Monday, September 16, 2013

GET READY WITH ME! X Trance Night X Adverts- Vogue Avenue, TWP

Hey Guys!!!!
I feel so disconnected from my world... I know I haven't been able to update this space as regularly as before. But do not think that I have gone MIA completely yeah? I've been doing a pretty good amount of vlogs all waiting to be uploaded actually. hehehe 

And here's one I really enjoyed doing!!!
Its my very first "GET READY WITH ME" edition. You have already probably seen this done on Youtube a thousand times and I decided to give it a go! And it's the easier one I've ever done!
I'll do more of it if you guys like it yeah? Just leave a comment or email me at if you wanna see how I get ready for different occasions :)

 Without further ado, enjoy!! 
(its not a make up tutorial, but you get to see what sorta products I use on a daily basis^^)
I had one of the BEST Friday night last week at Home Club with Fai. If you aren't aware, Home Club is situation at 20 Upper Circular Road 058416. I'm saying this cause apparently loads of people don't know where it is. hahaha. 

It was Trance night and it was organized by one of Fai's really old friend. And you know how much I love progressive house/trance music right? So IT WAS A MUST. Even if my Charlie Angels girls aren't available to accompany me, not going for Trance night is NOT an option. 

IT WAS LITERALLY THE BEST NIGHT I EVER HAD. Firstly, I love partying in small clubs. Like Helipad, Home Club is about that same size. Secondly, I have learnt to always just buy my own drink whenever I party instead of waiting for people to get me one, so drinks aren't a problem anymore. And thirdly, THE MUSIC. IT'S EVERYTHING I'VE ALWAYS BEEN WAITING FOR.

A few posts back, I did mention something about how Singapore doesn't play certain sorta music cause the masses can't appreciate/understand it? Well, Trance night, that Friday night, was ONE HELL of a night that PLAYED EVERYTHING I WANT. It was SPOT ON.

I keep partying on and on, just with Fai alone. I didn't expect it to be SO GOOD. So I was decked in my killer heels from New Look and had blisters all over after that. But that didn't stop me at all. Trust me, I wasn't even close to high at all. I only had ONE glass of Cranberry Vodka but the music just kept me going.

And who was the DJ you might ask? It was Andrew Rayel. SLAP ME. I actually didn't know anything about him until that night. And now, I can't stop listening to his mixes on Soundcloud. 
Check it out-------->

I wish I could bring that night back, at least I will know every single song he was playing. Everyone was screaming the words out and I really wished I knew what was going on. NOW I DO ;)
I love music like this. You know what I mean??
I hate partying to music with loads of lyrics and everyone's just "competing" on who knows the song best etc. Like just stfu and feel it!!! Can't you feel how euphoric, emotional it is??! URGH!

Anyway, I look forward to the next Trance night :)
Can't wait for my weekend!!! ITS FESTIVALS AFTER FESTIVALS!!!! ARGHH!!

So anyway, met up with Freda, Evonn and Xavier before that while Fai was sound checking at Home Club <3 <3 <3
A while after, Fai joined us :)
Messy hair day but I don't care!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
"For the love, for the love of an Angel. For the love, for the love, I pray. Hear my prayer, take me heaven..."
Authentic British Fish And Chips
Back to my usual day out with Fai :) Enough of siao party Eunice. hahahaha
Finally I had time alone with Fai for some adventure!!! We went to Tyler's house for a bit to pick up my new collection of shoes which I did a vlog on!! So be prepared for my shoe hauls! They're so freaking cheap, like literally the most expensive pair was only 30bucks!

Anyway, we went to Ikea after to run some errands and you'll know why when I post up the vlog too.
And after that, we went to try something new! Fai and I LOVES Fish&Co Fish&Chips but we decided to give this one a go instead. It is located at #01-02, Balmoral Plaza, 271 Bukit Timah Road.

And Fai said that his friend said that the Fish&Chips they serve is exactly like how it is in England!!
Waiting for our meal to be ready!!
The packaging is obviously really different right?
Authenticity at its best :) 
Looks like a packet of roti prata! hahaha
And just look at it!!
I feel so damn hungry looking at it now.
The portion is humongous so if you're a small eater like me, I recommend you to share one packet with someone else. Fai couldn't even finish his own! hahaha
We also bought the Sausage with batter. We are such greedy people!
And that is it for this post!!
I'm gonna have an exciting weekend but I'll only be able to blog about it next week! So if you want a preview, do remember to follow me on Instagram at @EuniceAnnabel for live updates! I'll be at Hardwell and the 1WorldMusicFest! So see y'all thereeeeeee^^
Thanks for reading guys!!! Love y'all^^


1)  Vogue Avenue
"Energetic, fresh and vibrant online boutique based in Singapore. Vogue Avenue deeply understands the love and affection in you girls towards style and fashion.

Being a satisfied customer like you is our biggest takeaway in contribution towards our success. Therefore we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality and fostering customer care services to you.

Vogue Avenue certainly know how important it is to look at your best, hence it is essential that our prices are made affordable for you."

I am officially a FAN of Vogue Avenue!!! They just keep getting better and better. Their recent collection that I modeled for which has already been launched really surprised me! There were SO MANY AWESOME pieces that it was so hard for me to pick my favorite.

Here's what I took home with me in the end :)
Pleated Mini Skater Skorts
An essential apparel that I will always remember cause it was worn on one of the most memorable nights of my life---- At Trance night, Home Club. This was my OOTD for that special night. And it really served me well. I love how comfy it is and it's SUPER DUPER versatile! You can pair it with almost anything and look super good in it. The length is just awesome, it really elongates my legs. LOVE IT.

Jayley Top in Black
Surprise, Surprise. Badass Eunice is back!!! Well, only for this fall I guess? hahaha. I've been digging the whole glamourous black, Red/Berry lips look recently. And this look is inspired by the movie "The Bling Ring". Watch the trailer, you'll love it ( This sexy back top just screams "The Bling Ring"!! I love it! Super sexy, really versatile as well and COMFY!!! I doubt you'll be able to find this anywhere else, so do check Vogue Avenue out. 

I swear they offer apparels that not many people do. This really makes them unique.
Check Vogue Avenue out on their Facebookto get first hand updates on upcoming events!

Vogue Avenue is also available at the following outlets:

- Blogshop Empire - Far East Plaza #01-51
 - Blogshop Boulevard - Bugis Village #03-47 **Newly Opened!

**And in case you didn't know, Vogue Avenue has a "Rewards" system whereby, with every purchase of $1, you will be entitled to 1 VA point. For every 20 VA Points accumulated, it is equivalent to $1 credit! (as stated in screenshot below)

Head on down to and click on the "Rewards" icon on the top right hand corner of the website to find out more^^
Also, remember all of these really cute apparels I've picked a few post back??
They're back on Vogue Avenue!!! Be sure to get yours before they go OOS again!!
2) Twirling Pastels
Twirling Pastels need not much introduction anymore. I am certain that they are one of your favorite blogshops around! Cause they sure is mine! They never fail to offer really unique and pretty apparels in every collection. It's always really difficult for me to pick just 2 outfits from every collection cause there's just so many awesome choices! From really sexy party dresses, to casual brunch date rompers... they have it all! So here are my picks this round ;)

White Embroidery Babydoll Dress
Babydoll dresses are still in guys!!! In fact, they're such a huge thing. What sets this babydoll dress apart is its super pretty embroidery design and color! Doesn't it mimic those Chinese porcelain paintings? SUPER PRETTY. Furthermore, the material is this dress is really superior and its quality is awesome! Really recommend you guys to get this pretty day dress.

White Basic Peplum
Pretty quality versatile items like this is a MUST HAVE!!! I love this polyester peplum top. What makes it unique are its peplum sides! It doesn't flare out in the back and front, only at the sides. Gives me an impression of a mermaid-ish outfit. Like those trendy mermaid skirts that i am crazy about. I paired it with denim shorts and a pretty statement necklace for a day look but just throw on a skirt and heels and you're all ready for a night out with your girlfriends^^

Be sure to get your hands on these awesome apparels before they get sold out. 
Check out their FB page at and 
twitter at and Instagram @twirlingpastels for more updates!

So what are you waiting for??


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