Monday, July 15, 2013

Maybelline: Rock The Rocket!!

Let's Rock The Rocket!!!
I love how Maybelline is constantly coming up with new products all the time. It just keeps getting better and better each time too! Let me introduce you to the latest mascara from the Volume Express range! (p.s. Volume express range is my favorite!! I have ALL of them. hehehe)

This is The Rocket, Volume Express Mascara.
Don't you just love the look of it??
It has a SUPERSONIC BRUSH and a FAST GLIDE formula that gives you BIG, SLEEK VOLUME instantly!
I have yet to try it but even if I haven't, I know that its gonna be yet another fabulous product from Maybelline. I swear by their mascaras! No matter what it is, Maybelline mascaras never fail to make my eyes look bigger. People often ask me if I wear fake lashes or if I have eye lash extensions. But I don't!! Its all in a Maybelline mascara. hehehe
The Rocket is gonna give you 8X Bigger eyes instantly with its Supersonic Brush's micro bristles. The fast-glide formula keeps your lashes smooth, which means... ZERO CLUMPS!! YAYY!!

Now here's the BIG ROCKET NEWS!! So listen up ladies!
I have gotten my hands on my Rocket Mascara and you can be one of the first fews just like me too!
Maybelline is holding the BIGGEST party of the year --- happening on 26th July 2013 @ Zouk. 
(by invite only)
I have 5 exclusive party invites to giveaway!! YAYY!!
If you want to join us next Friday, 26th July at Zouk for a rocking-good-time party, all you have to do is visit to my Facebook page and "Like" and comment "I WANT IT!" on the picture that I've posted!
----Giveaway ends on Saturday 20th July, 1159PM. Winners will be notified by Sunday 21st---



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