Thursday, August 15, 2013

GushCloud goes to HOT FM 91.3!!!!

I wanna start this post by saying how blessed I feel.
I've been rather "lost" lately as mentioned in my previous post and did a little giveaway contest (which is still open if you wanna have a shot at winning the TopMan SnapBack!). In return, I asked YOU for a little write up, blah blah blah... and I never knew that I meant that much as a blogger to you guys. All of your entries were amazing and each and every one of them has touched my heart, it made me smile like an idiot, it made me laughed out loud, there were A LOT of surprises and trust me, one even brought me to tears... 

I will try my VERY BEST to reply each and every one of your emails. And I will do a proper blog post about this and what I've learnt from YOU when the contest is over. And definitely, I am going to promise YOU that I will do whatever some of you have suggested. I think it is a brilliant idea. You know, some of you are so creative that YOU should be a blogger too! hahaha

I am blown away.. I am just sitting here in my room now really thinking about what I've just read from you guys. In fact as I was going through the mails I've received, I took down a hell lot of notes! Its great hearing about your thoughts and opinions and suggestions! Thank you guys^^

We'll go into more details about that some time soon yeah?
Here's a quick update on what happened today ;)

A big thank you to Boy Thunder (BT), Adam and Josh for having us at 91.3's studio yesterday!
We were on their show for a bit, chatting mostly about our blogs and what we do. Honestly, I was pretty nervous to go on air. HAHA I was afraid to say the wrong thing or what if I suddenly stutter? I won't be able to take my words back and replace it with something else while the whole of Singapore is listening right? If you weren't one of those Singaporeans and you missed out on it, I recorded my part of the interview as well as Asyiha's too! So you can hear it too :) 
(& I can always play it over and over again and secretly listen to it on my own too. hehehehehehe)
Don't worry too much if you're wondering why my segment seemed pretty short. All of us GushCloud girls will be featured individually every week on HOT FM starting next week onwards! Its for a segment called #HotChickOfTheWeek! That's why #LohYeahMohYeah aka Jian Hao was searching for me earlier this week holding my newspaper article all over Bugis! HAHAHA. I shall not give away too much about it yet, will give a heads up about it soon^^

The article Jian Hao used to "find" me. hahaha. I have to thank The New Paper for always featuring their old New Face girls. Such a good feeling to always be a part of the family where ever we are :)
Jun Ying, Tammy, Xavier, Lucinda and I all ready for our interviews^^
My pretty new breed New Face girl Asyiha! hehehe
Have you checked out her New Face spread in The New Paper a few days ago? So gorgeous!!!
Mandatory shameless selfie. Tammy was laughing to herself while I took a hell lot of shots of myself while waiting. But hey! We're all bloggers so I suppose everyone would think that this is perfectly normal right? HAHA
And in case you're wondering, this is how a radio station studio looks like :)
They way BT, Adam and Josh worked was SOOO COOL!!!!!! LIKE I WANNA BE ONE OF THEM TOO! :(:(:( Everything had to be very precise and they had such great talent of thinking of what to do and what to say ON THE SPOT. It was amazing. I can just sit there all day and watch. 
Lucinda, Jun Ying and Xavier getting their interview done :)
While the rest of us wait. hehehehe
And I AM SO JELLY!!!! Adam got free manicure done by Jun Ying :( I want it too! She's so good at it, one minute she's pushing the cuticles and the next moment when I turn to look, she's already drawing. Super efficient and effortless!!
And then a Pikachu appeared!! hahahaha 
So "Super-Latino!" *Inside-joke! hahahaha!
It's TYLER!!!^^
Oh yes, we all ended up on the floor eating away. hahaha
I got a little TOO comfortable and took off my heels and walked around bare footed too. 
Rachel, Freda (our manager^^), Joanna and Asyiha!
Thank you guys for having us once again! It's such a great pleasure working with all of you and WE WILL BE BACK!!! Oh yes, Adam, hope you find "THAT GIRL" soon too ;)
Photo credit: Joanna 

Felt super hungry LIKE MAD!!
Tomorrow's Friday and you know what that means?? ITS GCWEEKENDS!!!
ARGHHHH!!! I am so sorry for the caps but I am JUST TOO HAPPY! HAHAHAHA
Photo credit: Ridhwan

Till then, take care. I LOVE YOU MY READERS <3



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