Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Get Tone.

Hey Guys!
I have finally decided to blog about how I stay in shape.

People are often asking me if i work out a lot and how i stay so skinny. Well, the truth is, I don't work out that much. I'm always so busy! I can't even find time to get my hair trimmed or get my manicure and pedicure done. What makes you think I have time to exercise regularly? >.<

The reason why I look like this is basically because of my metabolism rate. It is relatively high (not that i had it tested out or anything). I have always been a rather skinny kid. Eating little comes naturally to me. And I would choose eating chocolate over fruits any day! hahaha. So I DO NOT suffer from any eating disorders. Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I am a junk food lover. Though i am trying to incorporate healthier alternatives to my diet these days. hehehe

But since I am a junk food lover, I do tend to gain weight a little some times.
(yes, yes, you all must be like "OMG, this Eunice is crazy! Gain what weight?!?!)
But hey! I do gain weight too okay! Like my face seems a little rounder and I don't feel that tone anymore. Therefore, i have recently(only this year), picked up some exercising routines that i do about only once every two weeks. And be happy people. I am gonna share them with you today^^

Here's what you need.
(Yoga/exercising mat, proper comfy attire, 1kg weights, hair ties(duhhh)
To spice up this post a little more(i am always finding new ways to make my blog more interesting for you guys^^), I did a little vlog first. Well, its just a short intro video of me yapping away about exercising and stuffs. Enjoy anyway! 
(pssss... includes some tips on how to look your best in your bikinis. LOL)

So you've heard it!
Being an avid fan of Victoria's Secret(not that its anything special since almost every girl living on this planet is in LOVE with VS as well), I follow VSX and work out accordingly to how they do.
 Firstly because I would die to have a VS Angel body especially one like Candice Swanepoel's.
I think she has the most AMAZING body in the whole VS Angels family. Check out her walk in The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012. It was spectacular.
Secondly because, I hate sweating. Maybe because I was born with really active sweat glands, I perspire A LOT.(probably contributes to my relatively thin appearance)
I have always been that student who skips PE lessons in secondary school. I would find any reasons just to skip it. Be it cramps or headache. etc.
    I HATE RUNNING. I can't run for nuts. To be honest, I actually cheated for National Physical Fitness Award a.k.a NAPFA every year. hahaha. I have a friend who happened to be my buddy for the run and we would always change each other's timing so that we'll both pass.
Those were the days.

(Anyway, enough rambling! Back to my point.)
HOWEVER, VSX work out routines aren't the sort that makes you perspire like mad. They focus more on resistant exercises like "the plank" etc. You don't actually feel too exhausted at the end of the routine and thats what i like about it.

(I love doing jumping jacks or jumping ropes to warm up)
Most of the toning exercisers I focus on are for my cores, butts and legs. Featuring the beautiful Doutzen Kroes, all the more reasons to watch^^ ENJOY!
 My favorite of the whole routine is the Aerotwist. I love to do it(or in fact any of the work out)infront of the mirror. You can actually really see your abs forming.
Another video that i watch while i work out is this one right here! 
WARNING: this work out routine is HARDCORE.
Remember when I said that there's an instructor constantly yelling at you telling you what to do?
Well this is that video. It is super motivational and the trainer, Rebecca Louise is really supportive and inspirational! Its amazing how she can actually teach while working out like that. 
Try it and you'll know what I mean^^

Speaking of trainers, I LOVE watching Kelsey Lee!!! SHE SUPER PRETTY!
She's from XHitDaily too. Currently my favorite trainer. hehehe
Alright guys, so now you know what i do behind closed doors. And you can do it too!
Just be consistant and hardworking about it and you will see results in no time!!
But of course what you eat is important too:)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.
If you'd like me to write about anything else, just leave a comment or tweet to me at @EuniceAnnabel.
(p.s. I listen to music played at the Victoria's Secret shows, e.g. Beauty and a Beat by JB etc. They just remind me of how the angels look on the runway. And i wanna look like that too!!!)
On a side note, I THINK TOM FLETCHER IS SUPER TALENTED and here's something to prove it. Check this out^^ 


  1. Hi Eunice! I hope you could share any tips to avoid dark underarms? Or maybe what are the routines you do like waxing or plucking or shaving? Because I really noticed you have such fair underarms! Hope you can share some tips on how to maintain fair underarms or share the products that you use! Thanks! It would probably be a great help to me and maybe to many girls too who reads your blog :D

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