Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I D E N T I T Y . C R I S I S . {TopMan Snapback Giveaway} X Advert- Greys-Online, Label Dibs

Okay. So lately, I have been rather... lost.
As you all can read from this post's title, Im not very sure of who I am.
One moment Eunice loves pink, the next moment she's dressing all swag, and the next moment she's in ripped shorts and boots. SO WHAT'S UP??? (I know... you probably heard me say this in the past as well. But this time, its a little more serious)

Well, its more then just finding my image. Honestly, being in my shoes, in this industry with people constantly watching you and telling you what to do and what to change, it's hard. What's even harder then that is staying relevant and ensuring that I am still who I am 5 years down the road. 

I asked myself... "who am I?"... You see, I started out as a blogshop model, tried to do a little bit of professional commercial modeling, went into blogging and now.. acting? I am upset that I hardly do any professional shoots now and the amount of blogshop shoots I get are getting lesser and lesser as well. So what does that make me?? If I were to ask my friends and family what they think I am, what would their reply be? What would YOUR reply be?

I am going to be really frank in this post. 

I am curious. Why do you read my blog anyway? I mean, I appreciate all my readers and fans. I wouldn't be where I am today (not that I'm really a big thing anyway..) without any of your support. And without a doubt, I love you guys. But.... what about me do you like? What about my posts that you like? There are TONS of bloggers out there in today's society and many more trying to be one. Honestly, I feel that almost everyone is talking about the SAME thing. Everyone does the same sorta make-up tutorials, the same challenges on Youtube, and some even look alike! I am no different. Which is kinda making me feel really lost.... I am starting to feel that maybe, Im not as special as I always thought I was...

While I was trying to figure that out, some thing happened yesterday that taught me a life lesson. Well, it was kinda like a reminded of what struck in my head when Tyra Banks said something on her show a few years back. The quote "....if you feel uncomfortable wearing something, then get back in and change or you're gonna feel uncomfortable the whole day... which will affect your confidence..." I couldn't agree more.

You see, I wore a blue shift dress with a pink belt over, had my fringe pinned up to mimic a doll-like look. On my feet, I wore my usual comfy lace floral sneakers while I clutched onto my "Furla" bag. (its not a real Furla btw) That initial appearance screams "GIRLY!!!". Yes, at times I may be a super girly, prim and proper girl, but lately, I just ain't feeling it. It's just NOT ME. I want to wear caps and sneakers and denim shorts more then ever. But because of my "identity crisis issue", I tried once more going out looking like some rich ass bitch. Which didn't work out. Which.. left me to feel really insecure and LOST once again.

I spent the next 2 hours with Jas finding a whole new outfit because I just felt too insecure dressed like someone else. I was desperately in need of something that could make me feel confident again. Something which may not necessarily be me, but at least I would feel happy in it. I mean, I could be dressed in a totally different style everyday but as long as I feel happy and confident about it, it would beat wearing that blue shift dress any day. Right? (I hope Im still making sense)

And Jas was right. She said to "never let anyone's words doubt yourself... at the end of the day, those who love you will accept who you are even if it's a 360degree change. Just be true to yourself, because that's the most genuine side of you(:....." WISE JAS. WISE JAS. HAHAHA

She's right. I guess as long as I am still who I have always been from the beginning of this entire roller coaster career, I will be fine. You know, no matter what I do or how I talk or how I dress, if I am still the same person personally, there isn't gonna be any issues about my identity after all.. And maybe... that's what I've always loved about myself. That, in every new task I undertake, I make sure that I try to stay true to myself, yet do it to the best of my abilities. And I hope that that will be something that will stay with me 5 years down the road.... 

Most importantly, I will NEVER leave the house feeling uncomfortable ever again. At least the money spent on my impulse buys could have gone into other more worthwhile expenditures. 

AND TA-DA!! My OOTD yesterday. 

I actually walked around town in just shorts and a tee from Pull & Bear. 
Bought a cap from TopMan too, but I wasn't feeling it after a while either. Kinda wanna put it up for sale but I figured that maybe I'll do a giveaway instead!!!! How does that sound???
TopMan "KAPOW" Snapback Giveaway!!!
If you wanna win it, its EASY!! Since I am on the search for my identity, help me out by just letting me know/reminding me of something I've done in the past that has inspired you. If I have never inspired you but you just want the cap, its fine too! Maybe you can let me know about something I can improve on in my blog posts? Anything is fine. If you think my blog is too pink and girly, let me know too! Or if you think I should take more ootd shots then selfies on instagram, let me know! Or maybe, you think I should do more vlogs instead? JUST LET ME KNOW! I wanna know what you think of Eunice Annabel :) The entry that touches my heart the most or has the most constructive feedbacks, wins the cap with maybe a little more surprise gifts as well ;)

Please MAIL me your entry (any length) to

Include your Name, Gender and Age please:)
Winner will be notified via mail.
Contest ends Sunday, 18th August 2013, 0059hrs (11.59PM)
Have fun, get creative and most importantly, BE GENUINE :)
Be a part of finding Eunice! hehehehe


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Here are my picks!^^

White Panel Fleur Shift Dress
This is such a great outfit for school presentations ain't it? Super classy and sophisticated^^ What I love most about it? It's that it's of really good quality! In fact both of the apparels that Greys-Online have sent to me are of really good quality! Totally trust worthy :)

Open Back Checkered Romper in Lemon Yellow
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Their latest collection- Late Bloomers, have already launched! And I just love everything they have to offer! What's even more awesome about them is that their apparels are all imported in from overseas and are offered at relatively low prices (e.g. ONLY S$15.90 for a top or S$21 for a dress!)

Here are my picks^^

Rainbow Romper
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 Halter Neck Top
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