Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Feature 2: Ask Eunice Annabel {September'13} X Ellie Hayes Caps!

Update On New Feature 2
"Ask Eunice Annabel {September'13}"

Hello Everybody!
I am back with another video!
As you all know, I have already mentioned that I will be incorporating 3 new features to my blog:
1) Looks Of The Month
2) Ask Eunice Annabel
3) Giveaway Week!

You have already seen the first new feature and I have received a pretty good amount of compliments on it so thank you so much! I have also received really good feedbacks on how to improve it as well and I can't wait to film the next one already! hehehe

This time, my new vlog would be regarding the second New Feature titled "Ask Eunice Annabel". Yes yes, I can think of a better name for it. Maybe you guys could help me out with it? If you have any suggestions on what I should title this new segment, free feel to just drop me an email or tweet to me @EuniceAnnabel :)

As mentioned before, the "Ask Eunice Annabel" segment would be a chance for you to ask me anything you wanna know and I would answer your question on video! *All explanations will be made in the vlog itself* Of course I won't be able to answer each and every question on the video, I will only pick 3-4 questions by random or questions that I think would be beneficial to everyone:)

Let's not waste anymore time, allow me to present to you the very first "Ask Eunice Annabel" vlog!
(Never ever expect much from me okay? hahaha. 
I am afterall still the same "girl-next-door" blogger trying to do my best^^)
As promised, I shall talk a little bit more about my new found favorite Youtube channel to watch!
Professional Makeup Artist, Jaclyn Hill.
I stumbled upon her channel while I was watching some other make up tutorial video and fell in love almost immediately. Firstly, she is stunning. Yes. even without make up on. 

Secondly, I love how informative she is! You can really tell that she really just wanna share what she knows with us by watching her "All About Makeup Brushes" video. I have always been a drugstore cosmetics kinda girl so I would NEVER EVER know anything about brushes. But after just watching her video, I feel like a pro. I think I can walk into Sephora and know exactly what I'm looking at. 
All that just by watching her 25mins video which wasn't boring or dreadful at all! She is really hilarious actually! I found myself sending Fai short clips of certain parts of her tutorial where she did or said something funny. Which I found really cute. (okay, I sound so fangirl-ish now. LOL.) 

"All About Makeup Brushes" video------>
Also, she has the cutest Shih Tzu puppy EVER!!! Check out her "Lioness Hair Tutorial" to see why :) Speaking of that tutorial, she is so influential!!! I mean, in Singapore, giving your hair huge messy crimps is such a crazy idea and its not very ideal. But after watching her tutorial, I am dying to buy myself a crimping tool to style my hair just like how she did it!!
"Lioness Hair Tutorial" video----->
And here are some of the products that I mentioned in the "Ask Eunice Annabel" vlog. All of which were taken off from Jaclyn Hill's tutorial videos. Yes, I have already watched almost all of her videos. She's so gorgeous, you just wanna keep watching her. You know what I mean? Oh gosh, I am gushing too much. hahahah

No.1: Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder
I'm not even contemplating about getting this bronzer. I will get it. And I will do a review :)

No.2: Stila All Over Shimmer Powder
I am scaring myself. I am actually thinking about getting a highlighter. I have always known of their existents but I never got down to thinking of buying one until I started watching Jaclyn Hill's videos. It's kinda bad cause I am starting to spend more money of these sorta products. But I can't help it!!! She looks so damn good with it on. Jaclyn did mentioned that she used one from Stila, its not this one but its the only one I can find on their site. So we'll see how this one goes.

No. 3: Stigma Beauty Premium Kit
Okay. I am scared. I was so convinced by Jaclyn Hill to get this brush set and I am sure you will be too if you'd watched her 'All About Makeup Brushes" video. I am amazed at how I know so much more about makeup brushes now just by watching ONE youtube video.
We'll see how this cosmetic splurging thing goes. I would definitely do a review on these products if I really do get them. Before that happens, I really gotta think through if I even need them that much. I mean, I have heard of "fingers" still being the best tools for applying makeup. hahahaha. But then again, I really want that fluffy brush. Imaging the soft bristles against your skin. O.O
Anyway, besides my whole babble about makeup, here's a little more about something else that I've been up to lately! A total opposite of vanity and cosmetics^^

Ellie Hayes 5 Panel Caps

A while ago, I am honored to receive an email from Tiffany Turner, the CEO and Founder of Ellie Hayes LLC. 

Ellie Hayes is an American brand and they focus on designing quality American made Caps. Their designs, their style and their Caps encourage freethinking and free-living in any environment. If you're looking for really pretty and creative-looking 5 panel caps, I am certain that you're gonna love Ellie Hayes' Caps! 

You know what's the best part about purchasing Ellie Hayes Caps? They give a percentage of every cap sold to World Help Organization, Clinics of HopeBy donating to Clinics of Hope, you can help villages in sub-Saharan Africa build medical clinics where professionals will be able to provide life-saving treatment and immediate care for those in urgent need. This is #SWAG with a cause.
There are 3 different really stunning designs: The Bright Flamingo 5-Panel Camp Cap, The Hawaiian Wood 5-panel Camp Cap and The Red Crab 5-Panel Camp Cap. All of which are made of 100% Cotton with adjustable straps.

Thank you Ellie Hayes for being so generous by sending over 5 caps. It was so difficult to pick which one I wanted hence I ended up keeping 2 designs for myself! The rest are at Gushcloud's office and they're up for grabs! Find out how to win them at the end of this post ;)

Here are my picks! :)
The Bright Flamingo 5-Panel Camp Cap!
The color is amazing! Its so bright, vivid and youthful! And who doesn't love Flamingos? Their little prints are super cute and not to mention, they're PINK. hahahaha. 

I'd also picked The Hawaiian Wood 5-Panel Camp Cap!
So happy to be able to pick two cause I couldn't decide which one of the above to pick! The mix-matched contrasting color and texture of The Hawaiian Wood Cap is really unique. If you're looking for an "everyday" cap, I think this would be an awesome choice to spice up your outfit!

Here in Singapore, Caps are definitely in! I actually have a box full of them now and these two Ellie Hayes are such a great addition to my collection! They're so unique and trust me, you can't find Caps like these in any of our local stores.
Look at the fabric choice and quality! Totally worth your money.

Ellie Hayes is retailing at USD$32- USD$34. That's about SGD$43. That's an average price for a usual snapback, only diff is that by purchasing an Ellie Hayes Cap, you'll be helping the villages in sub-Saharan Africa attain proper medical care too :) Also, you'll definitely stand out with these caps since they aren't available in town.

Thank you Tiffany once again for sending us your caps:)

For more information, check out Ellie Hayes at
and follow them on Instagram at @EllieHayesFashion <3 <3 <3
Dare To Be Creative | Dare To Be Different | Dare To Be You

Now listen up everyone! Here's how YOU can win one of these Ellie Hayes 5-Panel Caps!
If you wanna own one of the 3 designs that's available, simply log in to and complete the "Ellie Hayes" task!
Good luck! <3


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