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Eyebrow Embroidery (BrowHaus review) X Advert- TWP, Vogue Avenue

YAYYYY!!!! I finally have time to blog again!
I have been so busy that I've kinda forgotten how to even be vain. Being around lots of guys over the past few weeks have kinda made me a little less "girly" then usual. In the sense that I get tired and lazy to apply my daily make up (i skip quite a bit of the layers of mascaras and tone down a lot on the contouring stuffs), also I'm getting used to all the bruises on my legs from the preps we've undergone for the filming. 

I am so fatigue and I wake up with muscle aches almost everyday now. You know that point of time in your life where you just don't give a shit about how you look anymore? Well, I think Im going through that now! hahahaha. Because of my pure utter laziness, I decided to just get my brows embroidered once and for all!! This way i don't have to spend extra time drawing my brows every morning anymore.

 It can be such a pain in the arse some times. Especially when you accidentally put a little too much pressure and end up with super dark scary brows or when the lead of the pencil is blunt and you can't find the sharpener etc. PURE MORNING ANGST. 

BrowHaus Brow Resurrection
Right, so I shall begin this post with my experience at Browhaus. Fear not. This is nothing close to an advertorial. I was not paid to say anything neither was my treatment at Browhaus sponsored. I paid for the service and kinda regretted it to some extend. So expect some honest truths about how I feel towards their well acclaimed Brow Resurrection treatment. 

I ain't gonna show you how my brows looked like before the treatment. Lets just say they're barely there? Well the shape is there but the hair itself is really light and pretty sparse which made my brows really undefined. 

Let me tell you this. Any girl can have the most gorgeous facial features but without a set of well defined groomed brows, they're all gonna go to waste. I personally feel like having a nice set of brows is essential. I mean whats a pretty picture without a pretty frame around it? This is why I can't live without my eyebrow pencils (or at least, I used to not be able to live without it). But with my new set of embroidered brows, I don't even need brow pencils. 
So what is Brow Resurrection? 
Is it like tattoo? Does it hurt? How long can it last? How do I take care of it? I am pretty sure you have tons of questions to ask about it. Well, I suggest that you do your research before deciding to get one done. Also, compare standards and prices of different shops before deciding to go to one. 

Trust me, you don't wanna end up like me. I did my brows without any background knowledge or research about it. I DID IT ON IMPULSE. I just went straight into BrowHaus and got it done. I didn't know if it would hurt or what the side effects are etc. Yeah, call me dumb. No. Really. Call me dumb cause I spent a BOMB on my brows when i could have gotten the same quality treatment else where -.-

I mean the service was exceptional and I felt super comfortable throughout the whole process. Not to mention, really superior too since I had the best view of Cine from my seat.(I went to BrowHaus at Mandarin Gallery) BUTTTTTTT the staffs are SUPER PUSHY. SUPER. SUPER. SUPER PUSHY. The whole treatment was only suppose to come up to a total of 1.2k++??? But they just kept cajoling me to purchase a 4 year package deal and since I have always been the sort of person that finds it hard to say "no" to others, I gave in and ended up spending more then 2k. ON MY BROWS.

STUPID EUNICE. STUPID EUNICE. All my hard earn money and savings just GONE like that, on what???? EYEBROWS. How bimbotic can that get? I could have bought another freaking Macbook or I can paid 80% of my driving license with that money. OMGGGG. SLAP ME.

Well, it was a lesson well learnt. At least I wake up with pretty brows everyday now. I can go swimming without worrying that I come out of the pool looking like a China alien. And I save a hell lot of time spent drawing my brows every morning too.

Anyway, enough with my annoying regretful rants. I am here to give you a heads up on what to do and look out for when getting your brows embroidered. 

This is how my brows look like now. Its scabbing and peeling already so it looks rather uneven. Covered it up with a little bit of brown powder. Honestly, according to the aftercare instructed by BrowHaus, it it advisable not to apply any make up on your brows for two weeks. BUT DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE!?!?!?! I am gonna start filming soon and I can't apply make up on my uneven brows?? Got to be kidding me. Times like this is when I just go "YOLO".
Right, so anyway, the fine lines you see on my brows in the picture above aren't my hair AT ALL!!!! Its actually the embroidery design :) That's something Im happy about though. I mean it looks so natural, my mom didn't even know I got them done at all!

So how is it done? 
First, my "technician" examine my brows and told me what the problems were.... All I was thinking about while she was at it was "duhh... I know what the problems are. That's why Im here." HAHA. Then she started grooming my brows (not that much grooming was needed since I barely had any brows!!), she just tweezed away the unwanted excess hair around the desired area. And then she drew my brows and I must say I was really impressed with her skills. Once I have agreed with the design, a numbing cream was applied on my brows and I was left to let it set in for a good 30 minutes or so. A reminder to you, I didn't have any clue about what was about to happen but if numbing cream is involved, it means pain doesn't it? So I was pretty anxious and was wishing Fai was beside me. 

To my surprise, it didn't hurt AT ALL. I even fell asleep throughout the whole process. HAHA. I hope I didn't drool but I know I did have a little spasm at some point and shocked my technician a little. Then again, I have a very high tolerance of pain. Compared to my tattoos, brow embroidery is nothing? 

Oh and in case you're wondering, eyebrow embroidery is NOTHING like tattooing! Embroidery is just injected ink into the first few layers of your skin, it is semi-permanent so it'll go away after about 2 years depending on your skin condition etc. Which is freaking awesome cause you can always change the style of your brows from time to time. Tattooing however, is injecting ink to the inner most layer of your skin making it permanent. GO READ UP ON THIS IF YOU WANNA KNOW MORE. And brow tattooing is disgusting. I am sure you've seen old aunties with greenish/blueish eyebrows right? Thats due to tattooing. 
Some tips?
Check Erabelle out. They have a really freaky tune to their website but put that aside, I think they can offer really good eyebrow embroidery service at a fraction of the price BrowHaus offers. Unless you're like me and you'll give in to BrowHaus since the pretty faces of Fiona Fussi and Holly Grabarek graces the banners and covers of their ads. But, seriously, do your homework and find out of other places that offer great services okay?? Don't spend so much on something thats only gonna be there for a maximum of 2 years. Don't be like stupid Eunice.

Next, always make sure that you have almost nothing on for the next 2 weeks so that you can give your new brows time to recover. Like don't do it a few days before some huge party or grand event. You don't wanna turn up with scabbing/peeling brows right? Also, its pretty itchy.

You are advice not to plan any facial appointments for the next 2 week after getting your brows done, apparently, your brows are not suppose to come into contact with water cause it'll soften the scabs, making them peel off faster, hence the ink will not last long. I THINK THIS IS A DOWNSIDE OF EYEBROW EMBROIDERY. For the past few days, I can't freaking wash my face as per normal. I had to use a wet cloth to wash my face. WTF. No wonder Im breaking out around my brows area.
Yeap, and thats about it for my rather bad eyebrow embroidery experience. Had it not been for the pushy staffs, I think I would have had enjoyed the whole experience a little more. If only Fai was there with me... He wouldn't ever let something like that happen :( 

Well, its just another phrase of growing up, some way or another, I will have to face such situations some how right? It has definitely made me a little more cautious on what I spend on now. And thats great cause it means NO MORE CABS TOO!!! 

I think I'll stop here for today's post. Wanted to go on about my latest unusual picnic date with Fai but I didn't expect myself to babble so much earlier on. So I'll save that for the next post yeah? :)

Have a great week ahead everyone!! Hope my bruises heal ASAP. Pray for me! hehehe

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  3. Hi babe,I just did my gradient eyebrows embroidery 3day ago ..
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    Just wonder how Long will it take to peel and fade ?
    And how Long after can I actually bathe or wash my face as usual ?
    As for first timer, I wonder will it really fade or will it fade to uneven patches?? As I don't think I'll be doing any touch up ):

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