Friday, August 9, 2013

Updates! x Advert- SHOPSKINNED

How did National Day go for you guys?
Pretty sure almost everyone of you enjoyed the fireworks last night huh? I was in the theatre with Fai scaring ourselves to death watching The Conjuring. Oh gosh, movies like those always makes me wanna go to church regularly. We both loved the movie despite hearing some negative comments about it. I hardly watch horror movies cause I'll often get paranoid after but I gave this one a shot since I was in the mood. It was good and I would recommend you guys to check it out too :) I was closing my ears half the time, and yes... I am a little paranoid about the "clapping" now. hahaha

Anyway, besides catching a movie, Fai and I headed to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar at Wisma again!! If you haven't tried their speciality, SHIOK MAKI, you gotta give it a shot!! I would always pick "Generation 2" since I don't eat eel... Im a salmon lover for life! However... there's a lot of room for improvement on their service :( Our Shiok Maki took forever to get served, we waited for almost about an hour and gave up in the end. Sighh... I mean if that particular dish of yours is so special, then shouldn't you do something about preparing and serving it fast? Oh wells.

My OOTD, romper sponsored by ^^
Well, that was my OOTD before accessorizing. hehehe
Headed into H&M and bought a pretty good amount of stuffs and decided to put them on immediately. hahaha. And TA-DA! My new OOTD:)
Went from feminine elegance to sporty chic!
Here's my H&M haul!
I don't really shop that much for clothes anymore ever since I started getting clothes sponsors. I only buy new outfits when I see something I know online shops/blogshops won't offer. So I usually just shop for heels, flats, boots (Well, basically footwear), accessorizes and cosmetics! 
Pick out two new scarfs, they always pump up your casual outfit a little and keeps you warm at the same time! LOVE IT! Got a new Iphone cover too! It's super adorable isn't it? And some new hair-ties and a pair of earrings :) Oh yeah and a basic lace top that looks really A&F but only costs S$17.90^^
It kinda resembles my long lost VS bracelet except it WAYYYYY CUTER! I actually bought two of them just in case one gets rusty or its color tarnishes :) I know, super auntie right. hahaha
Finally! My everyday accessory set is completed once again! I can't leave my house without wearing a pair of earrings, a ring, an everyday necklace and a bracelet on. 
I feel so much more "complete" now. hehehe
And that's how my Friday night went :)
Not really in any mood to party nowadays, went a little too hardcore the last time that my energy has all drained out. hahaha. So thats about it!! Thanks for reading my rather lame post. Just tryna keep this space alive. Till next time!


Founded in 2009, MYROSEBULLET was founded by two sisters, Jaclyn and Michelle, whom both shared undying passion for fashion. Since 2012, Jaclyn has been responsible for the entire operations, with the aid of Michelle. Michelle is doing full time modeling for SHOPSKINNED.

In the mid 2011, MYROSEBULLET was rebranded and renamed as SHOPSKINNED.COM.

SHOPSKINNED offers a wide selection of the most desirable clothing and accessories available online. Dressing the fashionistas in search of fashion-forward clothes and meeting her daily needs of great affordability is the formula that they aim to operate. 

"All of our items are specially handpicked overseas by me with care for it style and wearability. I'm on a mission to bring style to you, wherever you are! Follow us online to keep up to date with our latest collections and get set to fall in love with everything on SHOPSKINNED with me!" - Jaclyn
SHOPSKINNED has always caught my attention since it was named MyRoseBullet. From the styling to its brand image and even their photos! Not to mention, their super chic and trendy outfits! 
Here are my picks!^^
I really love this floral embroidery crop top!! It looks much like a top I got from TopShop too! It fits me really well and its super comfy too. Looks great paired with high waisted shorts or pants! 
A lace top like this is just a MUST HAVE item! It looks really nasty-gal inspired right? That's what I LOVE about SHOPSKINNED! They always offer lots of pretty, yet sexy apparels at such reasonable prices! 
Apart from just apparels, be happy to know that SHOPSKINNED also offers lots of gorgeous bags too! 
Follow them to keep up to date with their latest collections & get set to fall in love with everything! 
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