Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is it so difficult to just be YOURSELF?!?!?!

Tell me I'm being overly sensitive about this but I just can't stand people who tries too hard.
I have always lived by this saying "Be yourself. Cause everyone else is already taken."... Some times, I wanna force this saying into certain people's minds. People who certainly don't lead. People who simply does what others do cause they basically just don't know themselves. They try so hard to be something that they're not, to be someone else, that in the process, they loose themselves. 

I mean how can you live everyday trying so hard to be just like someone else?? Aren't you sick of putting on this really FAKE front everyday? I don't get how you're so desperate to live somebody else's life. Why can't you just be appreciative of what you have? Does it pleasure you when someone says you look in that certain way you're dying to look like?? My blood boils every time i hear that freaking comment. The one you take as a compliment or even, a motivation. I roll my eyes EVERY TIME. Do you know?

I have talked to my friends about this certain type of people. At first, its nothing but a joke to me. Then things started getting serious and there's always a limit to everything. I am an optimistic, cheerful sort of person. But that doesn't mean people should take my kindness for granted. Once someone crosses the line with me, there are no second chances and I will not hesitate to cut them out of my life.

I don't know why this is happening again. I've been through this IRRITATING bullshit before back in secondary school and I thought that by now, I don't have to face anything close to it again. But I am wrong and it makes me rethink about being close to new people once again. It really feels like shit cause I really thought that at last I was starting to have true genuine people around me again. But looks like I was wrong. I hate people who use me. I really hate it. 

You can't just go around making use of people for your own victory. Do you even know how wrong that is? Do you know that you hurt people in the process? Or is that hunger for fame stopping you from thinking about whats good and sensible?

One word comes to my mind now every time you do something : "DESPERATE".
And its not even for anything good. You want this so badly because you just want more good things just for yourself. I'm sorry but people work hard for this. You can't just wake up one day and start claiming a certain label for yourself just cause you want to. People have been doing this for years and you put a SHAME to them by using their labels. Really hope your stop it soon cause people are noticing it and its not gonna do you any good. Nobody likes a fake. Thats the way it is.

... ....

You might be lost reading this. Well, basically Im just really unhappy about something. Should had listened to those around me who noticed it way before it was too late to stop it. Once again, i was just too nice. Too blinded by the hunger for friendship that I couldn't see it... till now.
Well, life goes on. 
We can't do anything about it but we can hope that it will go away soon.

I've been pretty busy with school. I have about one more week till this semester ends and I'll be really busy doing something. It is gonna be another HUGE highlight of my life. I'm gonna be a part of something I never thought I'll ever be a part of. But I can't reveal it yet. You will know soon anyway ;)

So I'm just rushing a hell lot of my assignments before everything begins. I have been doing as many shoots as I possibly can, even up to 3 outdoor shoots in a span of 2 weeks! Just gonna share some of my fav shots (which is like almost all of them) from the latest outdoor shoot for and

Photography by the VERY TALENTED Fiona Sng a.k.a Smitten Pixels once again. I don't know how she does it. Every shot, no matter how bad I look on that day, turns out REALLY NICE. There's no one else I rather work with. Seriously. She even makes the effort to take pictures from my left profile ALL THE TIME.

Nuff talk. Here are my favorite shots :)
And that's it guys!!!
Look out for a REALLY exciting post over the weekends ya?



  1. Too sweet of you, thank you <3 <3 <3 Always always grateful for you love.

  2. Where was the location of the photos which were took? :)

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