Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I have Learnt From.... YOU :)

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I'm sorry its so dark... I kinda suck at editing video huh. hahahaha
Anyway! Its about my skincare routine. Enjoy!!


Oh boy, where do I begin.
I am overwhelmed with happiness and excitement from all of your email replies regarding the SnapBack giveaway contest. It may seem like just a usual giveaway contest but to me, it was so enriching and I've learnt so much from YOU. My readers. Thank you all for sending all those lovely emails and taking the time to really really write. I mean I could really feel the effort most of you had put in into your entries. Without a doubt, I am touched. 

You guys took me by surprise! I mean you're all SO YOUNG yet already so wise and knowledgable. And its great knowing that there are people like you guys out there who've always been supporting me from the very first day I started blogging. And you know what? It made me wanna do more for you guys! 

You know when your teachers say something like "help me to help you..."? I totally know what they mean right now cause you guys have helped me to actually do more for my blog so that it'll be more enjoyable for you guys. So from now onwards, I will be doing more of what you guys have requested and I will talk more about certain topics that you guys have mentioned as well. I am also planning to incorporate 3 new features to my blog every month. All of which will benefit you guys and hopefully make this space a more exciting and interactive. 

Before I go into more details regarding those features, I personally think that it is important for me to share with everyone what some of you have shared with me. I took down a hell lot of notes while reading through your mails, almost used up all my pink stickies. hahaha. And I'm not going to just let those notes and beautiful quotes sit around in some corner of my room. I'm gonna share some stuffs that I've taken down. So here goes! :)

{Im not sure if some of you are comfortable with me putting your name up here on my blog cause I understand that some of you are very shy. So I'll just leave your initials after each quote. You'll know if its you yeah? ;)}

"Not until we're lost do we finally understand ourselves."
"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs & who he is and returns home to find them" -XQ

"Sometimes we may feel like we're imitating/copying somebody. But honestly, what's wrong with that? It's called getting inspiration. You might imitate what somebody is wearing, but there's always your own unique element to it." -JM

"Do remember that people always change as they grow older, cause they experience more and that causes them to have see things from a different perspective and form new opinions about themselves and the things around them." -H.S.

"It's always better to keep trying to find out what you were always meant to do than to stick to one thing your whole life when you know it's not something you want to or can do forever."
"Just because you haven't been doing something most of your life or you're not used to doing something yet, doesn't mean you're not being true to yourself. Everything takes time." -A.L.

"Without heat and pressure, there would be no diamonds"-V.E.

"Don't be a second-rate version of someone else, but rather, be the first-rate version of yourself"-MW

These are just a few quotes that I will always remember and remind myself about from now on. Its amazing how I am learning from people that I have never even met in my life before. I feel like I am missing out on such great friendships that can be fostered with you guys. 

I am so inspired by this whole situation, I actually love hearing from you guys and knowing what your opinions are. And you know what? I think I am gonna do a vlog every month to just answer your questions. I guess in this way, I can always somehow feel connected to you :) So if you want me to answer your questions or give you some advices and stuff, feel free to email me at eunice.annabel@gmail.com. I'll pick 3 mails at random and answer them on my monthly vlog ^^

Back to the snapback giveaway contest... Its so difficult to pick a winner. I have a total of about 44 entries and I will try my very best to reply all of them alright? :) As of now, I have shortlisted about 8 entries and one of you will be the lucky winner of the snapback and more!!^^ 

I got inspired by this as well and I wanna do another special new feature around this giveaway idea too. You see, my friends would know that I just love giving people random treats, I love surprisingly them with gifts and when its someone's birthday, I always make sure that I can do something to make that special someone happy. 

So why don't I make a special random someone happy every month? I am thinking of having a super random giveaway EVERY MONTH. Yes. Every month!! Making others happy makes me happy. So why not? hehehe So from now on, about every last week of the month, I will notify you guys on how to be that special someone :) The giveaway gift will be anything random that I totally dig at that moment.

From the emails that you guys have sent, I received numerous amount of requests for more OOTD pictures. I am still trying my best to post as many as I can on Instagram already but its pretty difficult for me. Fai is usually my photographer and he is really really patient. And most importantly, he knows the style that I am going for. 

So I find it hard to get someone else to take my OOTD pictures for me unless Fai is around. But the thing is, he works every Monday to Friday from morning till about 7PM so I can't take OOTD pictures that often over the weekdays but weekends wouldn't be a problem. So instead...... I am coming up with something a little more special... I won't say it out now. Shall keep you guys in suspense! hehehehe. Hope it'll work out.

And that's about it guys :) Once again, thank you all for participating in this giveaway. It was such a great start to so many new things coming your way and my way too! Without all of your email replies, I would have been really stuck. And to the winner of the giveaway, you will be contacted via email probably later so be sure to check it alright? :) And for everyone else, give me some time to reply your mail slowly over the next few days alright? Thank you^^

Oh yes!! Most of your mentioned that you're afraid to take pictures with me whenever you happen to see me. HAHA. Well, DON'T BE AFRAID. I will always be more than happy to take a picture with ya! Unless, I look really bad or I'm rushing somewhere of course. hehehe

p.s. I really think that those 8 entries that I've shortlisted all deserves to win the cap. But I can only pick one winner. So..... I went out to get y'all something too :) KITTY HEADBANDS! Hope you'll like it ;)

Will be contacting the winner/s soon^^

Thanks for reading :)
Till next time,

1) Ninth Store
"Ninth Store is a comprehensive online destination for fashion-forward girls. Ninth aims to provide customers with an unparalleled selection of today’s fashion. From the everyday tee to that unique dress, Ninth targets to please women of all ages looking for that special something.
Ninth Store started off with the name 'Quinze', we then changed our name due to personal reasons. We've been in this business since October 2012. With the current expansion, we'll be bringing more products and surprises to you in the coming 2014."
Need I say much about Ninth Store? You can already tell how awesome they are from the selection of apparels featured in the above banner picture. Those are apparels offered in their latest collection and here are my picks!^^
Adele's White Dress
"Cute white dress with lace details on both sleeves with a slight puff at the end of both sleeves. Dress comes with an adjustable waist band."
Wouldn't this dress just look freaking awesome paired with a pair of brown boots?? I can imagine some tumblr model wearing this and gazing around in a field of daisies. hehehe. I think this outfit would look awesome for a day out in town, just chilling at Starbucks and stuff^^

Metal Buckle Flats
Having a good pair of flats is essential! It goes well with everything and thats why I picked this pair since mine is gonna die soon. hahaha. I'm starting to like pointy shoes a lot recently, its a little more sophisticated and you'll kinda look more "dressed-up". The metal buckle makes it even more fancy!

For more awesome apparels, check out Ninth Store on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 

And I must add... I LOVE THEIR SHOES!!! OMG! Check out their Glass Slippers and Glitter Glass Heels or the Karin heels or Clear heels!! I think I'm gonna get them for myself too. 
Ninth Store launches a new collection every week! So be sure to check them out yeah?
2) Twirling Pastels
Twirling Pastels shouldn't be a stranger to you guys anymore!! I've been modeling for them for quite some time now and I always adore all their collections! Its always filled with pretty dresses and rompers. Plus they're always unique. Twirling Pastels offer a WIDE variety of stuffs, from sweet/playful casual wear to sexy/sophisticated party outfits ^^ Their stuffs just keep getting better and better!!

Here are my picks!<3

Remember that super cute daisy printed dress I wore to bowl in my previous post? Its from Twirling Pastels!!! It may appear to be really short but thats the cute part about it! Solve it by just wearing shorts underneath! I think the style now is that Korean babydoll dress look and this dress says it all! Its super comfy and made of stretchy fabric. Looks perfect with a pair of wedged sneakers!

Next I picked this Roses romper! Made of very lightweight chiffon fabric, this romper is great for an all day outdoor adventure! Who doesn't love the look of Roses on a black base? Its super pretty and not to mention, kinda sexy too. hehehe. Go girly and pair it with flats or rough it up a little and throw on a cap and pair it with sneakers or boots.

Apart from apparels, I picked a cap from their latest collection too!!!

I have always wanted a floral printed cap and now I HAVE IT!!! Thank you TWP for sponsoring me another item this round. A floral cap is probably an essential cap for girls who likes wearing caps. Its cute, pretty, playful yet bold at the same time! 

Want to win an apparel of your choice? 
Here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Like our Facebook Page.
Step 2: Like Collection 27’s Sneak Preview Album.
Step 3: Like and share as many pictures as possible to stand a higher chance of winning. Then, comment “I love Twirling Pastels”.
Step 4: Spend above $50 to double your chances of winning!
Step 5: One lucky winner will be announced on 31st Aug 2013

For more awesome apparels, check out TWP on Facebook and Twitter!



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