Sunday, August 18, 2013

GCweekends X Celyn's B'dae Surprise X Korean BBQ with GCPRIDE X Advert- PMT, Thread Theory

 Hello guys!
Bare with me cause this post is gonna be SUPER LONG!!!
Its just an update on what I've been up to over the weekends :)

Before I begin though, check out these pretty Self-Manufactured Candy Crush Cut Out Dress by the ONE AND ONLY ASHINCANS!!!!!
I have been modeling for Ashincans for about 2 years now and if I ever have to give up modeling as a whole, I will NEVER give Ashincans up. I started from them and without Elaine (Ashincans' owner), I wouldn't be who I am today. I won't be blogging, I won't be acting, basically, there won't be Eunice Annabel. ahhahahaha So I am super duper thankful to Ashincans for playing a HUGE part of my life!

As I was saying, the Candy Crush Cut Out Dress! Show your support and get them ya?;)
They're really comfy and can I just say that THEY ARE SUPER VERSATILE?!?! 
For a day look, you can pair them with sandals or sneakers and just change into a pair of heels or wedges for a night out with your girlfriends! LOVE IT <3

I picked Blue and White :) (not surprising since I always wear blue and white^^)
I love apparels like these cause you can always change the entire style with just a few accessories, your choices of make up, bags and heels! For more ways on how to style the Candy Crush Cut Out Dresses, check them out on <3 <3 <3

More colors available too! Get yours ASAP cause they will definitely go OOS soon :)
Another fav of mine, the yellow one!!! 
See how different it looks just by changing the accessories used? LOVE IT!!
Now back to what happened on Friday!
GCWeekends Of Course!
After a shoot with my beloved Iris from TwistPolka, I headed down to Gushcloud's office for our almost famous monthly gathering, GCWeekends! As mentioned before, its a time where everyone who is a part of Gushcloud- from the bloggers, to the programers to the managers- gather and just mingle. Its a great way to get to know everyone and we have all created a very special bond. Especially among us bloggers! In fact, we often make our own gatherings from time to time to just take a break from our hectic schedule to just well, hang out :) #GCPRIDE

Oh yeah, if you've been following me on my blog, you would know that for every GCWeekends, there's always a theme!! The last one was a Hip Hop theme where we visited School Of Music Singapore for a dance class. This time, it was Remembering Singapore. Kinda like a tribute to National Day (I know we're a week late. hahaha) So everyone had to come in Red and White:)

My dress from ^^
There were people of course who didn't follow the theme :( 
One of which is my own boyfriend, Fai.
He works at Gushcloud and yet he said that he didn't get the memo! WHAT RUBBISH?!?!
Shine came after a while. Finally she's back from her recent trip to Hong Kong! So jealous! I wanted to go Hong Kong around this period too :( Maybe next year when I'm a little less busy :) And you must be wondering why she's holding a ring lolli right? Well, thats because since the theme was Remembering Singapore, Fai had gone to get stuffs we used to go crazy for as kids in the 90's! Which explains my recent obsession over 90's stuffs a few days ago on Twitter. whahahaha.
Eric! He never fails to make everyone laugh with his explicit jokes. hahaha
Lydia, Tyler, Asyiha and her ooooooo new boyfriend Sahil who is ultra shy! hahahaha
Tyler! Love this guy! As a bro of course! hahaha 
And we were the only few bloggers who diligently came in Red and White!
And look who's in the New Face clan now? Asyiha! hehe Which makes Shine and I old faces. haha
Have you watched our crazy video on Insta?? Featuring Lydia, Shine, Asyiha and I.
We were pretty bored and decided to entertain ourselves. 
Check it out here--------->
Be careful though, not for the faint of heart!
Acting yi ge sexy here. hahaha
And that's how GCweekends went! Gotta welcome a lot of new faces, it was their first time at GCweekends and you'll see them more often from now on for gatherings and stuffs :)

We headed to Butter after that, wasn't really in the mood to club and everyone was pretty tired too but that shouldn't be the reason for me to not dress up! I always come prepared in my heels if I'm going anywhere near a club. HAHAHA why? Well, simple because I don't like to feel short compared to everyone else who's gonna be towering over me in heels. 

Also, being a little taller then everyone else in clubs is a good thing! You have a better view of whats going on on the dance floor and without a doubt, more air!!! Also, guys are always a little more intimidated by girls taller then them so a good pair of high heels will help me keep any chee ko peks away. HAHA. So it was killer heels for me. 

They're from TopShop and they're the highest pair I own. 
Can't wear them for more then 4 hours, my feet will hurt like mad!
Cheers to TGIF! That's how it went!
The next morning, I had a shoot for Twirling Pastels and then I headed for....
Everyone's asking me how the filming is going. So I shall say it here... We have started filming for The Lion Men. But not for my character yet. Stop asking me what role I'm playing cause I can't say it. You have to wait for the movie to find out yourself alright? ;) Right now, we're still in the midst of dance practice and this one ended a little different. We celebrated Celyn's birthday at the end of it!!!^^

Me looking rather sporty in my new Nike yoga pants. hehe.
Us getting ready to surprise Celyn while she was outside. hehehe
Oh yes, I haven't actually really introduced my fellow cast members yet right? I guess this will be sneak peek of them! hehehe 
We bought her all her favorite Korean snacks cause she loves all things Korean and she can actually read Korean too! Amazing! Actually almost everyone can... So most of the time when they're watching K-Pop videos, I'm always lost. hahaha. 
Our big brother Yutaki, bought us all herbal teas cause we really need to stay healthy. How thoughtful! He bought us MacNuggets too! hehehe
I bought the cupcakes and was eyeing on them the whole time! I LOVE RED VELVET! What's your favorite? :)
Meet Sheenaz and Hui Xin!!! 
Doesn't Hui Xin look like Hebe from S.H.E?!?!
And Jeremy and Gary!
And Bunz!
And this is Celyn! hehehehe
She was so shocked and touched!! Awwwww <3
Opening her prezzies :)
We got her a little Care Bear and a necklace that screams her! 
And that's Rena at the back. She's our "mother" hahahaha
Ta-Da!!! And that's us! There's a hell lot more of us. But this is just our group--- Storm Riders. I am not going to give away too much about the movie, keeping you guys in suspense is always better. hehehe
Also, apologize for looking like crap... We were all sweaty and tired and stuffs.
And that's it!!! :D
Right after dance practice, I headed to Marina Square to meet my GCfamily!!!!
It was great meeting up with my fellow GCpride peeps after for dinz dinz! We didn't know what to eat initially so we were headed for the food court until the tantalizing smell of bbq beef caught our attention. So Korean BBQ it is!
Changed into a dress sponsored by Twirling Pastels which I will talk more about in my next post! I didn't wanna eat in the black spag top I was wearing earlier on... If you're a girl, you would know why. Its cause of that irritating feeling of getting bloated from eating. Wearing a tight fitting spag top isn't gonna hide that bulge, its just gonna enhance it even more! And I didn't wanna feel insecure and spoil the mood. So I changed into something of a looser fit. I can enjoy my buffet better this way^^ 
BEEF!!! I LOVE BEEF!!!! I can just eat beef and nothing else at a Korean BBQ buffet.
Ridhwan happily cooking his fish. hahaha
Tyler Super-Latino!
Symone and Loh-Yeh-Mo-Yeh!
And then Asyiha joined us after a while. And they were all watching some horror clip I showed them. Jeremy, one of my fellow cast member showed it to us during dance practice earlier on and I'm just spreading the love. Wanna watch? ;)
HERE IT IS :0 Watch it if you dare!
A while later, Fai came and we went BOWLING <3 <3 <3
Don't you think bowling balls look like bubble gum balls?
Watch Insta-video here ------>
Tyler was amazing at bowling. I mean he sucked at the beginning so badly but he got the hang of it after while and ended up one of the best!!! So amazing! He even strike twice in a row.
Symone don't bowl so I'm glad I had her with me. We can feel shy and embarrass together. hahaha
Ridhwan thinking he can do better. hahaha
Oh yes and Xavier was so good! He was like a natural.
And there's me... who sucked big time! hahahaha Well, I got the hang of it only at the end of the entire game which was too late to show my stuffs. haha. Maybe I can show off next time.
Symone going through the moment when "your ball goes into the "longkang" and you have to turn and walk back to your sit."HAHA
And Fai showing off what he's got.
Which failed too. hahahahahaha
Asyiha and Sahil! These two love birds.
AND FINALLY. We have come to the end of my super long blog post. Or rather my display of pictures taken throughout the weekend :) I love weekends like this, when I have tons of places to go to and things to do with people. Its more exciting and way better then going clubbing huh?

Anyway, note to all blogshops, I AM CURRENTLY FREE till 27th. So do contact me for shoots or adverts ASAP before I start getting busy with filming alright? ;) 

I will be choosing the lucky winner of the {KAPOW SNAPBACK GIVEAWAY} tonight. Good luck to you all and thank you for participating! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH <3 <3 <3

That's it! Bye guys :)
Have a good week ahead.


1) Pearl Milk Teea
"Pearlmilkteea (PMT) is an online boutique founded in March 2010 by Yvonne & Chuiling.
New designs are launched once every 1-2 weeks and all our items are specially handpicked by us whenever we fly overseas for our monthly sourcing trips!
Here at PMT, we take pride in providing not only a wide variety of exclusive apparels, but also efficient customer service."

Having modeled for PMT before, you can trust me when I say that the apparels offered by them are always SUPER PRETTY and UNIQUE! Some times, I even see stuffs that can only be found on their site. I am so glad that they approached me for this advert cause I can pick and keep two pieces!!^^ 
Here are my picks!
I chose this really pretty sailor-like romper cause well, it just looked really good on Francesca, their model. hahaha. It's super comfy and its just the right kind of outfit any girl should be wearing for a girls' day out! I mean, wouldn't it be awesome to be seen in this while you're shopping or getting your nails done? Simple, Chic and Comfortable. PERFECT! p.s. I think it'll go SUPER well with a red bag;)
Next, I picked this dotty halter neck top! As mentioned before or if you know me well, you would know that I LOVE halter neck tops! I love how it shows off your shoulder blades yet covers up your neckline area, so you're showing just the right amount of skin!^^ Sophistication at its best.

For more awesome apparels and updates, check out PMT on their Facebook and Insta :)
Insta: @pearlmilkteea

"You can also find our apparels stocked at MIYOC Retail Store at Orchard Central (#05-12) and also at JCUBE (#04-14).Most items stocked there are exclusive pieces so do be sure to drop by to check them out! We hope you'll have an enjoyable shopping experience at PMT ❤ !"

 All of the apparels I've picked will be in their upcoming collection 66 which will be launched tonight, 18th Aug 2013, at 9PM!!
2) Thread Theory
"Based in Singapore, Thread Theory is an online women's boutique dedicated to bringing you fashionable and quality apparels at reasonable prices because every lady deserves nothing better than a sound theory in pleasing threads."

Calling all ultra feminine ladies out there!! You will just LOVEEE Tread Theory <3
Everything offered are really pretty and forces you to unleash your feminine side! Here are my picks^^

Ciao Bella Detachable Strap Off-Shoulder Top (Black)

Off shoulder tops seem like they haven't gone out of trend! I have always loved them therefore, I jumped at the opportunity to get one when I was approached by Thread Theory. Its so simple and comfy yet really unique. Great for anything. I really mean anything! Go for a picnic in the day with this or grab a drink at night in it too!

So Much Like A Lady Eyelet Dress (White)
This dress is really such a "lady" dress. And I'm not exactly one yet so I decided to dress it down by pairing it with a cap instead. hehehe. But it was just TOO pretty that I had to keep it. A great day wear outfit, perfect for Sunday brunch dates^^

For more awesome apparels and updates, check out Thread Theory on their Facebook and Insta :)
Insta: @Threadtheory

New collection will be launched 18th Aug, 9PM!
Be sure to check it out promptly on time later! ;)


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