Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Third Visit to SALON VIM X Adverts- OOTD, BulletShots

Time. Glorious time. 
As you all know, I am currently really free so I finally headed down to Salon Vim to fix my tresses!!! I have been wanting to get a dye job and treatment done for my hair but I never had the time to do so. It's been about 3 months since my last visit hence the really bad condition of my mane. The roots are surprisingly visible and the ends are badly damaged. It has kinda grown thin and brittle at the ends. 

I am super glad I could slot in an appointment yesterday. My hair looks and feels so much healthier and bouncier now! The difference is really amazing, and I MEAN IT. Even though Salon Vim is my official hair sponsor and this is a review, I MEAN IT when I say my hair looks great now and that Salon Vim is awesome. I mean, if they aren't good why do I keep coming back? Or why am I always dying to find some time to fix my hair there? 

So here's how my THIRD visit went:) 
Yes, third only. hahahaha. I've always been too busy to go back and it's been so long since my last visit that my stylist Sham, had to call me to come back. hahaha
Mandatory shot of my hair before the entire process. Notice the different tones in my hair? You can see black, brown, copper.... Really ugly. So I had to get it fixed ASAP before filming starts!
As usual, Sham analyzed the issues I was facing regarding my hair and he suggested some solutions. He has never failed with any suggestions neither has his service ever fall short. So I had my full trust in him, I went with whatever recommendations he had and it all began!! Check out my really dark roots in the picture below. Pretty obvious right? :(

STEP 1: Getting my hair dyed.
Since I'm gonna be filming over the next 2.5 months or so, I can't go crazy with any new colours. I have to stick with my current hair colour. What Sham suggested was to touch up my roots and ensure that my entire mane is of the same tone throughout. Love how my lids look in the shot below, trying to embrace the 'no-eyeliner' look once again.
Had a good read about latest Fashion trends and an inside about Lily Collins's new role in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I LOVEEEEE Lily Collins. I have always loved and idolized celebrities or models with really dark hair and thick brows. And she has always been one of fav! Noticed her since her role in Abduction, where she played along side heartthrob Taylor Lautner. That's when Fai look a fancy in her too. hmmmmm..... Anyway, can't wait to catch the new movie she's gonna be in. Pretty sure its gonna be the next big thing.. Kinda like a new Twilight. 

(pssss... Lily Collins auditioned for Bella Swan too! But obviously it wasn't meant to be.)
So anyway! Here's me waiting to get the dye to set in. I love how Salon Vim always ensures that their customers are feeling good. And no, they don't just do it cause I'm gonna write a review. I looked around and noticed that they're always super caring to all their other customers too! 
After a good half an hour, it was time to wash the dye off!! I LOVE this part of the process. HAHA. I think every blogger feels the same too! You see, apart from just washing the dye off, you get a head massage too! hehehehe. I never fail to feel like falling asleep whenever that happens. Its just "SHIOK"!

STEP 2: Privy Caretrico Arimino Hair Treatment 
Save my hair! Save my hair!! It is vital that we keep our manes healthy. A good head of hair is always beautiful! If you style your hair using heated tools or hair wax/sprays/gel regularly, you should give your hair a holiday some time and give it a little pampering. Privy Caretrico Arimino is a hair treatment Salon Vim often use for all of us bloggers. It locks down your hair cuticles with moisture and nutrients making your hair soft and supple. 
Here's me getting my hair cuticles locked down with all the vital nutrients which includes one of my fav--- Evening Primrose Oil!!! p.s. THE SMELL IS SUPER AWESOME.
This spaceship look-alike instrument may appear scary but its only to ensure that your hair fully absorbs the nutrients from the treatment solution. UV light actually speeds up the process in case you're wondering. Just like a sun tanning bed! :)

STEP 3: Getting my hair in shape!
Ta-Da!!! My final hair colour! Isn't everything in the same tone now? As mentioned earlier, since I'm gonna be filming soon, I can't change the appearance of my mane. So I couldn't get a trim or whatever :( But I am always happy enough to walk out of Salon Vim with a glowing head of hair thats soft and FLUFFY!!! One of my fav part of the process: blow drying my hair into loose waves.
And that's it!!! Salon Vim never fails to deliver and they've proven to be excellent in the hair-care field.
If you want supple, stylish and healthy looking hair, don't be shy and visit Salon Vim too!!
Call now to make reservations with Salon Vim at

Contact:             6884-7757       or             6884-7767     
Monday to Friday 11am - 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm 

For more inspirations and updates, check out Salon Vim's FB page here
Went home a few hours later and... CAMWHORED!!! I am so sorry for the following pictures. I know they may a little too much but I couldn't decide which picture to upload so I uploaded ALL! hahaha
I really LOVEEEE how my hair feels now. Its so soft that I can actually use it as a make up brush now. HAHA! Kidding!!
You can actually see each and every single strain of hair. 
That's how wholesome my mane feels like now.
Can't wait to be back soon! Oh yes, Sham said that it is important to get your hair trim and fix every 6-8 months. So if you haven't visited your salon yet, give Salon Vim a shot? ;)


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