Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Highlight of My Life :,)

Dare to Dream...
"Your biggest risk will be the one you don't take."

There comes a point of time in your life where you finally know that whatever you've been working hard for your whole life, is finally paying off. This happened a few months back when I was invited to fly to New York to blog about the Sunsilk Hair Styling Studio session then. That was a pretty huge breakthrough for me as a blogger. It has definitely opened my eyes to the world and what it has to offer. It was, without a doubt, one of my best memories that is hard to erase.

It didn't just stop there. I guess some people would just relive the memories over and over again and probably stop, thinking that they have reached their peak. Well, we often don't realize what we are capable of. For me, I never knew that I would be doing whatever I am doing right now.

The reason why I've been rather busy and constantly tired lately, is because....
I have gotten through the auditions for Jack Neo's next movie, The Lion Men!!!!!
I'm still asking myself everyday if this is even real. I have acted back when I was about 10 or 11 for a show on Kids' Central. It was just a minor supporting role but i already knew it then that I was just meant to perform, to act, to dance. And that's why i've always loved performing!! I was a cheerleader and a dancer back in secondary school and I made sure that I excelled in drama classes too.

Getting the call from the Jteam regarding The Lion Men was one of the best moments in my life. Initially, I didn't think I'll even get past the first auditions. I mean I hardly even speak Mandarin! The callback for the second audition went better then i expected though. I think I really surprised myself too. All these while, I've been in a denial mode about my command of Mandarin. I scored a C6 for O'levels. There is no way I could have the courage to audition in Mandarin at all! But I had no choice. When you really want something, you have to do whatever it takes. So.... I acted with the Chinese script too. And shocked myself once again. I've always been telling myself that i can't speak Mandarin. The truth is, I can. Its just that I don't want to. 

So, my message to everyone out there is to NEVER shortchange yourself. You don't know what your full potential is if you never try. It only takes about 30 seconds of insane courage to receive the most beautiful gift in life. And remember to always stay optimistic! 
When one door closes, another one opens :)

Keep a look out for more updates for The Lion Men on RazorTV!
Have a great weekend! 

1) Twirling Pastels
Twirling Pastels offers a wide variety of apparels. Looking for casual get ups or party outfits? Twirling Pastels caters to all your needs, its a one stop destination that you just have to visit! I love what i took home with me, though it was SOOO HARD to decide what i wanted. Everything offer in their latest collection is super me!! I would wear anything from this collection!!

Here are my picks!!^^
Mint Basic Romper
This romper is a HOT MUST HAVE item this season!! Its comes in other really pretty colors and prints as well but I opted for one in Mint! Its such a unique fresh color that brightens up my day and keeps me cheerful and optimistic! Plus its super comfy! The lightweight material is great for sunny Singapore^^ I love the one in Pink too!

Blue Crochet Basic Tank
My first thoughts about this beautiful crochet tank was that it looks like it was taken straight off a rack in an A&F store. It is offered in White, Yellow and Pink too! And the white one really resembles a top I used to wear back when I was working at A&F. Which means... IT IS SUPER PRETTY!!!!! I took the one in blue instead though cause I have too many white tops and wanted to try something different. And this blue is just a MUST HAVE color! SO PRETTY *.*

Eyelet Crop Top
This collection is really pretty that I had to take home with me another item! And that is the Eyelet Crop Top!!! Can you see the little scallop hemline?? So gorgeous isn't it?? Plus its of really good quality too. Great for a casual Sunday brunch date^^

For more updates, like their Facebook page and follow them on instagram for instant updates!
Insta: @twirlingpastels

It is definitely not a collection to be missed!!!


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