Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tao Bao Haul Vlog! X Advert- Rebelz By Choice

Tao Bao Haul Vlog!!!
Yay! It's that time of the week again where I get to update my blog! hehehe
How have y'all been doing guys? Once again, I feel disconnected from my world :/
I've been busy with filming over the past few days but I'm not complaining cause it actually went SUPER WELL! Yippieeee!!

Anyway, as mentioned before, I can't blog much about my daily life or any new adventures until I'm free again. The reason being, I don't have time to go out that much like how I used to, neither do I have time or energy, for that matter, to head out for my weekly adventures with Fai. But I've been diligently taking more videos as I go about doing certain things. Vlogs always take up lesser time anyway :)

So here's a new one!! Its just a random haul video about my new kicks all from Taobao and how I ensemble my shoe shelves and a little info on some of my new furnitures^^
Oh yes, its featuring Fai as well. hehehehe

Hope you guys like it! :)

I finally have about 2 days off now (hopefully) till I start getting busy on set again.
But I ain't gonna waste the time I have to rest at home and do nothing. I'm going out today on a new adventure! hehehehe. Will blog about it when I'm back :)

Thanks for reading/watching guys. Love y'all!

Rebelz By Choice
RebelzByChoice aims to be a revolutionary online fashion boutique, brining the hottest trends to all fashion-forward women at affordable prices. Founded by a group of fashion enthusiasts hoping to share their take on style, they handpick their pieces to cater to women of all shapes and sizes! 

They follow a step pricing system whereby the greater the quantity purchased, the lower the prices go. Mixing and matching of designs is allowed and in fact, encouraged!

Apparels ranging from elegant and sweet to rocker chick, they have it all!!!!
 Here are my picks!!^^
Rock and Roll Circus Top in Black
I know its so unlike me to pick something that is black. But lately, I've been dressing in rather dark colors so why not get something a little different right?:) This crop top is absolutely comfortable and pairing it with just basic denim shorts with a plait shirt thrown over creates a super cool/awesome look.

Mermaid Skirt in White 
Like I mentioned in my video, I LOVE the Mermaid Skirt trend! The moment I saw Rebelz By Choice offering this item, it was immediately on my list! I couldn't decide whether to get the Lilac or White one. But as usual, I went for something a little more timeless and classy, and picked this!!

Rebelz By Choice is having an
Be sure to check it out as all items must go!
Tops @ $12 and Bottoms/Dresses @ $15
And items from C1-C3 at ONLY $8!!!

Rebelzbychoice will also be having a Pandora Inspired Bracelets giveaway!
Never-before-seen designs to give away to 3 lucky winners!
Here's what you have to do to stand a chance to win one.
For more information, check them out on their Facebook and Instagram!



  1. Hey do you mind sharing the links of the shoes from taobao? Thanks! :)

  2. can you please share how you got the stuff off taobao? i'm not very good at chinese and i heard you need an agent :(

  3. How do you go about buying stuff from taobao?

  4. Hi Eunice! Could you share how do you actually buy stuff from tabao? Everything is like in RMB :(

  5. Hi Eunice, do you have the links of the shoes u got from taobao especially the steve madden inspired shoes?

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