Tuesday, August 27, 2013

50 Facts About Me (PART2)

Ello people! I'm back with the second part of "50 Facts About Me"!

I was suppose to blog about this on... Sunday? But I decided to give myself a break for one day, since it was Sunday after-all. And I have to enjoy whatever breaks I have now since filming have already started and I'll be really really tired most of the time. As it is now, my eyes are stinging and I am super duper tired! I just got back from first day of shoot and its not easy at all... But whatever it is, I am a blogger first so keeping my blog updated for you guys is essential!^^

Without further ado, here's more facts about me! 
(starting to feel that this topic is pretty narcissistic..)

50 Facts About Me (PART 2)
26) I'd love to travel but I have only been to a few countries.
I have always been really adventurous. I love roller coasters, the thrill and I absolutely love the adrenaline rush. If I had a chance, I would totally jump at the opportunity to sky dive.
Unfortunately, all of that requires time and money. Which I am working on at the moment. So I have only been to.....Malaysia e.g. JB, KL, Penang. Thailand- BKK, Holland, Germany, New York. 

27) I started blogshop modeling when I was 16. I started blogging Dec 2012.
Yup, if you're still unaware, my life kinda began to go in the right direction ever since I started modeling for blogshops after O'lvls. Initially, I took it as just a job to earn a little bit of cash before poly began. But things got serious when it began to be an "addiction" and soon after, my passion :) My blog came about only last year December when I started getting a lot of questions about myself through Formspring. The blogshops that I model for often complain to me that they get emails regarding my life instead of the apparels itself! So I decided to take up a new hobby and at the same time, assist them in their problems. Hence, the birth of euniceannabel.blogspot.sg!! :)

28) Most often, I carry a big bag.
I have a thing for carrying big bags although I would LOVE to carry a small cross body everyday. It's so much more convenient compared to squeezing all my stuffs into a mini bag. I always bring a hell lot of stuffs and some times, those stuffs may even shock my friends. I was called an "Auntie" a couple of times already cause I always seem to have the most random things in my bag. I actually wanted to do an updated "What's In My Bag?" vlog as requested by one of you as well. But I haven't got the time :( So you can look forward to that maybe next week? ;)

29) Dream holiday? I used to be a beach kinda girl, but now I like adventure more. 
Being a risk-taker, its only natural that I love adventure. I love the adrenaline rush from a roller coaster, and I think I mentioned before that I wouldn't mind going sky diving if I had the opportunity to as well! I think that it is important for us to just try and do something different once in a while, experiencing life from a different perspective can actually make it so much more enjoyable and a hell lot more worthwhile. I would love to visit Maldives some day, I still have that fantasy of soaking up the sun in my bikini and straw hat, running across the beach etc. But apart from that, I'll probably wanna back-pack too. You get to see so many beautiful cities in just a short period of time and a low budget! hehe. I mean wouldn't it be great if you woke up in a different city everyday?

30) I have a good amount of friends with different sorta interests. 
You know the saying "Your friends are what you are"? It's so true! When you're around positive and influential people, its makes you positive and influential as well. No brainer. My friends are definitely of those qualities and not mention, they dare to dream, stand their ground and be different too. I have a relatively wide number of friends who have interests in music to fashion to modeling to photography to cinematography to entrepreneurship etc. And every one of them always inspires me to just do more and stand out. They are not to be afraid of trying new things. It's just great and I'm glad to have such original people in my life to call friends :)

31) *THE BONUS QUESTION* I use a Sumsung NX1000 in pink.
I always get this question non-stop!! So here you have it, the answer to what camera I use. Fai got it for me for my 19th Birthday gift and its one of the best things he has ever given me. I mean its such a useful and sentimental(cause its pink) present isn't it? The quality is super awesome and everyone just loves the color!! People are ALWAYS asking me where to get one. hahaha. Also, I love the flash!! Makes my skin look flawless all the time! hehehe

32) I use a box light to take advertorial pictures. 
I'm putting this little info in case you're wondering what sorta lightings I use to take my advertorial pictures! :) Fai also got it for me for Christmas 2012! One of the best gifts too. It's great for any shots but doesn't really work very well for videos :( My face always get super over-expose therefore Fai got me a ring light recently!! hehehe Can't wait to try it out soon with my next vlog!

33) Studying Apparel Design and Merchandising at Temasek Poly right now. 
Although i don't think I am going to pursue it anymore in future. Yup. You heard that right. The fact that I actually put school on hold for filming says a lot already doesn't it? I'm one of those students that definitely picked the wrong course. I remember joining this course because it looked and sounded so cool. Also because an old friend of mine joined too.. which she quit eventually as well. I was just heavily influenced and didn't picked what was right for me. The course is alright but I just don't see myself pursuing a career in that industry in the future. This is what I mean by "Some things should just remain as a hobby or interest.." cause when something you're doing stops becoming fun, then something is wrong. That's why I didn't go for internship and went for filming instead. I don't wanna miss out on an opportunity to be in a movie for something I don't really care much about anymore. But I will still have to go for internship next year though :( hahaha. 

34) Fav flowers? Have always been Daisies. 
Even before the whole hype about it last year. They're such happy flowers that makes you feel optimistic.

35) Fav genre of movies? Biographical drama films/Fantasy
e.g. The Social Network, Jobs. Films that teaches you more about general knowledge stuffs. I just love knowing more about things I have no idea about. I love listening to new stories and I would actually think about it a lot. I may even go crazy and do a lot of research about it after that. I also enjoy Fantasy movies like The Hunger Games and HARRY POTTER!! I AM A HUGE FAN OF IT. Basically movies that make you feel like you wanna be a part of the characters involved. hehehe

36) Fav drama series? I don't watch any. 
Nope. Not even Gossip Girl or Vampire Dairies. HAHA. Firstly, I don't have time. Secondly, even if I do have time, I don't wanna start watching any. I know I'll get hooked and I don't wanna morph into another crazy fan girl who dreams of having that perfect gossip girl life. I like having a roller coaster sorta life. Its always more interesting then one that's too perfect. Also, I have never been the sort of girl that goes all limp at the sight of a guy's abs. No. No. No. That's not the way to attract my attention! It's great that you put in effort to have a good body and all. But.... thats just an exterior. So Vampire Dairies is nothing! I know you all watch it for the guys only.

37) Fav actors? Andrew Garfield and Freddie Highmore. 
I think they're attractive in a weird way. 

38) Fav actress? Lily Collins. I think she is attractive full stop. Her brows. My aim.
I think she looked her best along side Taylor Lautner in Abduction *.*

39) Fav one direction boy? In case you're wondering, Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson. 
But..... I'll choose Danny Jones & Dougie Poynter any day! MCFLY FOREVER. 
Also, Men over boys.

Okay back to less Hollywood-ish facts yeah?

(p.s. At this moment now, my eye lids are really heavy and my brain is shutting down. 
Apologize if the following points are less elaborated alright?)

40) I live with my Daddy, Mumy and an elder brother (kor kor)
Sadly no pets :(
The card above was made by my brother for my 19th Birthday! I think my 19th was the best already huh? I had the best accompany of friends, a lovely hotel to celebrate it at and many surprises from my loved ones and friends and even my beloved blogshop owners who made me who I am today! I remember having a total of 4 cakes for this year. hehehe. Still super thankful to everyone^^

41) I used to study at CHIJ Sec Tpy
I was a bully sort-of. hahaha. Well, I didn't exactly bully people, but my old friends and I used to be kinda of a disturbance now that I think of it. We were always so loud and we always had our school uniforms altered shorter and there was never a time when we followed the school rules completely. I always remember throwing stuffs at my friends in the middle of class, attacking them with a really wet bunch of toilet paper and I even stood in front of the whole school before for morning assembly with two other friends. But at the same time, our teachers love us!! Its so weird but they really did. I guess we were or (I WAS) mischievous but we got our work done well.

42) My CCA was cheerleading and dance back then. 
I was torn between either being a part of a cheerleading team or a dance ensemble back in secondary school. So, I picked both! hehehe. I guess I haven't exactly changed have I? I love juggling several things at the same time. Cheerleading was one of the best memories of school and I will always remember IJ Twisters! The first batch of course. The amount of hysterical laughters and pain I shared with Jasmine is something I don't ever wanna let go. Dance taught me another side of me that I never knew then. That I could be attentive and discipline. Also, it taught me to be more expressive, raw and determined which are important qualities that helped me become who I am today!^^

43) Am I emotional? Not really. 
I used to cry a lot when I was younger. But I've learnt how to be strong and how to stay optimistic. You can sit there, sulk and cry over your problems. Or you can get up, move on and start anew! :)

44) I take Kordel's Primrose Evening Oil tablets everyday.
I don't eat veg or fruits that much. I don't even have time to sit down and have a proper meal some times. So I hardly get my necessary nutrients from food. So I take Vitamin tablets from time to time. But I consume Primrose Evening Oil tablets everyday without fail! You see, I used to get really bad cramps and I have really bad menstrual break outs too. I did a little research and Primrose Evening Oil is kinda like a "Women" pill. "Women use evening primrose oil for premenstrual syndrome (PMS), breast painendometriosis, and symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes." So far, I haven't had any bad cramps or really bad break outs like before *TOUCH WOOD!!!*

45) Hang out place? I am usually in town
Mostly, cine, ion, taka. Nowadays, weirdly at Wheelock Wendy's.

46) I am very organized and am a workaholic. 
Its true! I cannot just stay home and do nothing. I'll feel useless. Therefore, I am always on the move.
Speaking of being organized, I bought myself two new shoe shelves and a new desk recently!!! I can't wait to show you guys my huge new hauls! hehehehe

47) Where do I shop at? 
Pull&Bear, H&M, TopShop, F21. I usually shop for accessories, bags, cosmetics and my fav SHOES!!! Not so much for clothes since I am showered with loads from blogshops! hehehe

48) Starbucks or Coffee Bean? Coffee Bean! 
I don't drink coffee. YUP. I never have and I never wanna start. I don't like depending on things.
I love chocolate though! I love Banana Chocolate or Pure Double Chocolate.

49) I take about 30mins to get ready everyday. 
(make up, hair and selection of outfit included) Which is pretty fast right? I am sorry the points are getting very random... MY EYES ARE BURNING :(:(

50) I have a boyfriend. He is 24. And he loves me a lot. hehehe. Which I call Munchkin.


I promise to make it up to you guys in the next post alright?? GONNA ORH ORH NOW!



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