE a few weeks ago and saw that there were interesting wall wrappers all around *SCAPE!

So we decided to check out what was installed.
So what is KHEA??
Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA) is an institution that provides full-time education to students who wish to pursue a variety of diplomas and degrees. They offer diplomas and degrees in the disciplines of Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Communication & Media, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Humanities & Social Sciences and Information Technology.

The great thing about KHEA is that they recognizes the need to condense course syllabus, which means that a Poly diploma student can attain a degree within a span of only 12 to 18 months. (depending on the approvals from the respective universities)

I feel that this is a great way for students to keep themselves on the competitive edge. We will be able to graduate fast with our degrees and head into the cooperate world with full force.

The range of courses offered are pretty interesting! Even our manager Sheena, looked pretty engrossed with the pamphlet. hehehehe
KHEA partners with 6 top universities worldwide to ensure quality education. In fact, students at Kaplan receive the same degree parchment as students who study in the overseas university. They offer programmes to students through the following prestigious institutions: 

KHEA, has also won consecutive public voted awards such as JobsCentral Learnings and Rankings Survey and AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards.

 Sounds really good to me^^

You can just fill up the enquiry form here if you’ve got any enquiries and register for a chance to get $300 study rebate!

With all of that said, why not choose KHEA???
It does look like a pretty happening school too! They had the beautiful balloon arch to catch our attention, the colorful pamphlets that made reading about them enjoyable and also their gorgeous "models/mascots/ambassadors/representatives"-(whatever you want to call them)-that we bumped into!!
It was a great way for KHEA to let us know that they aren't just any regular institution, I can tell that they do make sure that their students are having fun there as well. My brother is currently studying at KHEA anyway and from what i've noticed, he's been more energetic then usual. Pretty obvious that going to KHEA was a great choice for him!

Make KHEA your great choice too!!
For more information, you can check their website out at http://www.kaplan.com.sg/khea :)