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Strip's Sweet Success!

A while ago, I was invited down to try out a "new recipe" STRIP has perfected for Brazilian Waxing. Initially, I was a little reluctant, as I have heard of waxing being really painful. However, after much consideration, I decided to give it a try. After all, I have friends who have already done waxing before and they never fail to tell me how good it actually feels and that the pain is totally bearable. 

I plucked up all my courage and headed down to STRIP at Ion Sephora (relatively new outlet) for a visit. Before I go on about my Brazilian Waxing experience, let me tell you a little more about STRIP!

STRIP: Ministry of Waxing, the home grown brand was founded by , Cynthia Chua in 2002. She believed that waxing should be practiced safely, hygienically and painlessly. Today, STRIP has 14 outlets island-wide and is also located internationally in 9 cities like New York, Shanghai, London and many more! All of which devotes to a commitment of "Hygiene, Speed and Quality." They were also the first salons to introduce the "No Double Dipping" rule. Apart from that, each customer would also receive a new individually sealed pouch containing disposable waxing equipment. All of these ensure that every customer's safety and hygiene issues are taken into consideration.

Now, back to my experience :)

I went to the STRIP outlet that is located inside of Ion Sephora, right next to the cashier counters.
As soon as I entered the salon, I didn't feel that nervous anymore knowing that I am away from the crowd outside. The ambience of the salon is really calm and relaxing, and I was greeted warmly with a cup of tea. I was shown around the salon which helped a lot in calming down my nerves since I was learning more about what was about to happen. 

So you might be wondering what waxing is all about right?
Well, Waxing is a non-permanent hair removal method that removes hair from the root. First, a thin layer of wax is spread over the skin. Next, a cloth or paper strip is pressed on top and ripped off which a quick movement against the direction of hair growth. 

What about Brazilian Wax?
Brazilian Wax is the depilation of hair from your pubic area. Don't try this at home and leave it to the Waxperts! It takes a skilled therapist to remove the hair around pubic area. STRIP uses a specially formulated hard wax so you get maximum results with minimum pain.

Ouch? At first, I thought so too. But I had all trust in my Waxpert, Moon. She went through the procedure with me and ensured me that I would come out of the waxing room feeling very satisfied. I was even told that all of STRIP's Waxperts go through a strict boot camp before servicing their first customer. 
As she began to tell me more about their latest campaign: Strip-a-licious, my mouth started watering because the new recipe actually sounded really yummy! I tried their "new recipe", STRIP-A-LICIOUS Sundae, consisting of a Strawberry and Chocolate wax, and a Vanilla aftercare cream called "Ice Cream".

STRIP uses these customized wax formula targeted at reducing pain levels and tackling sensitive areas. It is made with a fluidity and consistency that can remove hair as short as 1mm, and is created at a low melting point for a fast and effective wax. And NO, it wasn't as hot as I thought it would be. In fact, it felt very soothing and therapeutic on my skin!

The Strip-a-licious treat is a great introduction to Brazilian waxing, with a chocolate and strawberry wax for a clean and comfortable strip-off, while a special Ice Cream soothes the skin for a calming finish.

Developed specially for first time Brazilian Virgins, STRIP's Strawberry Wax packs the healing powers of Chamomile and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe even the tenderest skin. Especially creamy and easy to apply, it removes hair with minimal discomfort and leaves skin enveloped in a comforting strawberry scent.

Formulated with Titanium Dioxide, STRIP's Chocolate Berry Wax is super efficient, removing even the shortest and most stubborn hair with gentle ease to leave skin completely smooth and fuzz-free. Die-hard fans come back for the delicious chocolate berry scent alone.

What's a sundae without the perfect topping? STRIP's vey own Ice Cream has been specially formulated to comfort and calm skin, making it an excellent after-care product for post-Brazilian skin. Menthyl Lactate, a deritive of menthol, cools and soothes skin, while Ice Cream's moisturizing properties also help to hydrate and soften skin simultaneously. Just a light application immediately relieves and revitalizes. 

The individually sealed pouch I mentioned earlier.

After reading through their SOS Virgin Forest Rescue Kit, which takes care of all your concerns for your first time, I was given 7 drops of Bach Flower Essence to calm my nerves. The Bach Flower Essence was drop underneath my tongue and tasted fine. Kinda like the taste of wine. 
When I was ready, I was taken to the waxing room!
Apart from just the Bach Flower Essence, I was also given an Animal Squeezy Toy for company! Super adorable isn't it? hehehe. I was hugging this pillow tight the whole time.    
Smiling happily before the procedure!
These were the waxes. They were housed in these really cute containers!^^
After about only 30 minutes, I was done with my treatment! STRIP really stood by their promise of "Hygiene, Speed and Quality." 
Yes, of course it did hurt, but like what my friends said, it was bearable! I have always had a high tolerance of pain anyway so to me, the procedure went really well! :) Even if it did hurt during certain points of the treatment, I stayed calm knowing that my Waxpert knows what she's doing. And of course, I was super pleased with the results! In fact, I will come back in future for more treatments.

Its great knowing that hair in waxed areas will not grow back for 3 weeks; when the hair does grow back, it is significantly softer than before. It also works as a gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth!

Some of the items I took home with me for after-care :)

Including the "Ice Cream"! hehehe
I love how it works to cool down my sunburnt shoulders too!
It can be found in all Strip outlets, retailing at S$51.36. 
 Indulge in a serving of Strip’s Ultimate Brazilian Wax Combo at $25 (U.P. $62) by purchasing a voucher here!

Apply promo code 'EuniceA' during check out and get additional 10% off!
You can also instagram this Strip-a-licious standee (located in all outlets) and flash it to the counter and get a $10 voucher!

For more information, check out STRIP's website at
(I love their website! It's super creative.)

Thank you STRIP for having me! Will be back for my next session<3


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1) Twirling Pastels
Twirling Pastels need not much introduction anymore. I am certain that they are one of your favorite blogshops around! Cause they sure is mine! They never fail to offer really unique and pretty apparels in every collection. It's always really difficult for me to pick just 2 outfits from every collection cause there's just so many awesome choices! From really sexy party dresses, to casual brunch date rompers... they have it all! So here are my picks this round ;)

Black Open Back Skater Dress
"We couldn't leave this dress alone, could we? WE LOVE THE EXTREMELY FLATTERING CUTTING OF THIS GORGEOUS OPEN BACK DRESS. Unlike your usual skater dress, this dress comes with a little sneak-peek at the back that we all love, don't we? With an awesome material and a super pretty flare, this is definitely one of our favourites, only exclusive to TWP"

Don't you just love this skater dress??? The open back detail is to die for! Even though I have a tattoo on my back that I don't really like flaunting all the time, I can't say no to this dress. It has the most perfect fit ever for a skater dress. And the stretchy material is super comfy! Pair it with heels for a perfect party dress or dress it down with sneakers :)

Daisy Cutesy Skirt

"Adorable pair of skirt filled with little daisies prints! Not forgetting the cute peplum detail at the bottom of the skirt that is extremely alluring. The length and cutting of this skirt is perfect and the quality is assured by us. Not forgetting that this gorgeous skirt features a side zipper for easy wearing!"

I am not exactly a fan of wearing skirts but this one is an exception! The moment I put this skirt on, I knew that its something I need to have in my wardrobe! NEED! The daisy prints are really pretty and the fit of this skirt is perfect. Super comfy and just the right length :) Wouldn't this outfit look super cute with white platform sneakers? hehehe

Be sure to get your hands on these awesome apparels before they get sold out. 
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2) SpikedXSouls
Spikedxsouls, pronounced as "Spiked Souls" is a local online boutique that offers a wide variety of apparels. They offer both womenswear and menswear. With everything available price below S$21, they aim to bring in trendy apparels at the best prices possible! A little tight on your budget? Their SALES page is located at the bottom of the site :)

Here are my picks!!!^^
Thigh Cut Out Dress
What's better then a maxi dress? One that comes with a stunning fit and two really sexy high thigh slits! The moment I saw this dress, I knew that I had to have it! Firstly, I love the color. This sorta blue always gives any girl a rather glam sophisticated appeal. I love the material and how it drapes over my silhouette. And I love the slits! They're unique:) 

White Flower Power Cut Out Dress
Do you know that this is a Nasty Gal inspired dress??? And we all know that anything Nasty Gal or StyleNanda inspired is a MUST HAVE item right?? And that's why I picked this really cute piece! Its such a comfy outfit for a day out with your friends. Looks awesome with sneakers or sandals!!

For more awesome apparels, check Spikedxsouls out on their Facebook page!

Quote "euniceannabel" upon checkout in any part of the form for free normal postage!! Free registered postage is also available for orders above $50! So what are you waiting for???
If you're looking for casual comfy everyday apparels, look no further then FORMODE. They have a wide variety of apparels ranging from rompers to tops to skirts to shorts to dresses for you to choose from! Some times its great having a wide assortment of basics to shop for cause basics are really versatile and you can never go wrong with them! Here are my picks!^^

Bambi Crop Top in White
Okay maybe this crop top is a little TOO cropped for me. hahahah But I think it'll look great paired with a pair of high waist jeans or a skater skirt! Its really versatile actually and you can always style it in different ways for different looks! So its great. What I like about it? Its quality! :)

Mesh Zipped Top in White
Another really versatile top from FORMODE! I can pair it with practically ANYTHING! The unique thing about it are the mesh shoulders parts and the sweetheart neck line :) It creates a rather feminine look and naturally makes the whole top a little more sophisticated don't you think? I think it'll look stunning paired with a pair of high waist knee length pencil skirt.

A little good news for you girls!!!^^
So what are you waiting for??


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